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Best Infant Car Seats – Baby Car Seats for Your Newborn in 2022!

best infant car seats

Best Infant Car Seats – Baby Car Seats for Your Newborn in 2022!

Are you eagerly waiting to welcome your newborn to the home? Have you started purchasing the essential things for your little one? Then, an infant car seat is a must-buy item for your child. Hospitals refuse to discharge the baby unless you have the best baby infant car seats. It makes it easy to shift your baby from car to stroller or home. If you are a travelholic person, using the infant car seat is the best choice.

But as first-time parents, many have confusions in choosing the car seat. We have tested 10 infant car seats popular in the market to make your choice easy. In our test, we have narrowed down the list into four according to the quality, crash test ratings, and the certification the car seat gets from the government. And the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat holds first place in our research. It is the most cost-effective, high-quality, safe, easy to install, and travel-friendly option.

Best Overall Infant Car Seat: Chicco KeyFit 30
Best Infant Carseat for Travel: Graco Forever DLX Car Seat
The Best Infant Car Seat to Install: Doona Infant Car Seat
Best Infant Car Seat to Use: Britax One4 Life Click Tight

Best Infant Car Seat to Clean: Maxi Cosi Mico Max
Easiest to Install Car Seat: UPPAbaby Mesa
Best Car Seat for Twins: Baby Trend EZ Ride 35
Best Lightweight Infant Car Seat: Graco SnugFit 35
The Best Narrow Infant car Seat: Safety First Onboard 35
Best Gear Infant Car Seat: Baby Trend Cover Me

1. What is an Infant car seat?

Infant car seat Infant car seats are specifically designed to safeguard infants and kids from car accidents and injuries. These seats are meant to attach to a base and always face the car’s rear. Simply remove it from the car and shift your child from the car to your home or attach it to your stroller. It saves so much time. Many parents consider this a major convenience.

2. How long may an infant car seat be used?

You can use the infant car seat from the day your little one is born and use it till they reach the maximum weight or height recommended by the brand. You should change the infant car seat to a convertible car seat if your child reaches the height or weight instructed by the manufacturer. According to the NHTSA, the below image shows the age limit for using the rear infant car seat.

3. Do I need an infant car seat?

While it may appear that buying a convertible car seat is the most cost-effective option, there are several advantages to using an infant car seat instead. If you have a travel system, your baby can sleep while transferring from the car to the stroller. Because your infant seat is securely attached to a base, it’s also easier to snap in and out of your car with a baby in tow. Transferring an infant car seat is also a lot easier than removing and reinstalling a convertible seat if your baby will be riding in several vehicles. 

4. Where Should an Infant Car Seat Be Installed?

According to statistics, the safest position to install your child’s car seat is in the middle of your vehicle’s back seat. Because many crashes happen through side contact, being in the middle will help you escape from a direct hit. However, not all cars allow a car seat to be installed in every seat belted position. Before installing anything, make sure you read your car’s user manual. The Ultimate Car Seat Manual Installation Tips from Safe Kids is an excellent resource for car seat installation.

5. How do you know if your child is too tall for a car seat?

 Connect the top tether strap of the seat to the appropriate anchor points in the vehicle. Tighten by pulling. To find the correct anchor point, see your car’s user manual. When the tops of your child’s ears reach the top of the seat, you know he’s outgrown his forward-facing car seat.

6. Is it safe to use forward-facing car seats?

The forward-facing baby seats are used in the front or back of the vehicle. It is safer to install them in the back, especially if the front seat has a passenger airbag.

The Top 3 Infant Car Seats

Best Overall

chicco keyfit 30

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat


Best Quality


Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat


Best Budget

britax clicktight car seat

Britax One4Life ClickTight Baby Stroller




Chicco KeyFit 30

The Chicco KeyFit Infant Car Seat takes the top position on our list. It has many great features and got good scores on all our tests. And also, this infant car seat is awarded as the safest infant car seat by the Government. 

This top safety-rated infant car seat has the best HIC scores, and it got a four-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). However, in our test, it got a 4.6-star rating. This Chicco KeyFit also comes in 8 different colors and a one-year warranty. 

Installation Features

The installation technique is straightforward; anyone can easily install it. Sylvia Fallas, a mother and Child Passengers Safety Technician (CPST), informed us she installed this seat in less than 30 seconds! A built-in level makes it simple to achieve the ideal recline angle.

Weight Capacity

The Chicco KeyFit is lighter than some of the other models on this list, although not the lightest. The number 30 in the name shows KeyFit’s maximum weight capacity (in pounds). 

It can handle babies as small as four pounds when used with an infant insert, and it is designed for children weighing up to 30 pounds or standing up to 30 inches tall. My 15-month-old isn’t even 30 pounds yet, so he’ll be using it for another year and a half. 


