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Best Hair Straighteners of 2022 [Expert’s Guide & Review]


Best Hair Straighteners of 2022 [Expert’s Guide & Review]

Selecting the right hair straightener which perfectly fits your hair is not an easy job. You need complete knowledge about hair straighteners and its feature to choose the correct one.

Nowadays, you can easily do hair straightening at home without going to a salon. A curly or wavy hair person can easily change their look within an hour at home without the help of another person. There are many hair straighteners available in the market, and here we have explained the 11 best hair straighteners in India.

Our Top Recommendations

Best Overall

Remington S3500


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Nova NHS


Best 3 in 1

VEGA 3 in 1 Styler


How Does a Hair Straightener Work?

Hair straighteners produce heat on the surface of the plates. When gliding the straightener on the hair, heat breaks down the hydrogen bonds in the hair cuticle. Those hydrogen bonds are the main reason for hair to look curly. When the hydrogen bonds get break, the hair becomes straight.

After straightening, when the hair gets in contact with moisture content, the bond reforms, and then the hair retains its original state. Therefore hair is processed using those straighteners will be straightened temporarily. 

Top 11 Best Hair Straighteners - Reviewed 2022

1. Remington S9500PP Ceramic Straight Hair Straightener

Remington S9500PP hair straightener is the best hair straightener in India. It has antistatic ceramic plates that instantly protect your hair and provide a sleek, smooth, and silky texture. This hair straightener just requires 15 seconds to reach heat up to 230°C.


The high-quality hair straighteners’ ceramic plates provide an even distribution of heat throughout the straightener, making the straightening process easier.

Remington has a 110 mm length ceramic plate that helps you straighten each hair section in a single try. It is built with a temperature wheel; using that, you can choose 30 variable heat options based on your choice.

This Ceramic Hair Straightener S9500PP has worldwide voltage so that you can use this hair bestie outdoor also. It comes with a heat-proof pouch and a 1.8 m swivel cord for easy usage.



2. Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine

Philips is one of the topmost companies in India, which is involved in producing the best electrical goods. It produces various hair straighteners for beginners and professionals. The Hp8318/00 Kerashine Temperature Control is the best Philips hair straightener, a highly demanded straightener in India.


Hp8318/00 Kerashine has been built with silky smooth wide Plates, and it is coated with Keratin-infused Ceramic. This coating makes it easier to straighten your rough texture hair. It has Ionic conditioning which consists of both positive and negative ions.

Here, charged negative ions help remove static (static causes frizz), which is unavailable in normal hair straighteners. If you want silky hair, then buy this best hair straightener in India without any oscillation.

Philips Kerashine requires 60 seconds to get heat up, which is just a low period. Further, it can increase up to 210 °C to provide the right texture for your hair. The hair straightener is easy to use as it has a lengthy and flexible power cord. Just enjoy your straightening experience.



3. Braun Satin Hair Straightener

Braun Satin Hair Straightener provides a neat and healthy salon finish to your hair. You can style your hair based on your need with the wider option of 13 temperature settings. It is an ideal choice for those who are looking for the best hair straighteners in India with more settings.


The temperature range is from 130°C to 200°C, making it suitable for almost all hair types. After 40 seconds of heating, you can use this hair straightener so that the heat spreads evenly and evenly on the plates.

Plates are coated with long-lasting ceramic that is 1.5 times wider than other straighter plates, which makes it an ideal choice for medium to lengthy hair. The plates are floating – the straightener adjusts its plates automatically based on the density of each hair strand.



4. Havells HS4152 Titanium Plates Professional Straightener

Havells is also the leading brand in India, involved in producing beauty tools and other electrical products. The hair straightener produced by this company is known for its quality. Do you want the best hair straighteners in india with 100 percent quality? This Havells has the answer. 


Havells HS4152 Professional Straightener is the best hair straightener that has Plates coated with Titanium. This coating helps to achieve the maximum range of heat quickly and also maintains the heat for a long period because the titanium coating has a high heat-conducting capacity.

Havells used floating plates that get adjusted based on your hair strands’ density, thus preventing hair loss or breakage while using it. It can be used for various types of hair. This hair straightener comes with a six temperature setting option from 155°C to 230°C so that you can adjust depending on your styling need.

Havells HS4152 has a long flexible cord to handle the straightener safely and easily.



5. Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Straightener (Multicolor)

Already we have explained about one of the best hair straighteners in India from Philips. Philips Hp8318/00 does not have a temperature control option, but BHS673/00 will be the perfect option if you want the same feature as Hp8318/00 with an additional temperature option.


