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Best Inverter Battery in India 2022

Best Inverter Battery

Best Inverter Battery in India 2022

Without electricity, we can’t live in today’s modern world. In a developing country like India, we still face occasional power outages, so having the best inverter is essential for every home. 

An inverter is essential for the basic functions of your electrical equipment during power outages. This can increase the lifespan of those devices by preventing frequent fluctuations. But did you know that it is essential to choose the best inverter battery just like your inverters?

Best Overall

Genus Invosol


Best Performance

Exide 12V 26AH


Best Budget

Luminous Shakti


Without having the best quality inverter battery, your inverter is ignominious. There are thousands of best inverter battery brand in India and models available in the market, so you should know the features and specifications of the inverter battery before you buy. 

If you are looking for a best inverter battery in india for home and office use, here are some brands to consider: V-Guard, Microtech Power, Amaran, and Okaya inverter, etc. These are the best inverter batteries of 2021 in India and are rated from affordable to expensive. They are rated to provide fans with Power Backup, Tube Lite, laptop, mobile phone, and some smart TVs, among others, for up to 54 hours.

Take a look at the prices, specifications, warranties, and how to buy these inverter batteries in India.

We have discussed with electrical experts and researched hundreds of sites to get an idea about the inverter battery. Based on that, here we have jotted down some of the best inverter batteries in India for your choice.

At the end of this guide, we firmly believe that you can choose the best battery for the inverter and enjoy uninterrupted power in your home and office.

2021’s Top 12 Best Inverter Battery in India

1. Genus Invosol GSTT190 Tall Tubular Battery

Based on our study, we found that this Genus Invosol GSTT190 Tall Tubular Battery is the best of the best. As it comes with amazing and beneficial aspects, it got the #1 rank on our list of best inverter battery in India 2021 article. It is specially designed to work with both solar and grid systems. It effectively works on both types of setup. 


Also, it can be a very cost effective solution for your energy needs. Unlike electricity from the grid, solar power comes free at all times. It has a capacity of 175Ah, which should be considered adequate in the domestic environment.

This battery is a very low maintenance device as the electrolyte level is very high, and the materials used to make its plates are really quality. It quickly charges and is discharged at very low rates. It has a C20 rating.

What’s more, this battery shows considerable flexibility in handling situations such as deep discharge. Moreover, it showed excellent ability to recover from it. Likewise, you do not have to worry about overcharging. It handles it too.

Finally, Genus Invosol GSTT 190 battery gives 5 year warranty that ensures the device is made to last for a long time. 



2. Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

If you are looking for an inverter battery at an affordable price, then the Amaron should be the first choice.  Amaron is the no 1 inverter battery company in india 2021. The name of this product itself defines the power capacity of the battery. Due to the 150Ah of this inverter battery, it is suitable for big houses and small enterprises. 


This tall tubular battery is featured with some advanced technologies. It is designed with a high heat resistant calcium and ultra-modified hybrid alloy, which is perfect for long-term use. Also, it requires very low maintenance.

The spines of the battery form the backbone of the positive plate provide a corrosion-resistant feature to the battery’s lead support. It ensures the long-term usage of the battery. It is the cheap and best battery for inverter in India.

Amaron uses the premium silver alloy infused with corrosion-resistant heat technology. The high heat tolerance capacity of this inverter battery ensures that it is suitable for Indian Weather conditions. It also provides backup for a good period.

Another exciting thing about this battery is, it does not require much time for reinvigoration because it has the factory charging feature and the highest reserve capacity. So the battery gets charged very easily and quickly. This feature is more beneficial for those who are experiencing frequent power cuts.

The inverter battery 150Ah from Amaron has the minimum possibility of losing water, so you don’t want to check the electrolyte level frequently. This battery’s overall built quality and durability are first-grade, so this product is free from corrosion-related problems and has long-lasting capability.

It is similar to other products, but it also has a splash-resistant capacity that effectively repels water spillage problems. Totally, it is the best tubular battery for an inverter.



3. Luminous Red Charge RC 25000 200 Ah Battery

Luminous is India’s top best inverter battery brand in india, and here is another best inverter battery from it. Luminous has introduced a lot of inverter batteries, and among them, RC 25000 inverter battery 200Ah is considered the best one and takes a remarkable place in the market.


