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Best Gaming Mouse Under 10000 – Updated Guide of 2022

Best Gaming Mouse under 10000

Best Gaming Mouse Under 10000 – Updated Guide of 2022

Nowadays, gaming is exploding in popularity in India, so most companies provide quality shooters on mobile devices to console users. In recent days games are mostly played on desktops, gaming PC, gaming laptops. If you are a professional gamer, the device should help with the competitive and casual performance. What about the gaming mouse under 10000? The price of the gaming mouse is varied based on the features, but the gaming mouse under 10000 is the best choice for better gaming.

Best Performance

Corsair Nightsword

Best Quality

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Best Wired Mouse

SteelSeries Sensei Ten

You have to spend the value of money for comfortable gaming. A gaming mouse is an extension for the best gaming experience. In video gaming, a gaming mouse is the most important lethal weapon for dominating the battlefield. If you are going to play games like MMO or MOBA, a computer mouse with good quality thumb buttons helps to get a better gaming experience. But if you are going to play games like RTS and FPS, you have to choose the best gaming mouse with a high DPI sensor as well as a better grip to dominate in games.

Choosing a gaming mouse with the sensor is the better idea that gives a remarkable performance. We have tested thousands of gaming mouses and chose the best gaming mouses from the markets. Moreover, you can also get the best gaming mouse in an affordable price range with advanced features.

Best Mouse Under 10000 – For Best Gaming Experience

ProductNameConnectivity TechnologyView Price
Corsair Nightsword RGBUSB CHECK PRICE
SteelSeries Rival 600USB CHECK PRICE
Razer DeathAdderWireless CHECK PRICE
SteelSeries SenseiWired CHECK PRICE
Logitech G502 ProteusUSB CHECK PRICE
Razer DeathAdder EliteWired CHECK PRICE
SteelSeries RivalWired CHECK PRICE
Corsair Ironclaw RGBWired CHECK PRICE

Best Gaming Mouse Under 10000 in 2021

1. Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse

The Corsair Nightsword RGB Gaming Mouse is a hassle-free deal for flawless performance. This is one of the best gaming mouse under 10000. It is considered the best gaming tool for effortless gaming. The exclusive software of this mouse will automatically find the center of gravity and balance the weight between 119 to 141 grams. The perfect balancing will help to fit perfectly with grip.


The comfortable contoured shape of this gaming mouse ensures that it will naturally fit in your hand for comfortable gaming. The key remaps and powerful macros are advanced features of this mouse. The buttons of this gaming mouse are fully programmable that provides great performance in gaming, and also these buttons help to play fast and dominate in gaming.

The 2 sets of weights with the 6 mounting locations of this gaming mouse provides balance configuration and 120 different weights for better balance while gaming. The vivid dynamic RGB light control of this gaming mouse will synchronize the lighting system. The sophisticated macro programming of this Corsair gaming mouse is compatible with fans, coolers, etc. 

The powerful precision ensures that it will hit your shooting skills and keeps it to stay zeroed in on the targets. The pixart PMW3391 optical sensor of this gaming mouse will customize the total sensitivity and ultra-accurate tracking.



2. Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

When you are going to purchase the best gaming mouse, Logitech is one of the unavoidable brands in the market for wireless gaming gear. This G903 gaming mouse is a wireless gaming accessory that provides great performance. It is also performed the same as wired mouse. It is featured with a hand-free design with great personalization.


You don’t need to worry about the battery life of this mouse, it has a wireless charging system so that it will automatically charge during rest and play. But the powerplay wireless charging has to be bought separately.

The response speed of this wireless gaming mouse is 1 ms. Due to the wireless performance, you don’t need to drag the cables and it does not compromise its weight because of its battery life. The e-Sport professional depends on reliable connectivity and lightspeed responsiveness. The super-effective system design will give 6 times more battery life than other mouse. It will perform 140 hours with the light synchronized RGB lighting. 

The HERO 25K sensor of this gaming mouse is featured with 400+ IPS, 1.1 tracks, maximum DPI sensitivity range with filtering, smoothing, and acceleration. The advanced button tensioning feature will position the primary right and left buttons to trigger and it reduces the clicking force. Due to this feature, it gives a crisp click and consistent cleaning. 



3. SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse

The SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse is considered a medium-budget product in the list of best gaming mouse under 10000. There are two sensors available in this mouse that provide an advanced level of precision for a better gaming experience. This dual-sensor system is the combination of 1-to-1 tracking and state-of-the-art distance detection. This is the first mouse that gives complete control while gaming.


