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Best Gaming Laptops Under 60000 in India 2022 [Top Picks Reviewed]

Best Gaming Laptops Under 60000

Best Gaming Laptops Under 60000 in India 2022 [Top Picks Reviewed]

Having a good source of entertainment at home to relax is essential, particularly in hard times like the present COVID situation. For many people, that source may be gaming. The gaming device should be powerful so that you can enjoy it smoothly without any disturbances. If you are searching for laptops, then here is a list of the best gaming laptops under 60000 which are available in the market. We’ve also given a detailed buying guide to help you buy the best gaming laptops.

After 48 hours of research, we’ve picked the best branded laptops that have everything needed for gaming. As per our test, customer review, price, quality, and features, we’ve made this list. It will help you to pick the best one for your gaming..

Our Top Recommendations

Best Mid-range

HP Pavilion


Best Budget

Acer Nitro 5 Intel Core


Powerful Ultrabook



Best Gaming Laptops under 60000 in India - Reviewed 2021

1. Acer Nitro 5 AN515-43 15.6-inch FHD IPS Display Gaming Laptop

Let’s go with the top brand of the best gaming laptops in India. The¬† Acer Nitro 5 AN515-43 Laptop comes with a unique design and gives a smooth performance.



Before we get started, let’s know a little bit about design. This laptop comes with a stunning design that gives the perfect gaming vibe without being awkward. Additionally, there are accent lights throughout the keyboard, which give it a real gaming laptop feel.


Now, let’s come to its actual performance. It has an AMD Ryzen 5 that makes the laptop faster when compared to its cheaper intel variant. Moreover, this laptop comes with a clock speed of 3.7 GHz, which can give extraordinary multitasking when combined with 8GB RAM outside the box.

When it comes to real gaming, this laptop is a monster. There are no setbacks, and you can play high graphic games like GTA V without any issues. For its price, NVIDIA GTX 1650 has one of the best GPUs. As it has a GPU from NVIDIA’s GTX series, you will get more power from this laptop.


It comes with a lot of upgraded options, so you can enjoy the full power of the laptop longer than you expect. You can expand the RAM up to 32GB. Additionally, you can upgrade storage. You can also add HDD, as it has more space than 512 GB. 

The AMD processor is so powerful that it can work for more than half a day with high-quality Li-ion batteries. Since the laptop has a good cooling capability, you don’t have to worry about the battery overheating. Its dual exhaust port and a 10 percent faster fan assure smooth cooling.¬†



2. HP Pavilion Gaming 15.6-inch FHD Gaming Laptop

We all know that HP is one of the famous brands for making all kinds of laptops. If you are looking for a mid-range gaming laptop, this HP Pavilion Gaming 15.6-inch FHD Gaming Laptop will be the best for you.



It is a unique combination of design and power so that it looks stunning as well as packed with much potent hardware. The notable feature is its AMD Ryzen 5 processor, which is much better than its 4600H Hexacore model. 


This laptop uses the NVIDIA GTX 1650, which is suitable for any game. It also comes with 4GB of VRAM. The best part about this laptop is that it uses GDDR6 memory, which is faster when compared to the regular GDDR5 variant. You do not have to worry about the graphics page – the GTX series card is more than enough.

This laptop not only provides good performance but also comes with worthable features more than that of the 60k. Initially, it uses the special HP gaming laptop design, with the hinge designed to be sharp yet striking. 


Next, we’ll come to the display. At this price, this laptop‚Äôs display is a remarkable one because it complements its slim bezels while at the same time provides FHD resolution and glare resistance. True color reproduction provides both accuracy and clarity.


This laptop can be used to stream with an HD camera. This will record images as well as your voice much clearer with the integrated dual-array microphones. The hexacore processor can easily switch between gaming and other stream-related applications.



3. Acer Nitro 5 Intel Core i5-9th Gen Gaming Laptop

Did you like the GTX 1650 in the previous option from Acer? Or if you want a cheaper one, then don’t skip this Nitro 5 variant of Acer. There are actually several laptop variants in the Nitro series- as mentioned earlier, this variant is the best for 60k.