The RC 25000 is a tall tubular type battery that has a durable and rugged construction, and also it is designed with 6 levels of water indicator. 200Ah is the overall capacity of this inverter battery, and the nominal voltage level is 12v. Due to the 200Ah capacity of this battery, it can handle a lot of electronic appliances, and so it is an ideal choice for small companies where people use few fans and computers. Alternatively, it is a good option for big houses.

The exterior construction of this battery is very durable, so it will not get damaged easily. The polypropylene coating helps to protect the battery from the specks of dust. Besides, the Luminous product has abrasion and impact resistance, which ensures long time performance.

The name of this model ensures that it is featured with two tubular plates and so it is highly efficient and functional. Also, it has a deep cycle capability, so you can expect this battery to work for a prolonged period, even with no maintenance.

It is also featured with overload protection and with auto-reset. Also, it has a great level of overcharging tolerance. These are the few reasons for considering the best inverter battery in india for home and office.



4. Genus Hallabol GTT240 150 AH Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

Now come up with all the experts ’recommended selection, which is called Hallabol GTT240 Inverter Battery. This inverter battery is designed to last a long time with heavy materials and construction.

It comes in an appropriate size and weight of 6614 grams. So, you can buy this inverter at a very reasonable price, which makes it a budget-friendly one. High pressure die casts from the spines, which are very precise and have no holes.


Moreover, the barbs of a genus battery assure that the batteries last longer. The ATC heat ceiling of the containers and lid needs a precise fit. This way, there is no acid leakage from a genus battery.

The notable feature of this inverter battery is its automatic pressure castings that can increase dimensional stability, casting surface hardness, and structural properties. This is why Genus offers India’s leading inverter battery.

The battery charges very fast and comes with a C20 rating. It takes about 26 hours to discharge the counting from the time it is fully charged.

Genus also gives battery preventive maintenance plans. Try this Genus Hallabol GTT240 150 AH for comfortable living. It is the best inverter battery 150ah. 



5. V-Guard Vt200 200Ah Battery

V-Guard is one of the reputed brands in India for inverter batteries, and Vt200 is the best model inverter battery from them. It is a tall tubular type battery that has a capacity of 200Ah. Usually, the 200Ah battery can give long-hour backup so that you can use this V-Guard Vt200 inverter battery for your home and office use. This V-Guard is India no 1 inverter battery.


This V-Guard Vt200 battery perfectly fits the V-Guard Digital Ups to get the continuous and uninterrupted power supply to your home or office. Also, it gives great performance with other Ups.

The backup time of this inverter battery is based on how much load you have connected with this inverter. You have to supply 19 liters of acid, but it takes only two liters. The advanced technology of this battery gives a reliable power supply, and also you can easily recharge this battery without any help from electricians.

The infused technology ensures that it can be fully charged within a short duration of time. The maintenance of this battery is also like the previous products in this list; it does require only less maintenance. The total weight of the filled battery is 63kg, and the gross weight of this battery is 65kg.



6. Luminous Shakti Charge SC 18054 150 Ah Battery

Are you looking for an affordable inverter battery from Luminous? The SC18054 model battery is an ideal choice for you. When it comes to the warranty, it has an extended warranty period, so you can directly contact the manufacturers in case of any problem. They will solve that issue for free.


When coming to the features of this inverter battery, it is great for starters. It is designed with a coveted spine alloy composition that protects the device from corrosion-based damages and ensures longevity. Everyone would expect the prolonged service of the battery, and this battery has very low maintenance.

It has rugged construction and is designed with a 6 level water indicator. Moreover, it has an anti-splash feature, so you need not worry about the water-filled internal section that causes spilling issues.

Furthermore, the features of this battery model are implemented for frequent power cut issues, which is another remarkable factor in this device. This SC 18054 battery is the most affordable battery from Luminous, which is perfect to use with 825VA so that you can get a decent power-based response, especially in voltage fluctuations.

One of the best things about this inverter battery is its charging mechanism; anyone can easily understand and recharge it. The indicator of this battery makes your work very simple. So, beginners can also easily maintain this product.