This seat’s base is simple to put together and has only one tightener in the middle to keep it in place. When the carrier is properly put into the base, a built-in, easy-to-read value indicates when it has been correctly positioned, and you’ll always hear the familiar “click” sound.


The Ride Right bubble indicators are situated on both sides of the base, which helps the seat’s base be mounted at the right angle quickly and accurately. 

It works with the Recline spring-assisted leveling foot to ensure that the seat is properly fitted. A five-point harness secures the baby with one-hand tightening and a push-button chest clip. The cushioned seat is coated with energy-absorbing foam for added safety and comfort.

The sun canopy is the only element on the KeyFit that I wish was different. Although there is an extra sun visor that slides out from behind the Canopy, I still believe that my son’s legs catch too much sun in the rear of the car or the stroller.


The KeyFit 30 isn’t looking too good in terms of appearance. But, truly, it’s a car seat, and I’m fine with it. Even though the fabric is an older grey geometric pattern, nine more fabric alternatives are available in brighter hues and trendier patterns.

For a long time, we utilized the baby insert to shield his head because it seemed to be a better option than allowing his head to lean to the side all the time. My son appears to find the cloth quite comfortable, as he frequently falls asleep in the seat. The fabric can be removed from the seat and machine washed, which is an important feature for any parent who is using a car seat previously.

Stroller Compatibility

The Chicco keyfit seat is compatible with all Chicco brand strollers. Both the Chicco Keyfit Caddy and the Chicco Shuttle frame strollers are outstanding. However, if you want to use a full-size stroller with your car seat, the Keyfit offers the most compatibility with manufacturers other than its own. The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0, UPPAbaby Cruz v2, UPPAbaby Vista v2, and many others are compatible with the Keyfit 30.

Cocoril’s View

Chicco KeyFit 30 is an easy-to-install infant car seat that can be used as a travel system with the stroller and carry your child through toddlerhood.

Parent’s review

The handle for the carrier comes up and down quietly so that it does not wake the baby. The click-in feature to the base and the stroller is also quiet, making it ideal if the baby is sleeping.

Special Features

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Frequently Asked Questions

The Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat is not a long-lasting infant car seat. It’s safe to use from 4 pounds (with the newborn attachment) to 30 pounds (or 30 inches, whichever comes first).

A two-piece infant insert, which contains a newborn positioner and a head insert, is included with the Chicco KeyFit 30. For children weighing 4-11 pounds, the newborn positioner is optional, but it must be removed when the child reaches 11 pounds.

The rear-facing KeyFit® 30 stroller has compatible strollers to transport newborns weighing 4 to 30 pounds and measuring up to 30″ in length.

The Chicco KeyFit 30 installation uses the seat belt instead of the base. If you’re taking a taxi or flying, you may also attach the KeyFit 30 without the base and only use your seat belt.



Graco 4Ever DLX Car Seat

Graco 4Ever holds second place in our test results. It is a good choice if you’re searching for a single, long-lasting infant car seat. While it’s a little large and heavy to transport, it’s a wise decision for a child’s safety and convenience. It is available in six colors (Bryant, Fairmont, ion, Joslyn, Kendrick, Zagg). Graco 4Ever receives a four-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Moreover, it received a 4.5-star rating from our experts. 


The cushions of the Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 are made of luxurious fabric that won’t irritate sensitive skin. To make your infant entertained, you need to carry the snacks and juices while going on a long trip. 

So, it comes with two cup holders for water bottles. Most of the sippy cups and a regular throwaway water cup fit in the cup holders. Although baby bottles may fit in the cup holders, infants in the car seat will most likely be unable to access them.

Convertible car seats are among the largest in the industry in terms of overall size. So, they must be flexible enough to change from rear-facing to front-facing and beyond. Graco is a brand of children’s furniture.

Safety Features

The 4ever has better-than-average crash test evaluation results, with sensor data that seems to be substantially better than the regulatory requirements allow. All the car seats in this study meet or exceed the FMVSS 213 government minimum safety criteria. Overall, this Graco performs above average, with good readings for both the HIC and chest sensors. Graco 4ever received 4 out of 5 ratings from NHTSA and 4.5 out of 5 by our experts.  Both sensors registered G forces that were substantially below the maximum permissible.

Installation Process

Installation with LATCH isn’t difficult, but it isn’t as simple as it appears, resulting in a little below performance in our testing. There is no need to fiddle with hooks with our fingers. But we find it a little difficult to install the Graco 4ever car seat because of its wide base. If you have a smaller car, take measurements before buying the car seat because it has a wide base. It is a perfect choice for parents who wish to put it in one vehicle and use it continuously. Regarding securing the child, NHTSA gives Graco three-star ratings, which are lesser than Chicco Keyfit 30. 

The connectors are the push-button form that we prefer and are simple to clip in and out of position; however, threading the straps is a nuisance and must be done regardless of the installation method. The holes appear far too small, which can be inconvenient when your hands are larger. Although rear-facing is simpler than forward-facing, keeping all of the padding and buckles out of the way to finish the installation is still difficult.