Though this laptop is a little less than its AMD variant, it still has many of its features. Initially, the laptop had the same design as the AMD variant. But its unique red-accent design with backlight gives the perfect “gamer” appeal to the laptop.


In terms of actual performance, it is incredibly smooth, and on the other hand, it is a 9th Gen one. The processor has a clock speed of 4.10 GHz. You will not encounter slow speeds in any matter including regular multi-tasking.

GTX 1650 Card

This laptop has an even more powerful GTX 1650 card. The laptop with the GTX 1050 card can play heavy graphics games like Resident Evil and GTA V etc. Similarly, with a 1650 card, you can be sure that it can support practically all games, including modern games. In fact, you can play games even with RTX.


As this laptop comes with a big 1 TB HDD, you don’t have to worry about the storage issue. You can install big games such as GTA V or COD: Black Ops Cold War will retain enough space for more games on it. You can also include an HDD to an SSD for faster performance. Battery life is not bad for this gaming laptop. This is a great device and is one of the best gaming laptops you can find under 60000 with a cooling capacity.



4. Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14 Intel Core i7-10510U Laptop

Undoubtedly, Mi laptops are more powerful and reliable. Xiaomi will always come first when considering their power-to-price ratio. It is famous in India for its smartphones. This laptop is not cheap, and it is one of the best gaming laptops under 60000. It is very suitable for everyday tasks.


Design and Build Quality 

The Mi notebook is the only laptop on this list with a premium metal structure. All aluminum construction laptops are indescribably durable and premium.

Even though it comes with a metal chassis, the Mi Notebook Horizon 14 weighs only 1.4kg. You may feel like a breeze when carrying this Ultrabook laptop with you wherever you go.

The hinge mechanism works well so that you can open the display lid with one finger just like Apple laptops, thanks to the Xiaomi design engineers for making an amazing weight distribution.

The keyboard on this laptop is a bit cramped when considering its small size footprint. With a key travel distance of 1.3mm, the keyboard offers minimal typing performance.

One thing that is not present in this feature-packed machine is the lack of backlit keys.

The large enough touchpad on this laptop supports gestures that are very responsive to touch.

Performance and Processor 

The Horizon version of the Mi laptop is powered by the 10th generation Intel Core i7-10510U. 

With a 1.8GHz base clock speed and a top speed of 4.9GHz, this i7 processor provides the best in both worlds in terms of performance and power efficiency.

The 8GB DDR4 RAM in this laptop is fixed on the board.  It doesn’t have any additional expansion slots. 

When coming to storage, the 512GB SST offers exceptional performance in data transfer, boot time, and application loading.


It features a 14 inches full HD 1080p anti-glare display that comes with gorgeous colors and a dynamic range. Since the display is small it comes with an FHD resolution which is significantly sharper and offers even more clear visuals.  

Battery Life

It is powered by a 46WHr li-ion battery that can last up to 10 hours on a single charge. You can expect 6-7 hours of real time usage with this laptop. The AC adapter packed in the box supports fast charging and recharges the battery from zero to one hundred.



5. Lenovo Ideapad L340 FHD Gaming Laptop

Lenovo is the next popular brand in the laptop industry. They offer the best basic gaming laptops in a reasonable price range. If you love to enjoy the highest graphics games, this laptop is more than enough for you.



When compared to its more expensive counterparts, this laptop is basic but offers a bunch of features. Like other expensive gaming laptops, it also comes with the same Intel Core i5-9300H processor. Along with a processor, it delivers extraordinary gaming performance with its 8 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD. It can perform heavy tasks without any interruption. 

This processor is more than enough to handle the GPU, which is even more powerful than the NVIDIA GTX card. Regardless of its price, the GTX series is always more powerful than other NVIDIA cards. Additionally, it has 3GB VRAM, but many other laptops under this budget have only 2GB.