7. Luminous RC 18000 150 Ah Inverter Battery

When it comes to inverter batteries in India, Luminous is the first preference by many people. They come with the best quality inverter batteries.  The RC 18000 is the best inverter battery in india for home from Luminous and it is designed to supply electricity for long hours. So people who use this battery for their inverter will not feel any complications in the tough power cut hours.


The low antimony alloy is used in the construction of this inverter battery. It has a corrosion-resistant feature that ensures the lifetime of this battery. It is the first tall tubular modern inverter battery that can be installed easily in your home.

This highly efficient battery is an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications. It is featured with overcharge tolerance that is superior in performance. With the high-performance battery, the inverter provides smooth electricity flow to all electrical appliances. It is the best luminous inverter battery in India.  

The inverter battery capacity is 150Ah, which ensures that this battery requires only a very small amount of energy for charging. This luminous inverter battery is completely featured with puncture-resistant, which reduces accidental short circuits and increases the charge acceptance system of this battery.  

The running load of this inverter battery is 1- 40-inch LED, 1- 250 liter fridge, 1- LED light, 2 – Tube light, and 3 fans. 

The total dimensions of this inverter battery are 505x220x308mm, and the weight of the battery in the dry condition is 26.9 kg and 42.3 kg in the filled condition. Finally, this battery does not need any maintenance, so you don’t have to fill water frequently.



8. Exide It 500 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Exide is another top best inverter battery brand in India. The Exide It 500 is a next-generation tubular battery that is designed for long-time use. It will protect your electrical appliances from frequent power cuts. The thick tubular plates are used to design this inverter battery, and so it is perfectly suitable for areas that have frequent power cuts.


The acid volume of this battery is 30% more per ampere-hour, and it is higher than any other normal tubular battery. This prevents overcharging and can work for several years. It is integrated with hybrid technology, which does not have a high-temperature problem. This technology protects the battery from dust-related damages.

It is one of the demanded inverter batteries for its excellent features. The thicker battery ensures that it can perform well in all tough conditions. Further, it will protect the internal parts from abrasion and corrosion.

Another excellent feature of this inverter battery is the hybrid alloy system, which helps to reduce the water loss problem. Water loss is a major problem in inverter batteries. If you are not taking it seriously, it leads to severe damage, and you’ve to change the inverter. But in the Exide IT 500 battery, the hybrid alloy system reduces this problem.

It is featured with a small indicator that monitors the battery’s electrolyte level. The durable design of this inverter battery has spill-proof and leak-proof features, so you don’t want to worry about short circuit damage. It is the best tubular battery for home inverter.

The hybrid alloy module helps reduce the fog formation into the battery, and also this module protects your device from liquid reduction problems. With the dual plate separation system, this battery reduces the risk of sudden shock and vibrations. The total dimension of this battery is 500x187x416 mm.



9. Luminous Eco Volt + 1550 Inverter With Battery

This is another tall tubular inverter battery from Luminous, one of India’s top inverter battery brands. This EcoVolt 1550 model inverter is suitable for metro cities where people could not live without electricity. The ILTT 18048N model battery provides a continuous power supply to the device for a long time. This Luminous Eco Volt is the best tubular battery for home inverter in India.


It is a great inverter battery with a 150Ah power capacity, which is suitable for small houses and shops. The appliance running capacity of this inverter battery is laptops, fans, Lights, Mixer, LED TV, PC, etc. The inverter has MCB protection, so it will automatically detect any fault in the default current flow and operates the electronic switch as soon as possible to break the circuit.

This inverter battery features adaptive battery charging control technology that ensures quick charging and enhances 70% of the battery lifetime. This feature helps to avoid major accidents in your home or shop. It has a rugged design so that it will perform well for a long time.

The output of this inverter is a pure sine wave, so it gives a smooth performance to your appliances, and also it will not damage any devices. This battery has 30% more acid volume per ampere hour than the ordinary tubular battery, which ensures the durability of the inverter.

It is also featured with tubular plate technology for better performance of the inverter. It has a deep discharge with a reset option so that you can avoid overcharging the battery. Due to this, your battery can perform for a long time with minimum maintenance.

The low harmonic distortion ensures the noiseless operation so that you will not feel any discomfort while using this inverter. The intelligent water level indicator is also infused with the battery, which helps track the battery’s water level. This helps you to find the water level easily without any hassle.

