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Best Inverter for Home in India – 2022 Updated Picks

Best Inverter For Home

Best Inverter for Home in India – 2022 Updated Picks

Power cut is a common problem that occurs everywhere in India. Especially in rural areas like small villages and towns. The range of the power failure is 2-4 hours in towns and 8 hours in villages. Using an inverter in your home is the most effective solution for this problem. It converts direct current (DC) into an alternative current (AC). Using an inverter in your home, you can get continuous power supply during long power cuts.

Anyhow, if you are planning to purchase an inverter, the first question that comes to your mind is how to choose the best inverter to your home. In this article, we will help you to choose the best home inverter based on your requirements. Also, you should know some basic facts and features of the inverter that will help you choose the right solution for power cut issues.

Our Top Recommendations

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Luminous Zelio+


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V-Guard Prime 1150


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Microtek Digital


What is an Inverter?

Inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) to alternative current (AC) and gives electricity supply to the electronic appliances. It ensures that the electrical appliances in your home will work during the absence of AC supply from the main. Usually, the electrical appliances in your home will run on alternating current. The inverter battery will store that electricity in DC and convert it as AC to supply the electrical appliances. 

The inverter will convert the current so fast, so the electrical appliances in your home will not turn off during the sudden power cut. The inverter is a great backup power source for your home. You can find the inverter in the market that comes with the specifications like 800VA, 1000VA, and so on. The configurations of the inverter batteries are 150ah, 200ah, etc. So, you can choose the inverter based on your requirements. 

10 Best Inverter for Home in India - Reviewed 2021

1. Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Luminous is one of the best inverter manufacturers in India. The Zelio 1100 Inverter is the best choice for Indian households. The energy capacity of this inverter is 900VA; with this you can easily handle your loaded refrigerator. Moreover, you can also use your grinder and mixer with the regular lights and fans. 


The 32-bit DSP processor makes it a smart inverter. This processor is performed as a battery management system and can be adjusted based on the situation. This inverter has an inbuilt MCB with short circuit and overload protection that ensures safety. 

A deep discharge protection is also available in this inverter. It gives an audible warning when the voltage of the battery reaches its low limit. The UPS mode of this inverter will help to maintain the output power; therefore, you can protect your electronic appliances from short circuits. Anyhow, the UPS mode will take more power from the battery, so you can use Eco mode to overcome this problem. 

The low harmonic distortion feature will make this as a noiseless inverter, and the pure sine wave output helps to reduce your electricity bill. A Luminous RedCharge 18000 150AH battery is a tall tubular battery which is included in this inverter. 

The LCD of this battery will give important information about the backup time, charging time, and water level in the battery. If there is any problem in the inverter, the LCD will alert you, so you can easily bypass the inverter. 



2. Luminous Zelio+ 1700VA Sine Wave Home Inverter

Luminous introduces the topmost best home inverters, and they deserve this position. This Zelio+ 1700VA Sine Wave Inverter is the most advanced inverter in this list and has a lot of useful features. This Luminous Zelio 1700VA inverter has sine wave technology, which ensures low harmonic distortion. Due to this feature, the sensitive electronic appliances will be safe in your home without any damage.


The 32-bit DSP processor of this inverter gives smart performance and will reliably charge its battery. Moreover, this processor will also calculate the charging and backup time of the battery. 

The capacity of this inverter is also considerable, it will keep all your electrical appliances safe. Using the 1700 VA of this inverter, you can use many electrical equipment without any fluctuations. 

Battery is an important thing you have to consider in the inverter, because the performance and lifetime of the inverter depends on the battery. But this inverter provides an Electrolyte Level Indicator, so maintenance is also made simple. 

This inverter is also featured with a Bypass switch that allows you to change the performance of the inverter between two modes. If you have sensitive electronic appliances in your home, you can choose the UPS mode in the inverter, and to reduce the usage of the battery, you can move to the Eco mode. 



3. V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 UPS

The smart pro 1200 is a recently launched inverter from V-Guard that comes with many advanced features. The features in this inverter will improve the flexibility of the user. Also, its capacity is high for flexible use. The run load of this V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 inverter is 1000 Watt. 

So, you can use a coffee maker, Iron box, and heavy-duty appliances like a refrigerator, LED TV, etc. If you are looking for a well-built inverter with an attractive look that focuses on power then you can choose this inverter model.