Philips BHS673/00 Mid-End Straightener is built with Keratin-Infused Ceramic Plates that provide a broader range of temperatures. With the excellent heat control option, you can easily adjust the temperature for different hair styling. It gives a stunning hair appearance.

The ceramic coated plates of Philips BHS673/00 are about 105 mm in size, making you glide the hair fastly to give you straight and silky hair. It is a versatile hair straightener because it can change the temperature up to 230°C. It would be best, as the products heat up within 30 seconds. You don’t have to wait for a long time to start straightening,

Mid End Straightener gives a seamless performance, so you don’t have to worry about the result; just focus on the work. It provides a better outcome without damage while using it for short, medium, and long hair. You can be taken this portable hair straightener with you during travel. It has a 1.6m lengthy cord that makes your straightening process easier.



6. Philips BHS384 Selfie Straightener (Purple)

The BHS384 Selfie Straightener is manufactured by the best hair straighteners in India brand Phillips. Its straightener plates are infused with ceramic to ensure maximum safety and a smooth finish to the hair.

It is designed with SilkPro Care to protect the hair during styling. Further, SilkPro Care makes your hair softer and shiny; and eliminates frizz from the hair.


The BHS384 Selfie Straightener can get heat up to 210°C that makes your hair get a salon-like finishing. Selfie Hair Straightener has two temperature settings options that you can easily change the temperature whenever required. These particular temperatures are proven to provide an excellent heat combination for your style.

The intelligent heat control ensures minimal heat exposure, so you don’t worry about hair damage.

The plates are wider so that you can take a more extended section of hair to get straight at a single attempt, reducing your time for the straightening process.

You can move your hair straightener smoothly because it comes with a 1.6m long sage cord. Finally, the straightener supports universal voltage; therefore, you carry it anywhere around the world.



7. Vega VHSH-22 Titanium Flat Hair Straightener

Vega VHSH-22 Flat Hair Straightener makes your hair super straight and gives a healthy shine look to your hair. The plates are coated with Titanium to provide great smooth gliding. It is a well-known and best hair straightener in India under 3000.


Titanium-coated plates are slide smoothly and distribute heat evenly throughout the hair, which reduces hair damage. Apart from that, Titanium plates protect the hair as well as maintain your hair healthy and shiny.

VHSH-22 Flat Hair Straightener has an adjustable temperature option from 150°C to 230°C so that you can use it based on your hair type. It is the best hair straightener, which heats up within 60 seconds.

You can carry this hair straightener with you wherever you need it because the plates’ locking system prevented damage when the straightener is stored in the storage. It has a 360⁰ swivel cord to avoid tangles in the cable.



8. Kemei KM-329 Professional Hair Straightener

Kemei’s best hair straightener KM-329 model is known for its durability and features. It has everything that you need for your better straightening experience. It comes with four temperature settings.


Kemei KM-329 is built with ceramic plates that evenly distribute the heat over the plates that makes the straighteners working more efficiently. So you can quickly straighten your hair without any delay.

Kemei hair straighteners are designed with an automatic shutdown function, i.e., they will get off after the straighter reaching a specified temperature. You can quickly move the straighter in any direction using a flexible swivel cord.



9. Nova NHS - 900 Professional Hair Straightener

Nova NHS – 900 is the best hair straightener for professionals. It efficiently heats up within 30 seconds using fast heating technology. The plates of this straightener are ceramic, which evenly distributes the heat throughout the plates, thus easing your strengthening process. It is the best hair straightener in India, under 1000.


It is a floating plate that automatically modifies depending on the density of individual hair strands. It is the best option for short hair so that you can change the temperature range from 120 to 200℃.

This hair straightener aids in straightening your hair from wet to dry condition and makes your hair frizzy to straight within a few minutes. Nova NHS – 900 Professional, comes with four temperature settings that suit all hair types. The smooth temperature control ceramic plates spread the heat evenly without burning the hair.



10. VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler

Most girls prefer to buy a single product with a straighten, crimp, and curling option so that they can style their hair differently every day. If you are looking for a product like this, VEGA VHSCC-01 3-in-1 Hair Straightener is the best choice.


The plates are coated with ceramic, which provides an even distribution of heat that prevents your hair from damage or burning during straightening. The Crimper plates are designed with five ridges to give you beautiful crimp hair.

Then the Curler is designed with a 32 mm barrel to make your hair bouncy and curly. You can easily change your styling type and lock the device using the switch on the straightener’s side.