While checking the harness, we found that buckles and chest clips are average compared with Chicco Keyfit 30. In Graco 4Ever 4 In 1 Car seats, the harness can be adjusted by pulling the belt at the seat’s foot, and it can be released by pushing the lever under the fabric flap just above the belt. You can adjust the height of the harness shoulders adjustment, and it doesn’t need to be rethreaded. Whenever you press the lever on the top, the adjustment runs smoothly up and down. This procedure can be carried out while your baby is seated in the car seat.

Weight Capacity

Graco 4Ever is one of the most popular car seats because of its long life. You can use four positions: forward-facing, rear-facing, high back booster, and backless booster. Although car seat use is determined by both age and weight, the brand claims that this one car seat can accommodate an infant from the age of four pounds through to the preschool years and a 120-pound youngster in a booster seat. The car seat’s expiry date is 10 years from the date of manufacture, which is essential to know if you’ve used a hand-me-down seat.

Easy to clean

In general, we found this car set to be easy to clean. We use a portable vacuum with a crevice tool for crumby messes. Using baby wipes to clean the cup holders’ spills is the best way. We take seats inside to take the cushions and thoroughly clean the plastic when it requires more cleaning. We machine-washed the cushions with standard detergent and then let them air dry completely. According to the manufacturers, you can clean the five-point harnesses and buckles with mild soap and warm water. We used an old toothbrush to clean the buckles now and then to ensure that they’re free of sticky residue and can work correctly. Overall, deep cleaning the car seat takes less than 15 minutes.

Cocoril’s View

Graco 4Ever is a good choice if you are looking for an infant car seat with a long life span and is easy to clean.

Special Features

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Frequently Asked Questions

It provides three unique updates for ten years of use in one car seat. The familiar 4Ever now has a Rapid Removable cover, an incorporated belt lock-off enabling easy installation, and rubberized fuss-free harness storage to make getting baby in and out easier.

Yes, Graco’ basic’ 4-in-1 and the Graco 4ever DLX are FAA-approved.

Forward-facing is recommended for children weighing 18-30 kg (40-65 lb).



With Donna’s secure & practical solution, parents who travel frequently may easily transfer from car seat to stroller. Assembling and disassembling while taking a taxi is a job. One of the best parts we like while using the product is you won’t need to wake up a sleeping baby while switching from car to stroller or vice versa. Doona infant car seats are expensive compared to Chicco key fit 30 and Graco 4ever. 

Doona Infant Car Seat receives a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Moreover, it received a 4.4-star rating from our experts. 


It has a sleek and modern design. Doona’s frame is made of durable aluminum, as well as the seat is made of antibacterial, bamboo charcoal fiber fabric. The cloth is also detachable and washable, which is a big benefit because kids leave messes everywhere.

UPF 50+ sun protection is provided by an extended, water-repellent canopy that is both removable and washable. The integrated head support is composed of energy-absorbing components intended to protect you from side impacts. 

Doona infant car seats are available in six different colors. Blush pink, flaming red, greyhound, nitro black, racing green, and royal blue are among the colors available.

Installation Process

The Doona infant car seat can be used with or without a base. Our experts find it easy to install if we practice effectively. It is the only convertible car seat available on the market. It comes pre-installed in a car seat. Even though it comes with a base, this item has the benefit of being placed in a car without the base. You can only use the Doona Infant Car Seat as a rear-facing vehicle. The seat can be placed with or without a seatbelt, and the base comes with a simple LATCH system.

The weight of the car seat is something that can’t be avoided. It weighs a hefty 16.5 pounds due to the combined stroller frame and wheels. The car seat’s weight is something that can’t be prevented. Due to the combined stroller frame and wheels, it weighs a substantial 16.5 pounds. When you have your child in the car seat, installing and uninstalling will be a little more challenging. My arms were in excruciating pain. Thankfully, the wheels came in handy once I had the car seat out of the road, and We didn’t have to bear the burden anymore.


Doona infant car seats are available in three modes: car seat, pull along, and stroller. Switching between modes seemed difficult initially, but it was quite simple. To change the settings on the handlebars, use the rotating buttons on two sides of the handlebar, and to remove the wheels, use the red safety lock button on the back of the car seat.

Safety Features

Our experts checked that Doona’s Infant Car Seat and latch base has cleared all legally mandated compliance testing and fulfills US and European requirements for car seats, strollers, and handheld carriers. As a new mother, It’s even TUV and FAA-approved for travel, but you must always double-check with your airline beforehand.

The Doona is made entirely of baby-safe materials devoid of harmful chemicals like Graco 4ever 4 in 1 DLX car seat.