This inverter is also featured with Bluetooth connectivity so you’ve a chance to operate the inverter with apps. Once you register your device in the V-Guard Smart app, you can easily operate the device using your smartphone.

You can check the backup time, control power, and switch between the 2 modes using your smartphone. Also, by using the TurboCharge, you can charge 30% faster. 

Appliance and Holiday are the two modes featured in this inverter. You can easily switch between these modes based on your requirements. While using appliance mode, you can activate heavy-duty appliances in your home. When you are away from your home during vacations, you can activate holiday mode; it will keep your inverter active with low power consumption. 

The battery water topping feature of this inverter will remind the top-up of water based on its consumption pattern. It also increases the lifespan of the battery.



4. Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter

Microtek is one of the best inverter companies in India. They have introduced an inverter with Seby very power efficient. It helps to manage the power supply, so this inverter will protect your electronic appliances and keep them away from damages. 


At first, the inverter from Microtek had a high VA rating. This Microtek Ups Sebz inverter has 1100 VA, so you can power a lot of appliances. Also, the additional microcontroller will help to extend the battery system. This inverter is featured with a VR selection switch, so you can switch your inverter between Standard Voltage Range (100-300V) to Narrow Voltage Range (180-260V). 

The pure sine wave technology of this inverter ensures noiseless performance, and it will effectively work for a long backup time. Battery compatibility is not a problem in this inverter because it will support 100ah to 180ah batteries. 

The advanced feature in this Microtek UPs Sebz inverter will help in high performance. Whenever the inverter gets overloaded in the UPS mode, or the device gets short-circuited, it will automatically change to the protection mode. Moreover, the UPS has a built-in electronic protection circuit, which helps to protect the battery from overcharging and deep discharging.



5. Luminous Zolt 1100 Inverter

This is another product from Luminous. The features of this inverter will give complete satisfaction for home use. The inverter in Zolt series comes with a powerful 32-bit processor, which is able to adjust itself based on the load. So, it can give better output and also charges fastly.


Apart from this, let’s see the advanced features of this inverter. The output of this inverter is a pure sine wave, so it will operate the electronic appliances noiselessly and also protect your appliances from damages. By this, it will minimize the harmonic distortion. 

The LCD Display of this Zolt 1100 inverter will provide more convenience for you to maintain the inverter. While power cuts, almost all the electronic appliances can run only because of the inverter. This display will give you further information about the inverter like a system fault, charging time, back-up time, etc. 

There are some other important features that are also designed in this inverter. The External MCB of this inverter will help to protect your home appliances from short circuits and other faults. Moreover, the smart alert system will alert you during faulty wiring, short circuits, overcharging, and other problems. 



6. Microtek Ups 24×7 Hb 950Va Inverter

This Microtek Ups 24×7 Hb inverter is the best choice for home. This hybrid sine wave inverter comes with a reasonable price range, and the advanced features will increase its longevity. This Microtek Ups 24×7 Hb inverter stands out unique in the market because of its advanced features.


The hybrid sine wave of this inverter ensures its long backup and battery life. This Microtek Ups 24×7 Hb inverter has digital and sine wave combination technology, and can perform well in both signals. The unique design and advanced features of this inverter make it the best choice for your home. 

The Intelli Battery Gravity Management technology of this inverter optimizes the battery to extend the life for some more months. So, you don’t want to spend more money to maintain the battery. 

Moreover, the 760 Watt output power and 950VA capacity of this inverter will help you to use more appliances. However, the inverter will lose effectiveness while using heavy-duty appliances. The bypass switch of this inverter will protect the device from electricity failures and UPS failures. 



7. Amaron 880Va Hi Back Up Inverter

If you are looking to purchase an inverter for both office and home, then you can check this Amaron Hi Back Up Inverter. This inverter will support all types of appliances. The cost of this product is also very low, so it can easily fit your budget. This inverter will give seamless and noiseless operation, so you will not feel any disturbances while using it.


During power cuts, this inverter quickly switches to the battery mode. So you will not know about a power cut that has happened. 

Due to the innovative features of this inverter, it will effectively deal with the overloading problem. While performing sine wave technology, this inverter also comes with a visual indicator. 

Furthermore, the system overload alarm is also designed in this inverter; it alerts you when the device is overloaded and also automatically resets it. So you don’t want to worry about the inverter getting damaged. 