What about Lenovo’s display? It comes with higher quality than you expect in a gaming laptop. It features both handy anti-glare and FHD resolution. Apart from that, it is very healthy for your eyes because it comes with a Blue Light Reduction Mode. If you are a serious gamer, then you must be aware that the blue light can be dangerous to your eyes as you play for long hours without any breaks. The Blue light reduction mode will be safe for the gamer’s eye. 

Streaming Option 

Finally, let’s get into the streaming option. You can stream for long hours with this laptop and can switch from its regular gaming mode to working mode. The high quality webcam comes with a privacy shutter, making sure that some unpleasant people can not hurt you. With all these features, it is one of the best gaming laptops under 60K.



6. ASUS TUF Gaming A15 15.6″ FHD AMD Ryzen 5 4600H Laptop

The list of gaming laptops without ASUS remains incomplete. ASUS is practically the most popular brand for gaming devices. ASUS TUF A15 Gaming laptop is definitely one of the best gaming laptops under 60000.



The TUF 15 gaming laptop uses an AMD Ryzen 5 for one processor, which is better than the Intel equivalent. Intel’s Core i5 is better in performance, but the Ryzen 5 is much better. It keeps the track of your gaming needs and daily tasks. In fact, the variant of this processor is actually better than many because it has six cores to help with multiple tasks.


It has 16 GB RAM so that you can use it for a long time without the need for further upgrades. It comes with an NVMe SSD, which is much faster when compared to the standard SSD. It has 512GB of space and an extra slot for storage expansion if needed.


Like the processor, the laptop’s GPU is also a fast variant. The 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 is already more efficient than the older versions and this new GDDR6 variant will have much better performance. You can play any game. If you do not want to go to the high end of a 60K budget, then we recommend you to choose this ASUS TUF A15 laptop, as it has one of the best GPUs.


Design wise, it sets itself apart from other laptops with its unique color scheme. Keyboards are solid, and key responses are exceptionally fast to help you have better controls. As it has lights on the WASD keys, you can play better in the dark.



7. Acer Aspire 3 A315-55G 15.6-inch Laptop

First, let’s get into its processor. The Acer Aspire 3 is attached with an IntelCore I5 Gen processor, which can work with 1.6 GHz speed without any issues. When considering the gaming content, we have to multi-task both inside and outside of the gaming zone.


Graphics Card

This laptop offers the best graphic experience as it has a powerful graphic card.  It is one of the best gaming laptops under 60000 in the market. This laptop is attached with the NVIDIA GeForce MX230 graphics card that ensures smooth action scenes.


Acer laptop has a 15.6 inch full HD screen display that offers 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution that is quite impressive at its affordable price. If you have weak eyesight, then don’t worry, this laptop comes with a special aspect of comfy view LED Backlit.¬†


This laptop has a built-in memory of 8GB DDR4 which is updatable up to 20 GB. You will get 1 TB of hard disk space with 5400 RPM along with this laptop. With this storage, you can store all kinds of heavy files in a compressible manner. 

Battery Life

Acer Aspire is powered by 3 lithium-ion cells that offer up to 8 hours of continuous performance. It is the best gaming laptop under 60000 Rs. for outsiders and college students. 

Premium Look

If you are concerned about the design and construction, then the Acer Aspire 3 will be the perfect choice for you. 



8. Dell Vostro 15 3590 Gaming Laptop

If you are looking for the best laptop under 60000 for multitasking, then the Dell Vostro 3590 15.6-inch FHD Laptop is for you. You can use it for your personal use and office activities.

When compared to the other brands, Dell is one of the popular brands in the laptop manufacturing industry. This laptop comes with 2.17kg and is black in color. It comes with an optional fingerprint reader. 


The i3 10th generation processor is adequate for a moderate or average user. But lots of people need a laptop with an i5 or i7 processor. This laptop comes with the i5 10th generation processor.

Apart from the i5 10th gen processor, the laptop comes with 8GB RAM and 1TB of HDT.

This is not a perfect gaming laptop because there is no dedicated graphics card other than the Intel HD 610 graphics.