Doona has an in-house laboratory dedicated only to ongoing safety testing. Therefore this device has reportedly undergone over a hundred crash tests, including adverse weather conditions and collisions at very high speeds, per the report from the brand. NHTSA also gave four out of five-star ratings under the category securing the child. 

Weight Capacity

The Doona Infant Car Seat is suitable for children from birth to 32 inches or 35 lbs, which is somewhat greater than the Chicco Keyfit 30.. Doona infant car seat and stroller hybrid appear to have a one-year lifespan, after which time you’ll need to update to a convertible car seat with a better rear-facing weight capacity. In addition, because it is a car seat, it doesn’t recline or rotate angles in stroller mode, which might irritate a restless toddler. This is unquestionably the better option for a younger child.

Vehicle Seat Protector

One of the notable features of this car seat is that it comes with a non-slip, water-repellent vehicle seat protector that should be installed on the car seat before installing the base or the car seat. Our specialists consider this function valuable since we would have to purchase it individually if they did not provide it.

Cocoril’s View

The Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller is a unique combo with a fully integrated travel system ideal for city inhabitants who regularly switch from walking to cabs.

Special Features

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Frequently Asked Questions

If you travel regularly or live in a city with limited space. In that case, the Doona ensures that you have a highly portable stroller for your baby without having brought a separate car seat and stroller.

Yes, the Doona Infant Car Seat / Stroller comes with an infant insert, making it safe to use with a newborn.



If you need a high-quality stroller that’s simple to set up and operate, the Britax One4Life is the best choice. We enjoy the padding and the four-part removable cloth cover. It is one of the car seats that offer the highest height limit. The One4Life is packed with thoughtful elements, including a smooth shell, sleek styling, bright, easy-to-read information labels, and the ClickTight installation. The Click Tight installation technology eliminates the need for any tightening, making the setup a joy.  There’s also a handy handle on the top of the seat that makes removing it from the package and bringing it to the vehicle a breeze. 

About the Brand

Britax has been making items for kids for over 70 years. They create gears for families that are both enjoyable and safe. After becoming Europe’s best-selling car seat, the brand began marketing in the United States in 1996. Britax is also a stroller manufacturer and currently owns the BOB brand.

Crash Test Analysis

The One4Life has one of the group’s lowest crash test analysis scores, with unsatisfactory chest sensor data and above-average HIC outcomes. Each seat on our list meets or exceeds the FMVSS 213 government safety criteria. We follow the same rules as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) uses to check the crash tests. The graphs above show the actual test results with the Britax in black and the highest seat results in green. With a score of 33, the Clek Foonf has the lowest G-forces for the chest clip, while the One4Life score is 56. (max allowable is 60). The best is the Britax Marathon with a 186, while the greatest is the One4Life HIC result of 399, where the maximum allowable is 1000.

Ease of Installation

The One4Life is simple to install with LATCH and received one of the top scores for installation in our tests. This Britax offers a push-button connection (upper left) and an easy-to-tighten strap. The visual indications on the right edge of the seat are easy to see, and parents use them to monitor the installation angle of the seat. The push-button on the seat’s base alters the seat’s angle. This button functions nicely, although it is a little cumbersome compared to those with a pull lever.

Click Tight Technology

Click Tight technology was a game-changer for car seat installation when it was first launched. We’ve admired how straightforward this technology is. It fits a car seat since we first saw it on the now-retired Britax Frontier!  Britax’s ClickTight technology revolutionized car seats, and the One4Life is no exception. It provides parents with a long-lasting, luxurious car seat with forwarding & rear-facing options and a booster seat with a high back option. This model also has lovely details, such as a smooth shell and a sleek design.


The chest clip and buckle are simple, albeit a little stiff. With a silky strap and an easy-to-find press button, we can easily tighten or release the seats’ harness. The harness height adjustment on this seat is a non-rethread headrest component that slides up and down with a lever squeeze. The entire process runs smoothly and is simple to utilize. Its crotch strap has two adjustments, and the shoulder height has Fifteen positions, ensuring an excellent fit for all young ones.


The LATCH connectors are wadded up and put inside the seatback. Even if it isn’t perfectly performed, it does keep the belts out of the way. The manual is hidden under a fabric flap behind the seatback’s primary padding. It appears to be pretty confined, but it could become dirty if there is a large vomiting incident or a dropped drink.


With a breadth of 19.8 inches as well as a weight of just over 28 pounds, the One4Life seat is both wide and heavy. While it isn’t the heaviest on our list, it is heavier than the average of 21 pounds. It is certainly not lightweight and enough to carry through an airport or city sidewalk. 


The One4Life, like other Britax products, is a high-quality seat with one of the highest scores for the metric. The padding on this seat is thicker and strong enough to support small bodies. The main portion of the seat is made of soft but robust fabric, while the seat sides are made of a coarser fabric. The overall fit and finish are excellent, with meticulous attention to detail and a well-built structure.