The puncture-resistant polyethylene separator of this Luminous Eco Volt + 1550 Inverter will reduce internal short circuits. The sealed plastic housing of this inverter ensures the durability of this device.

Overall, the inverter with a tubular battery is the best solution for frequent and long power cuts.



10. Mtek Power Microtek ET-648 150Ah Battery

Mtek Power is the most familiar and best inverter battery company in India. The Microtek ET-648 150Ah tubular battery is one of the most explored products from them. The nominal voltage level of this battery is 12 Volts, and it is suitable for all places in India.


It is a conventional battery type that is suitable for both industrial and domestic applications. It is the best tubular battery for inverter in India.

The deep cycle tubular technology of this battery ensures a long backup time, so you will not feel any discomfort during long power cuts. The complete range of this battery is very wide which it is compatible with any brand inverters available in the market.

This inverter battery requires ultra-low maintenance and the hybrid grid alloy extends the intervals of the batter water up to 90 days. The new generation internal construction and the PE separator of this inverter battery reduce water loss and gassing loss that will not cause any internal short circuits.

The electrolyte level of this battery is 30% more than other inverter batteries. It has a big container to store electrolytes, and you need not want to top water frequently. Moreover, this inverter is developed with the latest PE Envelope Separator technology, which means the dramatic USA polyethylene separator covering the negative plate prevents shorting from positive plates.

This battery is made with 99.994% pure lead that provides long battery life. The special paste technique of this battery ensures quick recharging, and also it performs well infrequent or long power cuts. The back-up time offered by this battery is 3 hours 30 minutes to 72 hours based on the appliances connected with the inverter.

The Hadi Tubular Technology protects the battery from anodic corrosion by making spines using the High-pressure casting process. Spin the tin and selenium of the battery with low antimony lead that helps to protect the battery from anodic corrosion.

Also, this battery has a ceramic water level management system, in which the hydrogen vapors are trapped by the ceramic vent plug and liquefies water to ensure minimal water loss. So topping of water is also less in this battery.



11. Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 150Ah Battery

Luminous never fails to give high-quality products to their customers. In this list, the EC18036 Extra Charge 150Ah Tubular Battery is another product from them. It has an extra-strong design, and the flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet ensures great performance and longevity of the battery. 


These batteries are designed for people who have efficient power outages and interruptions. The balanced plate design of this battery helps to improve the charge acceptance and ensures excellent deep discharge so that your battery will not be overcharged.

Luminous designed this inverter battery with the HADI process technology, which means the battery has HADI high-pressure spine casting at 100 bars. This technology ensures a sturdy spine and corrosion resistance so that the battery has high reliability and longevity.

The high-quality polypropylene container of the battery ensures abrasion and impact resistance. The puncture-resistant polyethylene separator of this battery will reduce internal short circuits so that your inverter will perform well for a long time. The electrolyte level indicator featured with this inverter battery is designed for easy maintenance. The electrolyte indicator helps to find out the top-up water level easily.

The vent plugs trap of this battery sends out the gases and vapor from the battery, so water evaporation is also reduced here. The power capacity of this tubular battery is 150Ah. The total dimension of this battery is 502x191x440mm. The dry weight of this battery is 29.7 kg, and the filled weight is 54.7 kg.



12. Exide 12V 26AH Solar Battery

This is the last product in the list of best inverter battery in India, which does not mean that this battery is a low-quality product. It is also one of the best inverter batteries in the market. Exide introduced this 12V 26Ah solar battery, and there is no doubt that it has high-quality performance.


It is an SMF-type battery, so that you can replace this battery with your UPS battery. The durable design of this battery ensures long life. You can use the battery to power up the solar, UPS, Laboratory Equipment, Power Packs, Spray machines, etc.

The durable design of this solar battery ensures long life and great performance. The Sealed design ensures zero maintenance of this battery, so you don’t want to worry about the maintenance. It is the best Exide inverter battery in India that we’ve reviewed.

The material used for the construction of this battery is lead, so this battery does not cause any internal short circuit to the UPS. The power capacity of this battery is 26Ah, which is not enough to power a house, but you can use this to power the equipment in the laboratory.