Also, this device is equipped with short-circuit protection. Another notable thing in this inverter is its transformer. It is designed with a copper transformer, which reduces power consumption and increases longevity. The battery of this Amaron Inverter can be charged quickly. The sine wave technology reduces the requirement of AC power for charging the battery. 



8. V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital Inverter

Prime 1150 Digital Inverter is another best product from V-Guard. This heavy-duty inverter will give the best performance in your home and office. The pure sine wave output of this inverter ensures that it is ideal for loads of electronic appliances.


This inverter has a high-performance inverter switch, which helps to change the output power. With this switch, you can run all the electronic appliances with a long backup time. By using this inverter, you can run a water pump, mixer, grinder, LED/LCD TV, refrigerator, Air purifier, water pump, fans, music system, etc. It ensures that you can live in an uninterrupted lifestyle. 

This inverter includes a battery gravity builder that will keep the battery fine and extend long back-up time. The battery topping feature of this inverter will alert you while topping up the distilled water. This feature will help you to avoid unnecessary problems during power cuts. Moreover, this feature will help you to increase the performance and longevity of the battery. 

This V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital inverter has both audio and visual indicators. The graphical LED display is infused in this inverter and that indicates the main mode, water topping remainder, low back-up alert, battery charging, short circuit, overload, etc. 

The audio indicator of the inverter will indicate short circuit, overload, battery water topping, reset breaker trip, low battery backup, changeover, etc. This inverter also comes with two modes; Normal mode and UPS mode. You can choose the normal mode for domestic appliances and choose UPS mode for computer loads.



9. Microtek Digital EB 700 Square Wave Inverter

The Digital EB 700 Square Wave inverter is another best inverter for home from Microtek. The Microcontroller technology is infused in this inverter, which helps to increase the life-cycle of electrical appliances that you run using this inverter. The micro controller of this inverter ensures 70% more battery life. So, you can get a long backup time and extra protection to your electrical appliances from sudden power cuts.


Due to the indicators and intelligent control design, this Microtek Digital UPS EB Inverter is easily manageable and serviceable. It is also featured with Voltage Range Selection Switch with which, you can switch Standard Voltage range (100-300V) to Narrow Voltage range (180-260V). 

Moreover, an LED Display is designed in this inverter, which helps to indicate UPS On, Main On, Charging, Low Battery, Overloading, Fault Indication, etc. The smart overload sense feature will indicate overloading of the battery and also it protects your device from short circuits. 

The Energy Efficient Automatic Voltage Stabilizer of this inverter will protect your electrical appliances against power fluctuations. Furthermore, it gives better reliability and high performance during frequent power cuts. 



10. Luminous NXG1800-24V Solar Hybrid Inverter

This is the last product in our list of best Inverter For Home. The Luminous NXG1800 is a powerful hybrid inverter that has a 40 amp inbuilt charge controller. This inverter is specially designed for Indian climates because it is featured with an intelligent solar system, so you can also use solar power to charge the battery. This solar inverter can charge the battery using both a grid and solar panel; hence, you can save electricity bills.


This solar hybrid inverter is featured with an inbuilt PWM charge controller so that you can run 5 ceiling fans, 5 lights, 1 water cooler, and 1 television. There are two modes available in this inverter battery: UPS mode and Eco mode. In the UPS mode, the output voltage level of the inverter is 180-260V. 

In this mode, you can run heavy-duty appliances, but this mode consumes more power. If you want to avoid more power consumption, then you can switch to the Eco mode. The output voltage level of the Eco mode is 100-290V. The inverter takes time to recharge the battery from 10-12 hrs. 

The safety and protection features of this inverter indicate overcharging, deep discharging, short-circuit, etc. Due to the pure sine wave output, this inverter gives a noiseless performance. 



Types of Inverters:

Usually, inverters are divided into three types based on the outputs they provide. They are Pure Sine Wave, Modified Sine Wave, and Square Wave inverters. 

Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Pure Sine Wave inverters reliably supply the current to your electrical appliances. The pattern of this sine wave inverter is the same as the regular wall sockets. These types of inverters are suitable for all types of appliances because most appliances are designed to work in the sine wave. 

Apart from this, people who like to choose the inverter to run the heavy appliances can choose the pure sine wave inverter. In other words, using these types of inverters, you can easily run powerful appliances like Televisions and refrigerators. The pure sine wave inverter provides great performance with low power consumption. 

Modified Sine Wave Inverter

The modified sine wave inverter has a harder time for the transition than the pure sine wave inverter. It takes a long break off to shift the phase from positive to negative. The performance of the modified sine wave inverter is like the square wave but it has less complication than the square wave inverter. 