Cocoril’s View

Overall, we like the Britax One4Life convertible car seat’s ease of installation, convenience of use, and elegant design.

Special Features

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Frequently Asked Questions

Britax is a fantastic brand that produces some of the best car seats. It provides excellent safety for car seats and strollers, ensuring that your child is as safe as possible.

The Britax stroller is suitable for children up to 55 pounds and can be used from birth. It has a beautiful infant headrest that will give your baby more support.

Yes. The One4Life Superior cover set is machine washable, including the inserts. 

The ClickTight Convertible car seats have a 10-year usable life. 



The Micro Maxi has a few appealing qualities, including its lightweight and ease of cleaning. It’s one of the lightweight seats on our list, weighing just under nine pounds, making it easy on your arms when toting your kid around in their infant seat. The seat pad may be detached and laundered in the washing machine. 

In addition, the fabric is self-wicking, helping the newborns cool and dry, especially in hot weather. Installing the seat is simple and quick. Extra side-impact Safety and an anti-rebound bar are included in the safety features. Its base has a secure locking mechanism with self-retracting one-click LATCH attachments and a base stability leg that prevents rotation.

Maxi Cosi Mico Max XP fits infants weighing from 4 pounds to 40 pounds and 32 inches in height. 

Cocoril’s View

If you’re looking for a car seat that works with a Euro stroller, the Maxi Cosi Mico and Mico XP Max infant seats are good. Though the Mico XP Max has wonderful safety features, lovely soft goods, a wide canopy, and an anti-rebound “leg,”

Special Features

What We Like

What We Don't Like



If you are searching for a stylish and durable car seat, the UPPA baby MESA is a great choice. This infant car seat will keep your baby secure for the first year of their life and beyond. 

The UPPAbaby Mesa is a high-quality car seat but pricey. This infant car seat received a high rating in our infant car seat review. The Mesa comes with a handful of simple installation choices and provides great performance even when installed without the base. It makes it a viable alternative for families that use public transportation. 

The retractable LATCH anchors, which aren’t seen on many car seats, and the simple harness height adjustment are two of our favorite features. We think it has many great features that make it easy to use and stand out in a trendy way. 

With retractable LATCH hooks and the option to adjust the headrest and harness in one quick move, this rear-facing seat is incredibly simple to set up and use.

Cocoril’s View

While it may not be the best choice for every family due to its higher price or heavier weight, its high-quality materials and elegant design will appeal to many.

Special Features

What We Like

What We Don't Like



The Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 is one of the more affordable infant car seat travel systems we’ve examined, and we discovered that it includes flex loc technology, which we’ve seen in recent baby car seats. 

The car seat comes with a base that may be used with the LATCH system to secure it in place. It is simply clicked into the base to be installed in your vehicle. The LATCH system is simple to set up and allows you to leave the base in the car instead of installing your child’s car seat every time you drive.

As the car seats are just 16.5 inches wide, we suggest this travel system if you have a small car. Many parents are worried about belts and buckles, but our specialists found this travel system easy to adjust. Moreover, it comes with a 5 points harness system. The weight limit for using the Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 infant car seat is 5-30 pounds. 

The major flaw in this infant car seat is its handling. It has poor handling, making it difficult to maneuver. This is most likely owing to the front wheel’s modest size.

Cocoril’s View

Our researchers found that you can pay the extra money if you want something extra. This is a good option if you’re searching for a simple model. However, our researchers believe paying a little more for a higher-quality infant car seat is worthwhile. You don’t want to dread using your stroller all of the time.

Special Features

What We Like

What We Don't Like



If you are searching for a budget-friendly car seat, the Graco SnugFit 35 is the best choice. This low-cost car seat scores slightly higher than average in various criteria, making it a viable option for families on a tight budget. 

With soft fabric and more padding than many Gracos, this Graco is finer than prior models. It outperforms the average in crash tests and is simple to install to use the car belt. 

While the Graco has several positive aspects, it isn’t of the highest quality, and it still has a canopy grip collision issue. If you have more money in your wallet, you should probably look at other choices. If your need a budget-friendly option, this seat is worth considering because it has better-than-average crash results.

Cocoril’s View

In both crash tests and real-life crashes, the Graco SnugFit 35 has proven safe. Unfortunately, several designs and installation aspects are a bit of a let-down.

Special Features

What We Like

What We Don't Like



Our experts felt that Safety first onboard 35 Air 360 crash test results aren’t as good as the prior Safety 1st solutions we’ve looked at. According to the new test results analysis, the crash test metric has a slightly lower overall score than the average. 

In terms of LATCH installation, the Air 360 performs somewhat below average. It isn’t difficult, but many of its opponents are. Because the LATCH system is designed for ease of use, that should be the simplest way to attach any seat.

The 360 carrier easily connects to the base and usually requires no fiddling or additional changes. We were able to deploy the carrier without any difficulty regularly. Stretching the back handle separates the carrier from the base. The 360 handle/pull is effective and simple to use.