This gaming mouse has an individual moveable weight that gives a wide range of weight customization than any other gaming mouse. The split-trigger switch design provides excellent clicks during gaming. The outer surface of this mouse is designed with a unique silicone compound that gives durability and grip to the mouse. 

The 32-bit ARM processor is designed in this gaming mouse that gives a low-latency performance that improves the CPI sensor setting, button keybinds, custom lighting effects, and full macros on-board for software free performance. The 8 RGB zones are controlled independently, so you can choose the lighting setup as you wish. The premium magnetic wrist rest is provided with this gaming mouse that gives complete support and a comfortable feel to your palm.



4. Razer DeathAdder v2 Gaming Mouse

The Razer DeathAdder v2 is an excellent FPS gaming mouse that is also suitable for workplaces. Due to the ergonomic design of this gaming mouse, it is very comfortable to use for a long period. The programmable switches of this mouse ensure that you can easily change your windows between applications.


The mouse wheel is designed near the hand that can be easily used by any type of hand size. Some people use a claw or fingertip grasp on their hand, in this case, most of the mouses are difficult to use with their buttons. But the ergonomic design of this gaming mouse ensures easy to use while gaming or other office use.

The ergonomic design gives a stylish look to this gaming mouse and the CPI changing switches are designed in different shapes and sizes. The plastic is fixed around the CPI switches, which have glossy black color. The logo of the Razor is designed in the back of the mouse that has RGB lit and another RGB zone is designed in the wheel of this mouse.

This is the lightweight mouse in all the latest models. Due to the lightweight design, no weight optimization is provided in this mouse. People who are looking for a small and lightweight gaming mouse can consider this Razer DeathAdder v2 in their option. The anti-slip grip tape of this mouse provides more gripping power for comfortable use. The Focus+ 20K DPI Optical Sensor is featured in this mouse that gives seamless performance and it reduces the cursor drift during landing and lift-off for industry-leading precision.



5. SteelSeries Sensei Ten Gaming Mouse

The SteelSeries Sensei Ten is one of the best wired gaming mouse that gives excellent performance and gives a wide range of customizable CPI. The buttons are designed on both right and left sides and the symmetrical shape of this mouse ensures it is suitable for right and left hand users. The buttons are fully programmable with SteelSeries Engine 3 that gives a flawless performance.


The comfortable design ensures that it will easily fit any hand size, so anyone can easily operate the buttons of this mouse. The RGB light is featured below the scroll wheel and the logo of this brand is also designed below the mouse. Due to the portable design, you can comfortably use this mouse in the gaming setup in your home, and also it is easy to fit in the laptop bag during travels. It is one of the best travel-friendly mouse. 

This SteelSeries Sensei Ten gaming mouse has a solid construction, it does not have any flex and wobble while using. Due to the solid construction, it is very comfortable to use. 

The TrueMove Pro Optical Gaming sensor will optimize the tracking precision, so you can perform well in high-level gaming. This sensor helps to avoid the sudden tracking of false direction while tilting and quick flicks.



6. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

This is another product from Logitech. This G502 model mouse has solid construction and it gives high-performances. The G502 Proteus core of this mouse gives customizable RGB lighting; due to this lighting feature, this mouse is very comfortable to use. The 11 programmable buttons are designed in this mouse, so you can work flexibly. The textured rubber grip is used on both sides of this mouse that gives a firm grip for seamless performance.


The premium quality build and the advanced features of this mouse will give incredible gaming performance and it gives a customizable gaming experience. The PMW3366 optical sensor is featured in this mouse which gives great performance with smoothing, zero acceleration and filtering across in 200 to 12000 DPI range. This feature ensures stable responsibility and tracking accuracy. 

The on-the-fly DPI is one of the advanced technologies of this gaming mouse that gives more control to your game. Due to this technology, it quickly shifts the DPL from low to high sensitivity. By using the thumb buttons, you can easily shift the mode between lightning-fast-high-DPI and headshot-precise-low-sensitivity targeting. You can easily shift between 5 DPL settings with a single click. The 3 DPL indicator light of this mouse indicates the mode that we are using currently. You can use LGS or DPI settings for great performance.

The dual-mode Hyper-Fast Scroll Wheel is featured in this mouse. you can unlock it for the continuous scroll and quick spin to work on the long pages. The metal, the weighty wheel gives smooth, confidence, and satisfying control in all modes.



7. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is an excellent gaming mouse in the DeathAdder series of Razer. This gaming mouse is an excellent choice for right-hand users that has great setting options for amazing performance. The high-precision optical sensor used in this gaming mouse helps to adjust on-the-fly sensitivity by using the DPL button. This sensor provides great performance in creative works and gaming.


This gaming mouse is featured with 7 programmable buttons, these buttons help to remap and assign complex macro functions. The rubberized scroll wheel of this mouse ensures maximum accuracy. Due to the durable mechanical switches of this mouse, it will effectively support up to 50 million clicks. The mechanical switches, optical sensor, and ergonomic design of this mouse give professional performance and also give perfect speed and accuracy to dominate games. 

If you want to get the best gaming experience, you can also complete the setup with a Razer mouse mat, keyboard, and headset. In this gaming mouse, the Razer logo is placed on the backside. 

This mouse is specially designed for gaming, so it does not wobble but gives great performance for dominance in gaming. The palm and claw grip of this mouse give a firm grip for a long time working. But finger grip of this mouse is not fit for small hands, it may uncomfortable to them.



8. Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Razer Naga Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse has a durable design, so it can be used for long years. It is a wireless mouse that comes with minimum aesthetic change. There are 12 buttons featured in the hot-swappable side panel of this mouse, these programmable buttons help to achieve great performance in gaming.


The scroll wheel of this mouse can scroll up, down, right, and left. Due to the Razer HyperSpeed wireless technology that ensures interference reduction and low latency for true wireless performance. The wireless design ensures fast and seamless performance. The battery life of this battery ensures that you can do the non-stop work for at least 100 hours. 

There are 3 side panels provided in this mouse, which has 2, 6, and 12 buttons, it helps for easy snap-in game playing. The programmable buttons give an excellent degree of control that helps to tailor performance in any situation. The Focus+ 20K Optical Sensor of this gaming mouse gives edge-cutting precision. This sensor helps to automatically calibrate the different surfaces and ensures accuracy and stable lift-off.

There are two sensitivity buttons designed in this mouse, by using these buttons, you can adjust the CPI range between 100 and 20000. These CPI ranges help to quickly move the monitor-to-monitor screen. The sensor of this mouse gives 50 grams of maximum acceleration and a maximum of 650 IPS velocity. The Synapse 3.5 software ensures the great performance of this mouse. Due to this software, this mouse is also suitable for multimedia control, website or program launches, and macros.



9. SteelSeries Rival 710 Gaming Mouse

The SteelSeries Rival 710 Gaming Mouse is the best gaming mouse in the low-budget range. It is featured with a unique customizable OLED screen in the mouse. Due to the design of this mouse, it is a bit heavy, so it is suitable for the person who is looking for a mouse with a palm grip feature.


You can comfortably use this mouse for a long period. The engine 3 software of this mouse is responsible for the performance settings and customized RGB lighting. This Rival 710 model gaming mouse is suitable for both macOS and Windows. 

There are 3 programmable buttons designed on the side of the mouse and the CPI switch is designed behind the mouse wheel. The mechanical split-trigger switch of this mouse effectively performs 60 million clicks. Anyhow, all pieces in the mouse are swappable, so you can align it as your wish for comfortable use.

This is the one and the only mouse featured OLED screen, advanced precision optical gaming sensor, and tactile feedback. The real logo, backplate, and sensor of this mouse are replaceable. Moreover, the cable wire and replaceable cable does not cause any problem.



10. Corsair Ironclaw RGB Gaming Mouse

This is the last product in the list of best gaming mouse under 10000. This is one of the best choices for people who do not need a tunable mouse or several buttons. It is the biggest size gaming mouse, which is very comfortable to use with a high DPI count and smooth glide. Due to the advanced features of this mouse, it is suitable for all types of games. 


This Corsair Ironclaw RGB Gaming Mouse is designed with a combination of materials. The primary mouse buttons and palm side have a matt black finish. The soft-touch plastic used to design this gaming mouse gives a pleasant feel while using it. The hard black plastic is also used on the side of the soft-touch section. 

The Profile buttons and DPI are designed by using glossy black plastic and the plain black plastic is used to design the thumb buttons of this mouse. The scroll wheel has a rubber texture, it provides a side grip for fast performance. The RGB is designed in the middle button of the mouse, which has a bare vision in the light environment. There is no light blink in the DPI indicator. 

The Ironclaw RGB is one of the important features for serious gamers. It helps to change the sensitivity between the 100 to 18000 DPI range. The polling rate of this gaming mouse is 1000 Hz, so it gives a super-fast response for the games running in the 144 Hz monitor. The Ironclaw RGB of this mouse gives 50G acceleration and 400 IPS speed to play games.



