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Best iPhone To Buy Right Now

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Best iPhone To Buy Right Now

Apple won’t love me, but I love Apple. Nowadays, Apple iPhone is in trend to use. But, long ago, Nokia, the king of the mobile manufacturer with its Symbian OS smartphones, made people crazy for their phones. On the arrival of android phones in the market, even the king struggled to win the battle and left its way to the android phones. But Apple, the silent killer, watched the battle silently and started building their phones smarter and unique. Yes, there born a baby named iPhone. iPhone, the name itself, creates the vibes.

iPhones are the best-selling gadgets in the market today. iPhone is best in everything like keeping the world in your pocket. Now and every time iPhone became the most popular in all. And has the Best iPhone designs over the years. The best feature in apple is the Apple iPhone best in Camera.

Best in Price

Apple iPhone SE

Best in Design

Apple iPhone 13

Best of Overall

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple’s Amazing features will soon lock you up in the Apple iPhone. iPhone brand is something with amazing development. Remember one thing Apple is going to stay on top forever. This extracts more value for iPhone lovers. 

The best phone to buy in 2021, battery life, the camera is perfectly reviewed. The all-rounder best phone is doubtlessly iPhone. Every year you can look forward to the advanced features of iPhones.

Best iPhone To Buy Right Now

1. Apple iPhone SE

iPhone SE is what we have been waiting for, With the power of the A13 Bionic chip classic design at an affordable price. The classic outline is made with the durability of glass and the design of aluminum.

Apple is working on an updated version of SE which will appear in the first half of 2022. It will provide 5G and will be the most affordable iPhone 5G. It is upgraded with an A15 chip it looks based on iPhone 8.


The current iPhone SE has a display of 4.7 inches, 5G connectivity. The next-generation iPhone SE is named as iPhone SE plus. iPhone SE comes in 3 colors, Space grey, white, red.

IP67 water and dust resistance. storage options are 64GB and 128GB.



2. Apple iPhone 11

iPhone 11 remains the no.1 best phone. iPhones provide pretty much everything you need in a smartphone. The cameras are pretty good. ultra-wide lens and Night mode give a better low-light performance. This is the best value iPhone. Are you looking for a budget-friendly iPhone?

Then this is the best iPhone for the money you are looking for!

iPhone 11 has the best dual cameras and iPhone with a perfect night-mode. An ultra-wide camera provides the best shooting flexibility. Bright and colorful LED screen with 6.1 inches.


iPhone 11 gives six fun color options. 11 hours of battery life which is average for smartphones. iPhone 11 is fresh and familiar. The front and sides are Pretty much similar to iPhone XR. iPhone 11 lenses remind me of robot eyes. The glass has a glossy finish.

iPhone 11 has IP68 rated water resistance. One of the best waterproof phones.  iPhone 11 is better at snapping pics in little to no light. Night Mode kicks in automatically, so you don’t have to swipe or tap to activate it as you do with Android phones.

In iPhone 11, you need to keep the camera steady for 3 sec as you shoot. Apple-designed the iPhone 11 camera to offer an extended dynamic range to achieve better highlight details and smoother motion through cinematic stabilization.



3. Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple Phone is best among all. Among overall iPhone 11 pro is still the best to buy. Then the android phone gives you an attractive look, High 5G connectivity, good camera quality. Before iPhone 13 appeared iPhone 11 pro is the perfect one.

Apple brand very rarely changes the physical look. The flat edge of the iPhone 11 Pro is one of the modest. The new level of Night mode option dims your selfies and pictures.


It has the features like a 4X zoom range and 17 hours of video playback.

You can even customize your phone with storage space and colors. iPhone 11 pro is the best of all. Has the best resistance to dust and water.



4. Apple iPhone 12

iPhone 12 is one of the best iPhone values of all. Among overall, you can buy the best iPhone. iPhone 12 offers an attractive design, full 5G connectivity, a good camera, and better performance than Android phones. Before iPhone 13 appeared, iPhone 12 was far from perfect.

If you want something smaller and cheaper, iPhone 12 mini is worth the look. Apple rarely alters iPhone’s physical design. One of the modesty in the iPhone 12 is the flat edge. The flat edge looks nice. When dropped, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro did not crack at hip or shoulder.


iPhone 12 feels premium. Less luxurious than the iPhone 12 pro. Crystal infused ceramic shield material protects the display. Ring of magnets centrally placed on the back of the iPhone 12 enables Apple’s new MagSafe ecosystem of accessories.

iPhone 12 provides 6.1 inches of Retina XDR display. Nowadays lots of smartphones support 5G. iPhone 12 has 5G high-quality streaming. iPhone 12 has 2X optical zoom range.

Are you in two minds about iPhone 12?

No doubt this is the best phone.



5. Apple iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 is still a fantastic best camera phone ever. iPhone 12 Pro has the advanced dual-camera feature you have ever seen before. Has a big and powerful battery life that lasts long. You can customize your phone by selecting the storage capacity and colors.

iPhone 12 pro has durable designs of bright display over the years. The best resistance to dust and water. iPhone 12 pro photography is so impressive. There are tons of upgrades like 12MB resolution remains the same on each wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto lenses.


Every camera highlight includes night mode, ultra-wide true-depth cameras. True depth camera on iPhone 12 pro gets a big upgrade with night mode. Night mode turns on automatically when the place doesn’t have enough light.

iPhone 12 pro captures brighter images. Data mode help to save battery life. Apple has introduced MagSafe for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro.  Ring of magnets centrally placed on the back of the iPhone 12 enables Apple’s new MagSafe ecosystem of accessories.



6. Apple iPhone 13

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini provide fantastic battery life. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini has tons of upgrades like storage, battery, cameras, bright screen. In 2021 Apple released 2 models one is iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro.

If you need a smaller version of the iPhone 13. You can get iPhone 13 mini. The same square-edged design like iPhone 12 and 12 mini. iPhone 13 comes in five colors: Starlight, red, midnight, blue, and pink. The notch is slimmer.


iPhone 13 has IP68 rated water resistance. One of the best waterproof phones. iPhone 13 has a ceramic shield over the display for protection. iPhones with a wide-angle camera have a larger sensor.

The most hyped camera feature is the cinematic mode. The effect of the cinematic mode is dramatic. During the recording, you can also change the focus. iPhone 13 can’t take cinematic mode when it is dark.




As we are coming to an end, iPhone is being challenged by other brands like Android and Samsung. iPhone offers unique designs with user friendly.


The iPhone camera is very advanced.  Many people tend to keep away the digital camera and use their iPhone for photography. iPhone camera records 1080P high definition.

Face Time

iPhone’s best exclusive feature is the FaceTime feature, which allows the front camera to start a video chat with other iPhone users in high-quality video. FaceTime is the best way to stay in touch with friends, family, clients, etc,


iPhone users enjoy several advantages by using it like, Apple store, Siri, virtual assistant voice activation. These features can find anything from finding restaurants, shops, and making a phone call.

What makes iPhone Unique?

iPhones are unique in many ways, they have a touch screen, GPS, Bigger storage, Touch id, Flat design, etc.

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