15.6-inch FHD Display

The Dell Vostro laptop features a 15.6-inch full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 10800 pixels. Both the sides of the display are not so thin. On the top, there is a widescreen HD (720p) webcam integrated with a single digital microphone.


The Dell Vostro 15 3590 laptop uses the Intel Core i5 10th Gen processor. There are two major variants with the Intel Core i3 10th Gen processor. It comes with 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD storage that offers enough processing performance. You can use it for a long time without any interruption. 

Battery Life 

This Dell laptop is powered by 2 4.9 watt-hour cells, which can give a continuous performance for long hours without any interruption. 



Best Gaming Laptops Under 60000 ‚Äď Buying Guide

There are dozens of gaming laptops available from many brands. All these laptops come with the most powerful processors, high RAM, and dedicated GPU on an overall budget. The GPU also has a lot of VRAM to assure maximum graphics performance.

These laptops also set themselves apart in physical appearance. Each gaming laptop has its own design, which adds more to the gaming aesthetics of the laptop.

Most gaming laptops can cost up to Rs 80000, among them, we’ve listed the best gaming laptop under 60000. Most expensive gaming laptops can run superior graphics, including the latest RTX graphics.

However, if you go for the 60K budget options, most games can run on high graphics settings. For better gaming performance, ensure that the laptop you buy has at least the 9th General Intel Core i5 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU or something better.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Gaming Laptops Under 60000 in India

Here we’ve listed some of the important factors that you have to consider before buying the best gaming laptops under 60000. Let’s get into the key features that our experts have explained.

1. Processor

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to choose the right processor for a gaming laptop or any laptop in general. You can usually go with an AMD Ryzen 5, which is the same as Intel’s Core i5 but is more optimized for gaming. It is one of the most powerful CPUs in the budget.

Also, make sure that the laptop has good battery life. Getting an AMD processor will reduce overall battery usage.

2. RAM 

RAM helps to improve the overall speed and versatility and also plays a significant role in the gaming laptop. Initially, some gaming laptops need more RAM, so there are other potential applications for variety gaming-related tasks. If you want to record your game or stream, then you should have good RAM. 

For starters, make sure that the RAM uses DTR4 technology, which is significantly faster when compared to its older variants. It is tough to find RAM sticks that use old memory, so it will be difficult to find alternatives in the future.

You should check the maximum support of RAM expansion on the laptop. It must support at least 32GB of RAM. If it goes less, then the laptop won’t be worth 60k. Having at least 16GB works well, but 32GB is the best value for the price.

3. Storage

Since we have already passed this feature, let us explain it in detail. If you go for an HDD, there will be more storage at a reasonable price, whereas if you select an SSD, your options will be pricier when compared to the hard disk of the same storage size. However, the SSD will greatly improve the performance of your laptop.

In general, the best gaming laptops under 60000 had hybrid storage, which is a combo of a large HDD and a small SSD. However, you can only find this type of storage at the high price range of 60k.

Do you need to enjoy the SSD level speed benefits at a reasonable cost? Don’t get confused, choose the HDD and Optane memory laptop. Optane memory is smaller and cheaper. It can be used as an alternative for SSD, so you’ll get sophisticated performance with a lot of space from a larger HDD.

4. Battery Life

Generally, a 60K is more than enough to get a perfect laptop with high battery life, whether the laptop is gaming or not. The battery is the primary feature of any laptop and its life is very important. Having a good battery prevents your laptop from shutting down when the power goes out. Most expensive laptops, like 60K, come with excellent battery life. 

In fact, the specific rule for every device that uses a lithium ion battery is that it should never be allowed to remain uncharged or left fully charged. Li-ion batteries perform better if their charge is between 20% -90%.

The next rule is; you should carefully use your charging adapter. If the adapter has malfunctioned, then you have to buy a new one. If you take care of your laptop battery, then you can continuously use the laptop for up to 6 hours, even if you are playing games.  

5. Display

At Rs 60,000, you will start getting a lot of advanced features on your laptop display. You can find high refresh rates, which is great if you want to participate in ESports or enjoy smoother views. 