The Safety First 360 weighs 9.44 pounds, which is light compared to the competitors. If you need to take it for longer journeys or periods, the seat’s weight can influence your decision. We recommend that you use the seat’s weight to assist you in choosing between two otherwise identical solutions.

Cocoril’s View

Although it is on level for the price, the Safety 1st provides acceptable comfort and quality. The cushioning is above average, with ample cushion and smooth fabric that seems more luxurious than previous Safety 1st options. The shell isn’t overly complicated, and the general fit and finish are satisfactory for the price.

Special Features

What We Like

What We Don't Like



Over the years, Baby Trend has produced a variety of car seats in various colors, ranging from rear-facing solely baby car seats to convertible car seats to booster seats. The Cover Me features a big canopy that can be employed in all modes of operation, including booster mode. 

Can you guess the most common complaint about a convertible car seat? Is this a new installation? Comfort? Nope, nope, nope, no It’s the sun, of course. Most convertible car seats lack the same level of sun protection as infant car seats. 

Baby Trend’s Cover Me car seat is the first 4-in-1 adjustable car seat to address this issue. It has a large, breathable UPF 50+ canopy and flip-away visors that keep the sun out of your child’s eyes.

Baby Trend included a few extra features, such as an anti-twist harness indication (which allows you to see if your baby’s harness is twisted) and a soft, multi-layered cushioning for newborn’s comfort.

Like the Graco SnugFit 35 car seat, the baby Trend is also very budget-friendly. The great news is that cheap does not imply risk! All car seats in our list, including the Cover Me, fulfilled the same safety criteria. So, it’s just a matter of deciding which conveniences and comforts are most important to you.

Cocoril’s View

When your child gets sun in their eyes, it’s not fun. Sunglasses and window coverings don’t always suffice. This convertible infant car seat can solve this problem. It’s also one of the cheapest and space-saving 4-in-1 infant car seats, at $150.

Special Features

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Why you should trust us

We spoke with 15 industry professionals, safety specialists, and physicians as part of the investigation for this review. They described the essential Safety and usability factors for infant car seats. We reached out to current and past workers of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is in charge of vehicle and car seat safety. Moreover, we have interviewed Certified Child Passenger Safety technicians regarding the safety features of each product. 

We had a conversation with the specialists from six top car seat manufacturers, consisting of product managers, designers, and safety technicians. We also talked to car seat safety advocates that have campaigned for and against a planned side-impact requirement, and state officials. Most importantly, we sought feedback from several parents who have been using the product for at least three months to learn about their experiences since we are responsible for providing the most accurate review to our readers.

We also read numerous articles from reliable outlets and checked many Amazon reviews. We spent as much time as possible with each of the ten products to understand them thoroughly. And also, evaluated the items in terms of Safety, installation, harness kinds, maximum weight recommendations, the softness of straps, materials used, pricing, stroller compatibility, and other factors.

We double-checked all of the data and determined the optimal outcome for each product. 

law of infant car seat

Who should get this

Even though numerous baby essential items are on the market, an infant car seat is unavoidable. If you are ready to travel with your baby, you must have an infant car seat or convertible stroller with the proper weight rating. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, most hospitals do not discharge babies until an employee visually validates the presence of a car seat that would safely carry the baby home.

We can differentiate an infant car seat from convertible strollers by characteristics such as weight and height limits that encompass most newborn infants. Most importantly, an infant seat is meant only to be used rear-facing, which is believed to be the safest position for little children. Infant seats have a removable base that allows parents to quickly press the seat in and out of the car while carrying the baby in the seat. Most infant car seats are outgrown when a child reaches 30 or 32 inches in height or weighs approximately 30 and 35 pounds, whichever hits first. 

Law on the infant car seat

Safe positioning and evolving state law

All US states require newborns under one to be confined in a rear-facing car seat. But the size and age under which a kid can lawfully transfer to a front-facing seat vary by state. All children under the age of two must now ride in a rear-facing child seat in 12 states. 

Some parents probably want to keep their kids rear-facing until they are two years old. According to research, because kids are safer in rear-facing seats, policymakers feel that the more a young infant stays rear-facing, the safer they are. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids should be rear-facing for as long as feasible. Choosing the best car seat and understanding how to install it properly could be one of the most important decisions you make for your child.

Manufacturers’ current federal obligations

While each state handles how car seats are used, every car seat sold in the United States must fulfill the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s federal safety criteria. According to the NHTSA, all car seats must fulfill certain standards in crash testing that measure the pressure on the chest and head in a simulated front-facing crash. According to industry experts, the NHTSA also examines car seats for the convenience of installation, as most car seats are placed incorrectly. 