Things to Consider Before Choosing Best Gaming Mouse Under 10000

Choosing the best performing gaming mouse is very important for gaming. The gaming mouse is one of the important accessories to play video games. There are a lot of gaming mouse available in the market, so it is a bit difficult to choose the perfect one. Each and every gaming mouse is designed with various advanced technologies, so you have to choose the mouse, which is suitable for you. Usually, gaming mouses are available in wired and wireless types. Before choosing the gaming mouse there are some important features to consider like DPI rating, polling rates, etc.

Ergonomic Design:

The design of the gaming mouse is very important to consider for flexible work. You have to ensure that the size of the gaming mouse is perfectly fit in your hand. The ergonomic design help to get better performance during serious gaming. You should consider the mouse with a fingertip, claw grip for great performance. 

Optical Sensor:

The sensor is like the heart of the mouse, it is one of the most interesting things to consider. A sensor in the mouse does 90% of the work. If you want to find a mouse with a great DPI, the sensor is also very important to consider. The DPI ensures the sensor performance, so you should choose the sensor with great DPI. The only problem is you have to tweak the DPI in the provided performance range. The DPI is responsible for the sensitivity of the game. 


Considering the performance of the mouse is important. The number of buttons is important for the functionality of the mouse. You can choose the mouse with 2, 6, or 12 buttons. The gaming mouse differs in the arrangements for the best function.

Perfect Control Speed:

Control speed is also known as malfunction rate that ensures the moving speed of the mouse for accurate tracking. Most gaming mouse will track accurately while moving very slow. Mouse with a low CPI provide high accuracy. Most of the mouse with high CPI do not track accurately. You have to choose the mouse with a sensor that stops perfectly between the CPI level and tracking accuracy.

Angle Snapping:

It is also called a prediction. It will take the data from the mouse sensor and modify it as output to create smooth movement. If you are going to draw a line by using a mouse, it may have some subtle curves in the line because of the high sensitivity. The angle snapping smooth the curves and gives a straight line without any curve. This feature is not useful in all gaming, but it plays an important role in basic-level games. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Best Gaming Mouse

Does Gaming Mouse Improve Aiming in Games?

Basically, the gaming mouse is not boosting the objects on the screen. Anyhow, it is the most important tool to boost the accuracy of your goal. Moreover, if you want to have the ability to intend, the gaming mouse will help you.

Can a Gaming Mouse be used as a Regular Mouse?

Yes, all gaming mouse can effectively move the cursor on the screen and the software of the gaming mouse helps to perform well in gaming. But, the video gaming mouse is perfectly dealing with the different software, so it enhances your performance as a regular mouse.

How Much DPI is Needed for Gaming?

The DPI value depends on the video game that you play. Most of the FPI players prefer 700 DPI. The reduction of DPI increases the precision in gaming.

What is the Price of the Gaming Mouse?

The price of the mouse depends on its features. It is based on the material used, sensor, connectivity, brand, etc. There are a lot of affordable gaming mouse available in the market. Some of the mouses are cheaper, like under 100 INR, but the mouses in this price range are not suitable for gaming. If you want to buy a decent gaming mouse, you should spend at least 1000 INR. There are a lot of gaming mouse available in the market under 10000.

Is a Wireless Gaming Mouse Good for Gaming?

It depends on what types of wireless connectivity are featured in that mouse. If you are choosing the Bluetooth mouse then it is not suitable for gaming. High latency occurs in the Bluetooth connectivity, so it is not recommended for video gaming. Anyhow, you can also choose the wireless gaming mouse that has 2.4Ghz or 5GHz connectivity for gaming.

Who are the Best Gaming Mouse Manufacturers?

When it comes to a gaming mouse, there are several brands available in the market. Anyhow, there are very few companies manufacturing quality gaming mouse. Brands like Corsair, Logitech, SteelSeries, Razer, glorious, etc, are some of the brands producing high-quality products. In our list of best gaming mouse under 10000.

Final Words:

If you are coming below the list of best gaming mice under 10000, we hope you choose some of the best products that we suggested. Choosing the best gaming mouse is really a terrific task. To make your work very simple, you can take a look in the buying guide section, it helps to choose the gaming mouse with the features that are suitable for the style of your gaming. We are frequently maintaining our list of best gaming mouse under 10000 by replacing the latest products from famous brands. We hope you like our list and don’t forget to choose the gaming mouse before leaving.

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