It is better to make sure that the laptop has an IPS display with good viewing angles as it will give less pressure to your eyes. You may want to get a more contrasting view as it helps with the visibility of fast video games.

If the display has an anti-glare coating, you can use it even outside.  Additionally, even if you are playing indoors, you can avoid certain situations when certain parts of the scene are dimmed due to the reflection of the lights near the laptop. An FHD display is definitely necessary because cheap laptops only bring anything less, and 60k is definitely not cheap.

6. Graphics Card

We’ve already discussed in depth about graphics cards. You can find many gaming GPUs for 60K. The best gaming GPUs, around 60k in the Indian market, are the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or the MX350, which is very cheaper when compared to the previous one. Whatever GPU you get, ensure that it has at least 4GB of VRAM. Do not look at them, no matter how potent any integrated graphics are; Dedicated GPUs are always great for gaming.

7. Screen Size

Instead of the display area, we have given the screen size here because it also affects your gaming experience. It offers a way of immersing yourself in a specific way and that works best in gaming. However, you still have many options to consider. Think carefully about the advantages of both, because you can not change the screen size as you can change the RAM.

If you have a great display, you will get better viewing and also situational awareness, which is essential especially in competitive gaming. The largest screen size is 17.3 inches, but you can’t get this size at 60k. Usually, the best gaming laptops under 60000 offer 14 or 15.6 inches screens.¬†

Overall, the larger screen size is better because it offers you some gaming benefits. Increasing the screen size of the laptop also increases the actual size of the laptop allowing for better components and more space for easy ventilation.

8. Number of Ports

The number of ports is also a must for a gamer. So when you are going to purchase a gaming laptop, you should check the number of ports it has. You should have more than two ports because the mouse and keyboard occupy both. If you have more than two ports, you can install extra accessories such as cameras, mics, etc., which can help to give better communication. 

Remember that you have an HDMI port on your laptop. The HDMI port will be more powerful and have more liberty to operate that. You can connect the HDMI to a compatible Home Theatre or TV. So buy the best gaming laptops under 60000 with many ports. 

9. Keyboard And Touchpad

Let’s start with the keyboard. If you get a well-integrated one, then you won’t have an external keyboard. Generally, gaming laptops come with solid built-in keyboards to provide a better gaming experience. When considering the click of buttons, you should also think about the size of the keyboard as it may vary depending on the screen size.

Small screen laptops will have very small keyboards and no extra number pads. Larger size laptops will have larger keyboards and you’ll get large buttons and more key space. So we recommend larger keyboards, which are handy and can prevent any buttons from getting off.

Some keyboards are designed with backlit keys, either single color lights or RGB. Having lights on the keyboard will help to play in the dark, thus allows you to enjoy games comfortably. 

The next thing is the touchpad. As for gaming laptops, you can’t play well by using the touchpad. This will hinder the movement for you. However, if you play less action games, it might work. If you are going to do the latter, ensure that the touchpad is comfortable for you, with multiple gesture choices and plenty of space.

Instead of a touchpad, it is better to get a gaming mouse, which will allow you to change your sensitivity while flying. One of the best gaming mice on the market is the Logitech G Pro, which gives reliability and durability with added features.

10. Brand

The last thing we’ve to consider while buying the gaming laptop is brand. Both laptops and desktops have incredible hardware components. If you get a laptop from an unknown brand, you may be scammed. Those laptops may have several high features, but they are made of unreliable and fragile hardware.

For example, most low-quality SSDs do not last even for a month, while the good ones last for a long time. Western Digital is popular for creating some of the best custom application SSDs that offer excellent speed and specifications.

Final Words

Now you could have known some useful information about the best gaming laptops under 60000. The above list is the most potent that you can find on the market for heavy gaming and casual uses. If you can’t find the best one from our list, then go through our buying guide to pick the right one. There are also some of the best laptops under 30000 in our list which can guide in selecting the right one.

Enjoy your gaming with your best purchase. 

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