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10 Best Glass Baby Bottles For Feeding

best glass baby bottles

10 Best Glass Baby Bottles For Feeding

Do you decide to cut your use of plastic and go green? Are you trying to find bottles without harmful drugs like BPA? If yes, you are at the right place. Glass baby bottles are the ideal substitute for plastic ones. Glass bottles are eco-friendly, do not absorb odor or stains, and are incredibly simple to clean. In addition, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends trying to replace plastic whenever possible. So why don’t you get the best glass baby bottles?¬†

We’ve compiled the top glass baby bottles currently available, and we’ll guide you on how to pick one out for your baby.¬†

Let’s move on to the topic¬†

Best Overall

philips avent glass bottle


Best Quality

NUK glass bottle


Best Budget

evenflo glass bottle


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Glass Vs Plastic Baby Bottle

glass Vs plastic baby bottle

10 Best Baby Glass Bottles For All Budgets in 2022

1. Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottle

The Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottle is at the top of our ranking because it is simple to use, clean, and change the bottle’s nipple. The broad silicone nipple is designed like the breast, which is helpful for breastfed infants who switch between the breast and the bottle feed. In addition, the nipple is softer and more flexible thanks to inbuilt unique, comfy petals. Comfortable feedings are provided by the petals around the sides, which help support the nipple’s shape and prevent it from falling into your child’s mouth.¬†

philips avent glass bottle


why the philips avent glass baby bottles is special?

The two anti-colic valves on the Natural Nipple help newborns feed more comfortably. The valves prevent air from escaping into your baby’s stomach during feeding, preventing colic and pain. Parents may relax while holding the ergonomic 4-ounce bottle and when newborns are ready to drink milk because it’s simple for them to grasp.¬†

You can quickly determine how much your baby has consumed thanks to the bottle’s precise measurements on the side. This bottle is compatible with other Natural bottles and Philips Avent accessories, much as all other Natural bottles. You can vary between several Natural bottle sizes and nipples as your baby develops to match their evolving demands. All of the Natural Philips Avent nipples are compatible with the bottle.

Special Features
  1. Twin Anti-Colic Waves
  2. Ergonomic Bottle
  3. Breast-like Nipple



2. NUK Simply Natural Glass Baby Bottles

Numerous features of other glass bottles are also present in Nuk Simply Natural Glass Bottles, yet they offer more excellent value. The baby’s tongue may move normally inside the nipple because it has a scooped cavity that mimics the breast. Both of these bottles have several holes in their nipples; the 4-ounce bottle boasts a slow-flow nipple with three holes, and the 8-ounce bottle has a medium-flow nipple with six holes. 

Nuk bottles are perfect for bottle-fed infants, and they are dishwasher-safe. They are free from BPA and made of 20% silicone and 80% glass. Another advantage of this glass bottle is that it is stain and odor resistant.

NUK glass bottle


Maintaining a solid mother-baby attachment gives a natural feeding experience. The nipple on these bottles is even smoother than before. NUK Simply Natural nipples imitate the form that the mother’s breast becomes when nursing.¬†

It is easy to use, but be sure to put it in the top rack when washing the dishwasher. According to a 2019 independent market analysis among 203 German mothers, 96 percent of newborns accepted it. Because bottle feeding still gives the impression that the mom isn’t breastfeeding, if your kid is ready to switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, you can buy one without hesitation.¬†

Special Features
  1. Multiple holes on nipple
  2. Anti-colic air vent 
  3. Lightweight 



3. Evenflo Feeding Glass Bottle For Baby 

Evenflo bottles are inexpensive and convenient for carrying everywhere. The 4-oz and 8-oz bottles are easier to tuck into a diaper bag. Additionally, the glass’s twisted shape makes it simple for the infant to grip, allowing you to go about your work with both hands-frees. 