VEGA VHSCC-01 3-in-1 has a 360° Swivel cord that will not get tangled when you rotate the product during work. It has an On/Off button so that you can easily switch it on without the need to hold the button.



11. Panasonic EH-HW19 Hair Straightener

Panasonic is a famous electrical manufacturing company in the market which is involved in the production of the best hair straightener for frizzy hair. It is a globally known high-class company that provides the best quality products to consumers. 


Panasonic EH-HW19 Hair Straightener has a specialized comb that smoothly moves throughout the hair and prevents tangle issues during the straightening process. It quickly straightens frizzy and rough hair and is also the best hair straightener for curling hair.

Panasonic EH-HW19 is a very compact and handy design that is light in weight; therefore, you can easily carry this with you during traveling. It is designed with an operating temperature of 200 degrees; hence it is suitable for any hair type. The plates of Panasonic EH-HW19 are coated with a ceramic that ensures the even distribution of heat to the plates. It provides a smooth and easy glide throughout the hair during the straightening process. 

EH-HW19 straightener heats up quickly so that the users don’t need to wait for a long time and is ready for instant usage. Further advantages of Panasonic EH-HW19 are that it operates at the universal voltage and can be used in other parts of the world.

Apart from that, this hair straightener can also be locked easily; therefore, you can carry it with you anywhere without damaging the hair straightener. The straightener’s cord has been built with a heat-safe technology that protects the cable from plate heat.



Buying Guide for Best Hair Straighteners in India

There are lots of features you have to see before selecting or buying the best hair straightener for your hair. You have to think about the effectiveness of the hair straightener based on your hair type. Therefore, we’ve provided a detailed buying guide that gives you complete knowledge about the perfect hair straightener, so that you can easily purchase the best hair straightener in India. The correct product will provide you with a stunning hairstyle without any compromise.

1. Knowledge About Your Hair Type

The primary thing you have to consider before buying the hair straightener is which hair type you are having. Hair type is an essential one that most people will not care about it. Hair straighteners are directly linked with the hair type, and particular hair straighteners act differently on various hair types. Remember, not suited hair straighteners will cause heavy damage to the hair. For example, high-temperature straighteners on the market will not fit fine hair. 

a) Thick Hair

For thick hair, better to choose a hair straightener with high temperatures because thicker hair needs a high temperature to straighten it quickly.  The broader plates are also required to get a salon finish. 

You have to move the straightener’s smaller plates over the same hair sections of thick hair repeatedly in case of choosing or having low temperature and narrow plates. So, the straightening process will take a considerable time and damage your hair cuticles.

b) Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, then your hair strands are weak, so you don’t need to buy a hair straightener with a high operating temperature option. It is easy to straighten your hair when you have fine hair. 

c) Curly or Wavy Hair

The straightening process gets more challenging when you have curly or wavy hair. This type of hair is normally rough and needs better operating temperature, and takes a lot of time to straighten out. You need to ensure your curly hair with a hair conditioner that supports it at high-temperature. It is better to consider buying wider ceramic-coated plates to straighten larger sections of hair, which makes the straightening process easier.

d) Damaged Hair

If you are a person with fully damaged hair, it is advisable not to use a straightener. But if you compulsorily need to use a hair straightener, it is suggested to occasionally use a straightener and use heat protectants like conditioners, spray, or serums. You can prefer using the hair straightener with round edges to prevent breakage.

e) Chemically Treated Hair

Hairs that undergo chemical treatment are sensitive and easily broken, so it is risky and requires extra care to use hair straighteners. If you wish,  it is advisable to choose the hair straightener with a low temperature lower than lower 230° C and high-quality plates.

2. Select Straightener Plates Based on Your Hair Type

To get an effective result, you should select the correct plate size and perfect plate type or coating. There are countable varieties of hair straighteners based on the plate materials available in the market. Here, you can gather knowledge about the plate materials which will be suitable for your hair. 

a) Solid Ceramic Plates

Ceramic plates are suitable plates that distribute the heat evenly and maintain the temperature at a stable level. A hair straightener with solid ceramic plates is an excellent choice for frizzy (curly) hair, and it provides a shiny look and protects your hair from damage. It is widely seen in most hair straighteners. 

b) Tourmaline Plates

Tourmaline gives moisture and shiny texture to your hair, and further, it will make your hair appear healthier and bolder. Tourmaline is used on the top of the ceramic coating so that the plates produce negative ions, which are required to act against the positive ions in dry and damaged hair.