How we picked

We began by looking into the most fascinating infant car seats, which totaled about 30 kinds. Our specialists looked at consumer reviews and media coverage from online user reviews. We spoke with approximately 20 experts on car seat security, policy, and installation, and the research results of Consumer Reports.

The producers self-certify all car seats sold in the United States to meet strict NHTSA safety criteria. The NHTSA conducts “safety compliance testing” of several seats and publishes the findings in a database every year. Because correct installation is a far bigger issue for people than seat safety, we looked through the NHTSA’s ease-of-use installation statistics to see which seats are simple to install and have detailed instructions.

how we picked the best infant car seats

How we tested

We put our ten infant car seats into real-world use. Our researchers studied and reviewed the instructions for each seat, rehearsed installing it (with and without the base, using both the latches and a seat belt), adjusted the straps and handles several times, and rated the experience of snapping the seat in and out of its base. 

We also made a mess using crushed crackers and an apple sauce, then assessed how difficult it was to clean everything up and out of the crevices of the seat.

Our research revealed that more newborns are harmed in infant car seats outside of the automobile than in car wrecks. Some seats are more vulnerable to falls off tables, beds, or other high surfaces. Therefore, we checked how much the seat moved when jostled.

We found that the first four infant car seats in our list are the easiest and most simple to use infant car seats through the home cleaning and ease-of-use tests.

In addition to reviewing all of the seats’ existing crash-test data, we decided to conduct our crash testing that would help people create a confident recommendation. 

We followed the NHTSA’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for our side-impact tests. This notice gives specifics on how such a test should be conducted. According to a 2003 research, 40% of car-crash fatalities happened among children aged 5 and under because of side-impact collisions.

How to care for, use and maintain the infant car seat properly?


According to NHTSA, 46% of car seats are used incorrectly. As a result, the NHTSA’s infant car seat evaluations look at how easy it is to install the device. The base of the seat ought to be extremely close to the car. Most children’s hospitals, fire stations, and police departments have certified personnel who are willing and able to double-check car seat installations at no charge. 

Tight Straps

It should be tight enough to prevent any surplus webbing from being pinched. The chest clip on a car seat should be placed towards the armpits and nipples.

Be wary of slips outside the car

Injuries outside the car hurt more babies secured into car seats than actual car wrecks. When your child is in the seat, be careful about positioning them on any elevated surface. Rotate the handle down for extra support if you’re putting the car seat on a sturdy surface outside the car.

Don’t go over the size limit: Every car seat has a maximum height and weight. So, as soon as your child has reached one of these ages, it’s time for you to purchase the new one. Keep in mind that children are more likely to exceed the height limit of a car seat earlier than they exceed the weight restriction, which is more extensively marketed. There should be at least an inch of room between the top of your child’s head and the top of the seatback.

After a crash, dispose of your seat: Each infant car seat that has been in a serious accident should be discarded. Seats normally have a six- to seven-year expiry date from the date of manufacturing. 

how to maintain the infant car seat

Tips to be followed while buying an Infant Car Seat

Choosing an infant car seat can be a difficult task. It’ll be one of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make and one of the most expensive. Here are a few points to make your search smoother and ensure you get the perfect one.

Before you go shopping, have a look at your vehicle

Before purchasing a car seat, read your vehicle’s user manual first. The seat belt or the LATCH system is used to secure car seats. Choose the one that fits your vehicle.

Choose a car seat that will grow with your child

Newborns can ride in either a rear-facing baby seat or a convertible car seat. Purchasing a convertible infant car seat saves money because it lasts from infancy to toddlerhood and is fully safe. The only disadvantage? Convertible car seats, unlike baby seats, cannot be taken in and out of the vehicle.

Check the safety features

Before buying an infant car seat, you must know what car seat is the most secure. However, all on-the-market car seats have been tested and approved to meet current safety standards (look for the JPMA stamp on the box, which indicates that the Junior Products Manufacturers Affiliation has approved it).

Focus on the most important features

Look for a model with a 5-point harness (two waist straps, two shoulder straps, and one strap between the legs that meets in the middle), side-impact protection (extra air pads or foam at the side of the baby’s head), and compatibility with the LATCH system at the lower end of the price range ($70 to $200), whether you’re buying an infant car seat or a convertible car seat.

Choose something simple to clean

A smooth fabric will wipe off more easily than a textured cloth. This one is more about cleaning than safety, but it’s also a plus if it’s simple to clean. 

Choose one that includes both installation diagrams and text

When you finish purchasing the seat, your work isn’t done. After purchasing it, you have to install it correctly. For installation, you need an instruction manual (which should always be retained with the seat) and the installation diagrams. So before purchasing, check whether it comes with the user manual and the installation diagrams.

Safety Notes

The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that infants use a rear-facing child seat for as long as possible, from birth until they reach the device’s maximum height or weight limit. Based on the seat, this can range from 2 to 4 years old. When fitting your car seat and car seat base, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The LATCH (lower hooks and straps for children) system is used in some seats, while a seatbelt is used in others. The AAP considers both techniques equally safe as long as your car’s seatbelt locks.