Evenflo glass bottles are composed of tempered glass, which is more durable than standard glass and will shatter into smaller pieces with more excellent safety in the event of a break. Evenflo bottles and nipples are composed of food-grade materials authorized by the FDA and are free of BPA and other harmful materials. This is also recyclable. 

evenflo glass bottle


Micro-air venting mechanism that prevents the collapse of the nipple lowers the risk of colic and reflux. These bottles are simple to clean and can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher. As a mother, you probably have other things to do, like breastfeed and pump. Our bottles will fit into most regular neck breast pumps, making it easier to pump directly into your glass baby bottles. The unique Venting Technology from Evenflo Feeding was created to guarantee that milk bubbles stay in the bottle and not in your baby’s belly.¬†

Special Features
  1. Recyclable bottle 
  2. Easy to breast-pump
  3.  Assemble and disassemble is easy



4. Chicco NaturalFit Glass Baby Bottle

It is clinically proven. The tilted slow-flow nipple glass baby bottles help to facilitate the infant’s first latch. It also has a straight-flow nipple. To prevent the infant from sucking down air together with milk or formula, both nipples are gentle to the touch and provided with a dual anti-colic valve. Chicco glass bottles are BPA-free and simple to clean with only three pieces. As the baby grows, switching between bottles and nipples is simple because of their interchangeability. Nipples made of soft silicone provide a silky, skin-like feeling that is comforting and familiar to babies.

chicco glass baby bottle


Additionally, the non-slip texture prevents the baby from releasing the latch and breathing in too much air. The large, rounded, breast-shaped nipple makes it simple and secure for your infant to latch on. Additionally, the distinctively angled nipple aids breastfeeding’s natural cradle grip. Feeding time is always that beautiful moment it was supposed to be, thanks to an effortless transition from breast to bottle. A free silicone sleeve is included with NaturalFit Glass Bottles to increase grip, lessen heat transmission, and provide an anti-skid texture to safeguard the bottle.¬†

Special Features
  1. Clinically tested 
  2. Dual anti colic valves
  3. Wide mouth bottle



5. Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Glass Baby Bottle¬†

With their internal vent mechanism, Dr. Brown’s bottles are specifically made to prevent colic, burping, and gas. Once your infant is older and more adept at eating, the vent device can be removed. Once the filter is removed, you don’t have to worry about your infant consuming air because the nipple has a continuous flow and venting system.¬†


To make it simpler for breastfed newborns to transition from breast to bottle, Dr. Brown created the new Wide-Neck bottle, which has a broader breast-shaped nipple. Nutrients in breastmilk and formula are preserved by the internal vent function and also help babies in digestion for a better night’s sleep.¬†

Borosilicate glass used in pharmaceutical applications can endure abrupt temperature fluctuations as well as heat and cold. It is perfect for newborn to 1-year-old babies, and it comes with a broad and narrow design, so choose the best one that fits your baby based on your needs. The anti-colic vent function helps the baby to feed without stress, while the soft silicone nipple helps in natural latching. In addition, they provide a trustworthy and good feel bottle-feeding experience. 

Special Features
  1. Reduce spit-up, burping and gas 
  2. Helps for digestion
  3. Thermal shock-resistant



6. HEVEA Baby Glass Bottle

¬†Use HEVEA glass baby bottles to help the environment and your baby. These bottles are produced using the best borosilicate glass available, which not only has a high level of heat resistance but is also highly hygienic and doesn’t leak toxins. In addition, the bottle nipples on HEVEA products are constructed entirely of natural rubber as opposed to silicone, which makes them distinctive.¬†

hevea glass bottle


The “Hevea Brasiliensis” trees in Malaysia are used to collect plant-based rubber. The substance is free of BPA and PVC. The smooth rubber nipples include an anti-colic valve and are shaped like breasts. The 2-pack comes with a medium-flow nipple, and a slow-flow nipple can be purchased separately. Every six to eight weeks, the rubber covering the nipple needs to be replaced.¬†

The dust cap stops liquids from spilling while keeping the nipple in your bag. Glass HEVEA bottles can be dishwasher or hand-washed. The bottles should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before being used for the first time. Nipples should be placed in boiling water for five minutes. The cherry-shaped, soft natural rubber nipples are designed to mimic the shape of the breast for comfortable feeding. 

Special Features
  1. Eco-friendly bottle 
  2. 100% Natural rubber nipple 
  3. Leakproof dust cap



7. Lifefactory 4-Ounce Baby Glass Bottle 

Lifefactory bottles, which come in adorable hues like pink and mint and have silicone sleeves that keep the bottles from slipping out of your hands, maybe the most excellent glass baby bottles available. The best thing is that the entire bottle, such as the cover and nipple, can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher by just placing it on the top rack. Then, before placing it in the dishwasher, there is no need to remove the cover.  