Tourmaline Plates with Ion technology lock the natural oils present in the hair and prevent heat damage. If you are the one who uses a hair straightener regularly, then a straightener with tourmaline Plates is a perfect choice.

c) Titanium Plates

Titanium has the same characteristics as the Tourmaline, yet Titanium is also a durable and highly heat-conductive plate. So, the straightener heats up quickly and provides an immediate result.

3. Operating Temperature of Straightener 

Already we know that a hair straightener process depends on what kind of hair you are working with it. Operating temperature is the main factor in selecting the best hair straightener because using the wrong temperature will burn your hair. For example, using high temperatures straightener on fine hair will damage your hair due to excess heat. 

  • For thin or damaged hair, a low temperature of 180°C would be the best fit.
  • For thick hair or curly hair, select a hair straightener that can produce heat from 190°C to 210°C.
  • Better prefer buying a hair straightener with a variable temperature option for versatility purposes.

4. Suitable Width of the Plates

Hair straighteners are designed with different plate sizes. The width of the straightener plates can be either narrow or wide. Here, we explain the plate sizes which is suitable for your hair. To use your straightener efficiently, you have to pick the correct plate size. From the professional hair straighteners to the mini straightener for personal use, each one comes in particular plate sizes.

For travel purposes, a hair straightener with narrow plates would be a good selection. 

If you have thick hair, then wider plates will be fitted to you.

If you have fine hair, then you should avoid using wider plates because they produce excess heat and damage your fine hair. 

The plate width and kind of hair, which are considered the best combination, are mentioned below.

  • For thin, short hair: 2.5 cm – 3 cm Plates
  • For short and medium hair: 3 cm – 4 cm Plates
  • For long, thick, and curly hair: 6cm Plates

5. Weight of the Straightener

You have to consider the weight of a hair straightener for convenience before purchasing it. If you are using a heavy-duty hair straightener, it will be heavier, so it is not comfortable to use this straightener continuously. If you use a mini hair straightener instead of the bulky straightener, it is easy to handle and gives little strain to your hand. But when compared to bulky straighteners, lighter ones are not that durable. It is also advisable to consider the grip because buying a straightener that is not fitted to your hand will lose grip, and you can’t be able to hold it.

6. Avoid Purchasing the Cheap Products

Cheap models may work, but it is constructed with low-quality materials and plates, so the heat gets spread unevenly in the plates, which may cause damage to your hair cuticles, split ends, and breakage. Sometimes, your hair may even get burnt out. So, stay away from the low-cost hair straightener.

7. Brand Reputation and Warranty

“Good Brands produce excellent products.” So when buying a new hair straightener, know more about the brand and buy the brand one for better performance. Local brands may provide a lot of features, but they will not give a guarantee or warranty. For example, Philips is one of the best hair straightener brands used by professionals, and the products from this brand are worth its money.

Other Factors to be considered:

Heat-up time: Some of the hair straighteners are designed with advanced heating technology so you need to wait for some time before starting the straightening process. The heats-up time of the various hair straighteners is 30 seconds, 45 seconds, or 1 minute.

Floating Plates: It helps to adjust the hair strands’ pressure to protect the hair from damage. Floating plates get modified based on the density of the individual hair strands.

Infused Plates: Few hair straighteners use plates infused with keratin or argan oil to enhance hair health.

Sensor Technology: This sensor technology allows the device to monitor the temperature and moisture content in your hair and automatically control the heat to avoid hair damage.

Automatic Shut-Off: Some straightener has an automatic shut down feature, which turns off the straightener when overheating. Also, it gets off automatically if you forget to off it.

Push Button Locks: This feature makes your straightener travel-friendly because you can safely store the product by pressing the lock button near the end of the plates to prevent the product from being damaged.

Universal Voltage: If you are a traveler who travels worldwide, your straightener should support universal voltage. In the market, there are various straighteners available with the feature. At that time, better to choose a straightener with universal voltage support.

Side Effects of Using Hair Straightener:

If you are a person with healthy hair, then there is a minimum chance of side effects. But for a person with damaged hair, some of the following side effects will happen due to excess heat.


We think that you have an overall idea about the best hair straighteners in India. Might our buying guide will guide you to select the perfect hair straightener depending on your hair type. You can easily and safely purchase the right hair straightener that fits your needs. 

The product with the crimper, curler, and straightening options are available on the market. You can also purchase them for versatile uses. Yeah! Straightener will damage your hair. So better focus on finding the straightener which causes small damage to your hair. Some straighteners have a unique feature, so do complete research and purchase the best straightener for your hair.

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