It’s crucial to remember that the LATCH system has weight restrictions, especially as your child gets older. The seat’s weight limit and the baby should not exceed 65 pounds in most cases.

Types Of Car Seats

Car seats keep your infant secure while being transported in a vehicle. The type you pick will be determined by the baby’s age, height, weight, and if you want to be able to detach the seat simply. There are four types of car seats available in the market. 

  • Infant Car Seats
  • Convertible Car Seats
  • 3 in 1 seat
  • Booster seats

Infant car seats  

Infant car seat

It is designed especially for infants. A car seat for infants is called an infant car seat. This is normally from birth till your child exceeds the weight restriction for the seat, which is typically at least 2 years old. When they will very certainly require a larger seat. Infant car seats are only designed to be used in the backseat of your vehicle. 

Based on your child’s rate of growth and the size of the car seat, an infant car seat can last six to 24 months. Some babies grow out of their baby car seats more quickly than others. When your child hits the seat’s maximum weight or height restriction, it’s time to upgrade to a car seat for older infants and toddlers.

Convertible Car Seats      

Convertible Car Seat      

You can use the convertible car seats from when your child is born until they outgrow the seat. This implies you’ll be able to gain greater value from your investment. It could be used in forward-facing or rear-facing configurations based on your child’s weight. Rear-facing is recommended for babies up to the age of three, after which you can switch your child to a forward-facing posture.

Convertible car seats have the disadvantage of not being portable and not being able to use them as an infant carrier. They lack a base and are difficult to transport from one vehicle to another. Although their mass frequently fosters a feeling of security, some parents find these larger chairs more difficult to utilize for tiny infants.

3 in 1 Seat

Convertible car seat

All-in-one seats, sometimes known as 3-in-1 seats, are comparable to convertible car seats and function as booster seats. This seat has the benefit of only requiring one purchase and growing with your child from rear-facing to forward-facing to a booster seat till they are mature enough to use a seatbelt.

Booster Seats

booster car seats

You can use the booster car seat for your child if your child is ready to sit in the forward-facing position. The minimum weight limit ranges from 30 to 40 pounds based on the model. The excellent thing is that the booster car seat will work until your youngster no longer needs one. Many states adopt stricter weight restrictions for children in car seats as newborn car seat legislation varies from state to state.  

This sort of car seat might have its buckles or harness, or it might use the seat belt already installed in your vehicle. Your child’s height will determine the most comfortable option. If feasible, test the car seat with your child before using it.

Infant car seat vs. convertible car seat

The Infant car seats face the back of the vehicle and are designed primarily for infants and small babies. They are attached to suitable strollers and clicked in and out of a foundation that stays in your car.

Infant car seat vs. convertible car seat

Convertible car seats are designed to be rear-facing at first. But it can be converted to a forward-facing seat when your child has grown the rear-facing size restrictions. From the moment your child is a baby until they have outgrown a front-facing car seat, you can be able to utilize a convertible car seat.

Children should ride in a front-facing car seat until they are at least 5 years old, according to the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source.

Convertible car seats can sometimes be converted into booster seats, which is the next step in your child’s car seat development. Booster seats are used until your kid is tall enough to properly wear a seatbelt (around 9 to 12 years).

Buying Guide for the Best Infant Car Seats

Every car seat sold in the United States must comply with federal safety regulations. However, we can purchase the untested car seats online. The best car seats satisfy the following federal criteria. If you’re not sure if a baby car seat satisfies these requirements, don’t buy it.

Seat Type

Buy the best baby car seat for your baby based on their height and weight. And also ensure that it satisfies the federal safety criteria. A rear-facing car seat is usually required for infants. To decide the type of car seat you require, use this chart created by the Federal Highway Administration (NHTSA).


Better materials can make the installation process smoother and provide your youngster with a more comfortable ride. Look for car seats with luxurious, well-stitched padding that can be machine washed.


Make sure your car seat is correctly installed once you buy it. An expert can assess your car seat to ensure proper installation. The NHTSA website is useful for finding a child pedestrian safety technician near you.


Most baby car seats are designed to attach to a base that you maintain in your vehicle. Many seats have stroller compatibility, allowing you to switch from using your car seat on the road to using it on the sidewalk. Consider whether you want a car seat that can be attached to a stroller or one with a shading hood.

Final Words

Best infant car seats save your kids from car accidents. That’s why it’s essential to get the right car seat for your child and make sure they use it correctly when riding in the car. If you choose a jogging stroller, a dual stroller, or an umbrella stroller, ensure that it fits your routine and activity levels. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 325 children under five were saved from car accidents by utilizing infant car seats appropriately. So, as parents, it is our major concern to choose the best infant car seat for our child.

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