lifefactory glass bottle


4-oz bottles are made for feeding infants 0 to 3 months old. When your infant gets older, you can switch 9-oz bottles. Because they have a flat cap design, you may store food or milk in glass bottles. Breastfeeding mothers will appreciate that most pumps are simple to connect to these bottles and that milk may be frozen directly in the bottle rather than needing to shift to a bag. In addition, Lifefactory bottles don’t contain BPA. A sturdy silicone sleeve that helps prevent shattering and makes it easier for small hands to hold, this best glass baby bottle makes it more durable.¬†

Special Features
  1. Thermal shock-resistant 
  2. Wrapped with silicone sleeve 
  3. Sterilization safe



8. Simba Crystal Baby Glass Bottle 

The wide necks on the Simba bottles make cleaning them simple, which is useful when you’re away from home and don’t have the cleaning supplies. In addition, these bottles are composed of highly lightweight, medical-grade borosilicate glass so that they won’t add much weight to your luggage compared to other types of glass bottles.¬†


Sharp, unexpected temperature fluctuations won’t harm these bottles; they can withstand changes of up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. They can also withstand heat up to 1,112 degrees Fahrenheit. The printing on the light glass feeding bottle is non-toxic and lead-free. The nipples have an anti-colic design to help keep your baby comfortable when feeding. Since it is lightweight, traveling with it is simple. These can be steam-sterilized in the microwave.¬†

Special Features
  1. Wide neck bottle 
  2. Highly transparent 
  3. Lightweight and travel friendly 



9. JOOVY Boob Diamond Baby Glass Bottle

These Joovy Boob glass bottles may relieve any concerns you may have regarding your child’s ability to hold a glass bottle. These bottles include an easy-grip silicone sleeve and are 50% less breakable than the original Boob design. No matter how your baby holds the bottle, the natural nipple shape, and any-angle venting system prevent air bubbles. Making the switch from nursing to bottle easy. The silicone is soft but sturdy after being twice baked to avoid collapse.¬†

joovy boob glass bottle


The Boob Diamond glass bottles are secure to transport from the freezers to the bottle warmer, thanks to their unique material. This convenient colic-prevention design ensures that the baby won’t experience air bubbles when the bottle is held at any angle.¬†

These glass bottles are now 50% less likely to break than our original ones and are better and stronger. Its natural design aids in preventing colic, making it one of the top-rated glass bottles for infants. Because it is free of BPA and other harmful substances, the infant can drink the milk or formula without any risk. Get this one and give a natural feeding for the baby.

Special Features
  1. Durable 
  2. Colic-proof design 
  3. Safe to use in freezer and bottle warmer



10. Tommee Tippee Baby Glass Bottle 

More than 1200 parents who used Tomme Tippee nipple with their kids said that 92% of them remembered that their kids accepted it within the first three tries. The baby’s transition from nursing is more comfortable and natural because of the ultra-sensitive silicone nipple’s ability to flex and stretch like a genuine one. In addition, little ones consume more milk and less air thanks to the anti-colic valve on the Closer nipple, which lowers unwanted airflow and colic symptoms.

tommee tippee glass bottle


A Baby’s well-being and safety are always primary goals. This bottle’s food-grade glass was created and tested to ensure that it is temperature, shock-resistant, and shatter-resistant.¬†

After washing the glass bottles, it doesn’t absorb any stains or odors, and it is simple to clean by hand with a dishwasher and bottle warmer. It is a baby bottle made entirely of pure glass that has won an award and with a durable design that grows with your baby. A mother-like latch and seamless breast-to-bottle transition are made possible by the sleek silicone bottle nipple.¬†

Special Features
  1. Stain-resistant and long lasting
  2. Award-winning breast-like nipple 
  3. Heat and shock resistant



What to Look for in Glass Baby Bottles


Giving a baby something made of glass may seem illogical, but more mothers are choosing glass baby bottles over plastic ones for various reasons. One of them is the environmental factor known as BPA. BPA and other substances from plastic, such as phthalates, can seep into food and the body. According to studies, ingesting these chemicals can have several adverse health effects.

In addition, observe whether the bottles are broad or narrow at the top. Wider neck bottles will be simpler to clean. Also, consider whether your child is old enough to hold the bottle. Babies will have a more challenging time holding wider and heavier bottles.


Check the bottle size before purchasing because bottles typically come in smaller sizes like 4 or 6 oz or larger sizes like 8 or 9 oz. Both younger children and breastfed infants will benefit from the 4-oz bottles. When your child is older, think about purchasing 8-ounce bottles.