The voltage level of this battery is 12V. The total dimension of this battery is 16.5×12.5×17.5 cm, which ensures that it has a compact size. The total weight of this battery is 9.3 kg so that you can easily carry this battery as a backup anywhere.



Comparison of Best 5 Inverter Battery

What are the Types of Battery?

If you are researching inverter batteries, then you will find out the three types of inverter batteries available in the market. But all three inverter batteries are also defined as lead-acid batteries.

They are composed of two electrodes that are dipped in the electrolyte solution. Lead and lead-dioxides are used as electrodes for the inverter battery, that’s why it is called a lead-acid battery.

Sulfuric acid is used as the electrolyte in some inverter batteries. When the electrodes are dipped in the electrolyte solution, it causes some chemical reaction and generates DC. The battery will recharge in the reversible process.

The inverter battery types are only based on the internal current storage technology. Based on the storage technology, these batteries are categorized into three types: they are, Tubular battery, Flat battery, Sealed maintenance battery. So, you should know the pros and cons of the batteries before choosing them. Let’s discuss some important points about all these types.

1. Tubular Battery

The tubular batteries are the most advanced model when compared to the other two types. It has a complex design, features, and highly durable construction so that it will perform well for a long time.

These tubular-type batteries are the ideal choices to use infrequent and long power cuts. The negative plates are used in the tubular battery, but the positive plates are designed using the spines and are placed under the tube packets.

The minimum lifespan of the tubular battery is 5 years. These batteries have a deep charging cycle, so it requires very low maintenance. If you choose the tubular battery, you no need to worry about charging because tubular-type batteries can complete 1000-1200 cycles.

When it comes to the price of the tubular battery is a bit pricey, but the performance is worth the price. The tubular batteries are highly reliable and very easy to maintain. The reason for the long-lasting performance of the tubular battery is, the series of parallel polyester tubes filled with lead oxides are replaced for the positive plates of the battery.

The polyester tubes help to increase the performance and lifespan of the battery. The tubular-type batteries are quickly rechargeable, and they also provide a power supply in an emergency.

2.  Flat-Plate Battery

Flat-Plate Batteries are also known as first-generation batteries, it is the most common type battery used in India. Flat-Plate is an older type battery, so that it will be suitable only for a few inverter models. But it is only recommended to use for industrial applications. Also, you have to keep in mind that people who are facing frequent power cuts should not choose these batteries because they do not perform well in frequent power cuts.

The design of the flat-plate batteries is a combination of both positive and negative batteries, which are made by pasted grids. You can easily buy these flat-plate batteries in the economical price range, and also it is very light.

You have to choose the battery based on the capacity you require. One of the major drawbacks of using this battery is it needs a lot of maintenance. You have to frequently refill the mineral-free distilled water in the battery at a regular interval of time. The water filling time is different from 3 to 6 months based on the power capacity of the battery. If you do not regularly refill the water, it will end up with damage to the battery.

When compared to other types of batteries, it takes more time to recharge. Besides, the lifespan of flat-plate batteries is short, and some users declare these batteries are not safe to use because the battery emits very small amounts of poisonous gas while charging or discharging. So, experts suggested to keep it in a ventilated area and away from flammable substances.

3. Sealed Maintenance Battery

The sealed maintenance batteries are also called sealed lead batteries, Deep Cycle SMF, Sealed battery, Value Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA). The name of these batteries reveals one advantage that it does not need any maintenance.

You don’t want to refill water at a regular interval of time. Because a special electrolyte is used in this battery, which does not require any replenishment, these sealed lead-acid batteries are usually used for heavy-duty workloads. The manufacturers fill a sufficient amount of electrolytes in the battery that continuously support the chemical reaction for a particular period.

The sealed lead-acid batteries are entirely safe to use which do not emit any harmful gases. The people who don’t have time to maintain the inverter regularly can choose these batteries. The drawback of these batteries are; it is a bit expensive and does not have a long lifespan like tubular batteries.

How To Choose The Best Inverter Battery in India 2021

1. Quality Material

The first thing you should always consider in the inverter battery is the material quality. You should check the quality of both interior and exterior construction. The external material should provide a robust outer surface, which ensures durability, and it helps to protect the battery from anomalies.

Also, make sure that the material used for construction has corrosion and abrasion resistance features. Due to the high-quality material used, the battery will perform well for a long period without any problem.