Anyhow, the modified sine wave inverter can support many appliances, but they cause some hurdles to the appliances. In detail, these inverters obstruct the regulation of the appliances and make them underpowered or noisy. You can choose these inverters for the device with resistive load, it is a good choice for those appliances. The modified sine wave inverters are cheaper than the pure sine wave inverters. 

Square Wave Inverter

The square wave inverters are the cheapest model than other inverter types. Due to the square shaped wave of this inverter, it has the least efficiency to the machines. Not all electrical appliances work in the square wave inverter, so these types are not popular in markets. 

But you can use the square wave inverter for the device that has universal motors. While using the square wave inverter, it becomes very noisy, which is the major disadvantage of these type of inverters. 

How To Choose The Best Inverter For Home

If you still have any confusion in choosing the inverter for your home, then this section will be more helpful for you. In this section, we have discussed some important information that you have to keep in mind while choosing the best inverter for your home. 

Inverter Capacity

Usually, VA represents the capacity of an inverter. The total watt is equal to the VA value of the inverter. But, when it comes to the power factor, these are not the same. The input power regulation is used in the electric system to control the power factor. Also, it is defined as the ratio of working power to the total power (Real power to apparent power).

Real power defines the energy level that the appliances consume to work perfectly. Also, reactive power defines the amount of energy that the devices like transformers take to produce magnetic fields. 

Usually, the power factor for residential use is 0.7 to 0.8. Where 0.7 is safe to use, and 0.8 is for economical use. You can find the VA value by dividing the total load in watt by the power factor. 

Power Requirement

Before going to choose the inverter for your home, you should check the power requirement of your home. The amount of power you need for your home depends on the number of appliances that you need to use for backup. Once you figure out the appliances, then you should calculate the power consumption. Choosing the underpowered inverter is not beneficial for you. You can refer to our power consumption table to calculate what you actually need to get the best inverter for home. 


AppliancesPower Requirement
CFL25 Watts
LED bulb7 Watts
Fan80 Watts
Tube light50 Watts
Refrigerator300-350 Watts
TV120 Watts
Induction Cooker1000-1500 Watts
Mixer 500-750 Watts

Battery Size

The size of the battery is the next important thing to consider. If you choose the unsuitable inverter battery size, it will not give a good result for you. The capacity of the battery is defined as Ah (Amp-Hour). Ah defines the amount of current that the battery can offer for the specific period.

For example, a 1000 Ah battery can provide a 1000 amp current for an hour. Also, it can provide 500 amp current for 2 hours.

Use Time(Hour) x VA rating of the inverter/ Input power=Battery Size

By using this formula you can calculate the size of the battery.

The battery capacity starts from 100 Ah. These range inverters are available in a wide range in markets. Though 250 Ah inverter battery is the perfect choice for the Indian condition. Also, there are three types of inverter batteries available in markets. You can choose the best inverter battery from these three types. They are Tubular battery, Flat plate battery, and Maintenance free battery.

All of these battery types, the tubular batteries are best for inverters. However, the cost of the tubular batteries are a bit higher than the flat plate batteries and also they provide long-lasting performance. If you are going to choose the maintenance free batteries, it will work for 3-4 years, but the tubular batteries work for 6-7 years. One last thing that you have to do for the long lasting of your battery is, you should fill your battery with RO or distilled water.


The quality of the inverter differs based on the price range. The cost of the inverter is based on its feature, brand, and specifications. If you are choosing the inverter that is more effective in reducing the energy loss while converting the DC to AC is a bit expensive than the alternatives.

The inverter has a high VA rate is more expensive because it can be able to easily handle heavy-duty appliances like refrigerators, ACs, etc. If you are going to choose an inverter for common domestic use, you can select it under the price range from 5000-7000 Rs.

The standard features of those inverters are good enough for domestic use. When you are going to choose the inverter with advanced and smart features, the price range is around 8000 Rs.

Final words

In the list of our best inverters for home, we mix the advanced features inverter and well-rounded inverters. So you should choose the best one that is suitable for your use. If you are able to choose the right one, our buying guide will help you to look for other inverters. An important thing you have to know about the inverter is the inverter battery. It will create a major impact on the performance of the inverter. So it is recommended to choose the best inverter battery for your inverter. We hope our article will help you to choose the right one for your home.

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