Bottle nipples come in a range of types, dimensions, and materials. Nowadays, most nipples are shaped like the breast, but for breastfed infants, more comprehensive isn’t always better. Nipples can flow slowly, moderately, or quickly. When purchasing a bottle, check to see which type is included. For newborns and breastfed infants, slower-flowing nipples are preferable.

Working with a lactation counselor can help you decide what to look for in a nipple depending on your baby’s needs if you are breastfeeding and giving your child a bottle.

Benefits of using a baby glass bottle 

Benefits of using a baby bottle

  1. Baby glass bottles are produced without harmful chemicals such as BPA.
  2. Glass bottles do not absorb bad smells or stains from their surroundings as plastic does.
  3. Easy to recyclable
  4. Glass bottles are incredibly simple to clean.
  5. Glass bottles retain their shape indefinitely.


How do you clean glass baby bottles?

Before using glass baby bottles for the first time, sterilize them. The majority can then be washed by hand and hot water or put in the top rack of the dishwasher. Clean bottles as shortly as you can after using them to avoid milk crusting, which can be challenging to remove.

Even if you intend to wash in the dishwasher, cleaning the bottle with a bottle brush initially can be helpful. However, to thoroughly clean the nipples when cleaning by hand, you might want a few different size brushes, such as those designed for cleaning straws after being thoroughly cleaned, to be placed in a bottle drying rack.

How are glass baby bottles sterilized?

Before use, sterilize bottles and nipples. Glass baby bottles can be sterilized by running them through a hot cycle in the dishwasher or by cleaning and boiling them for ten minutes in a pot of boiling water. You can also use a microwaveable steam sterilizer bag or an electric bottle sterilizer. Dry bottles on a drying rack.

How to Warm Glass Baby Bottles?

With a few exclusions, you can generally warm glass baby bottles like you would warm plastic bottles. To find out if your baby bottle warmer is compatible with glass, carefully read the user manual. If in doubt, a glass bottle can be safely warmed by running hot water or by placing it in a warm water bath for a short time.

Can Glass Baby Bottles go in the dishwasher?

Usually, yes. Most glass bottles and accessories can be placed in the top dishwasher drawer, but check the packaging the bottle came in for specific cleaning instructions.

How often should glass baby bottles be replaced?

As we know, glass bottles are durable compared to plastic baby bottles, but some parents and manufacturers advise that it is good to replace them every 4 to 6 months.

Can you take glass baby bottles on an Airplane?

Call your airline if you have questions about what you are and aren’t allowed to bring in the hold or in your hand luggage. Airport security procedures are liable to change over time. When transporting food for infants, there are generally exceptions to the liquid rules as long as the milk is packed in a separate bag in clear bottles so that representatives can check it if necessary.

This holds for breast milk, formula, pureed baby food, or milk in plastic bottles for infants. You can order ready-made formula milk in some airports in advance.

Can you freeze the Glass Baby Bottle?

Only a small number of bottle manufacturers, including LifeFactory and Joovy Boob, make glass bottles that can be frozen.

When a liquid freezes, including milk, it expands. Even if you leave a sizable enough air gap in your bottle for the milk to expand into, you still risk the milk shattering the glass. If you want to freeze your milk, specially designed freezer-safe milk storage bags are ideal.

Can you microwave a Glass Baby Bottle?

Glass baby bottles can be sterilized in the microwave as long as you use a dedicated bottle steamer made for the task. It is not recommended to microwave-heat milk bottles because doing so might result in hot spots.

Once more, check the manufacturer instructions first because some glass bottles might be quite fragile and will shatter if repeatedly subjected to abrupt temperature changes. For this reason, boil with the same caution when sterilizing.

Do Glass Baby Bottles Break Easily?

Do you worry that glass bottles will break easily if you purchase them? The replacement issue won’t be a big deal if you aren’t putting grease on your hands before handling your baby’s bottle. 

Glass bottles don’t need to be replaced until they break or develop cracks. 

The glass bottles can be kept on the counter next to the sink instead of being placed in the sink to prevent them from being broken when other dishes are placed in the sink. You can purchase separate silicone outer sleeves to wrap the outside of your bottle if you are not confident. In this manner, the bottle will have more defense against breaking in the event of a drop. Any milk in the bottle won’t come into contact with the silicone.

Final Words 

Now that you are more aware of baby glass bottles, we hope this guide will assist you in making the best decision. Pick the best option to protect your child’s environment and health. Go greenūüćÉ

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