2. Battery Size

Once you finalize the battery type, the size of the inverter battery is the next thing you should consider. The battery size will help you to check whether the battery is suitable for your requirement or not. If you are searching for a battery for your inverter, then the battery should be compatible with your inverter; in this case, you should check the battery size.

3. Capacity

Each battery has different output power that indicates the power and backup time of the battery. The capacity of the battery is denoted as ampere-hour (Ah). The Ah values differ in each battery. The high capacity value ensures that the battery is more powerful.

When selecting the battery, you have to check the maximum capacity of the battery, and the most common capacity value of the battery is from 150 to 200 Ah. So you can select the capacity based on your requirement. The high capacity batteries are suggested for people who are living in frequent power cut areas.

You can use this formula to check the battery capacity:

Usage Hour X inverter VA rating/Input Voltage = Battery Size

For Example, if you like to choose the battery that provides 8 hours of back-up power with your 380 VA inverter, then the total Vah requirement is 

380 X 8 = 3040 Vah

The regular input power of the inverter battery is 12V, so the total power capacity required for the battery is

3040 / 12 = 200 Ah

4. Compatibility

The size of the battery is not the only thing to define the compatibility of your battery. Some other things influence the compatibility of the inverter battery. Anyhow, you no need to do more research for this, just simply check the product details in the product package. Some products do not have any details in the package; in this case, you have to go to the official website of that brand and check the model details.

5. Back-up Time

The back-up time of the battery is directly pro-rated with the capacity and quality of the battery. The high-capacity batteries have back-up for a long time. 

6. Inverter VA Rating

The battery size is different for each inverter, so you have to know the complete details about the device before choosing it. VA stands for the volt-ampere, which is nothing but the total supply of current and voltage to the household appliances. So, it is better to check the VA rating of the inverter and then purchase the battery for your inverter.

7. Inverter Battery Brand

There are many inverter battery manufacturers available in the market, and each brand has introduced batteries with varied specifications. These brands become reputed and popular only after customer satisfaction so that those products will give good performance. The inverter batteries from the reputed brand give great performance for a long period.

8. Warranty

When it comes to electronic appliances, one of the essential things you must consider is the warranty. Usually, the warranty of the inverter batteries is based on two things: FOC and Pro-rate. So, checking the warranty of the inverter battery is also important.

9. FOC

The FOC stands for Free of Replacement, which means the manufacturers will provide free replacement of the battery if the battery gets destroyed or stops working in the FOC period.

10. Pro-rate

The pro-rate period comes after the FOC period. If your battery gets damaged during this period, you have to pay some money for a replacement. The amount is based on the period when it stops working.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is a Higher Ah Battery Better?

It is based on the amount of usage. If you need to run more equipment or take more power backup, you should consider going with a higher Ah battery.

However, if you do not need more power backup, you do not need more capacity.

2. Why Should you Use Distilled Water for Inverter Batteries?

The electrolyte solution in batteries consists mainly of acid and water. Chemicals and minerals added to the latter can drastically reduce battery life. It is recommended to use filtered water as they are free from excess minerals which can be found in regular tap water. Therefore, please ensure long battery life by using distilled water.

3. Are Inverter Batteries Safe?

When the technology improves, batteries get better. They discharge hydrogen smoke and other gases. They warm up when used or charged, but they are not something to be afraid of.

It is suggested to keep it in an open place to dissipate heat. Also, move it away from fire and smoke.

4. What is the Normal Life of the Inverter Battery?

Battery life is based on various factors such as brand, battery type, load size, frequency of use, and how well a person manages it.

Tubular batteries are very famous nowadays, and their average lifespan is 3-5 years. They can last up to 7 years if you use them with proper care.

Final Words

Choosing the best inverter battery in India is not an easy task. The new technology tubular batteries and sealed lead-acid batteries make our life easier. Consider a few things that are mentioned above to get the best quality battery.

In India, it is one of the essential appliances that should be in every home, especially where there are many power cuts. We suggest you invest only in good quality products.

Here, in this article, we have made your job easier with the top 10 inverter batteries. The list contains the best products that are available in the market with great performance. You can choose any one of these inverter batteries without a second opinion.

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