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Best Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse for Mac

Best Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse for Macs

Best Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse for Mac

If you are buying a Mac computer, then it does not mean you should buy Apple Magic Keyboard and Mouse along with that, it is a logical option. The Apple Keyboard and Mouse are great ones, but it is not for everyone.

The best ergonomic keyboard is combined with the ergonomic mouse, creating the right space-saving desktop. Ergonomic design keyboards and mouses provide more comfort when compared to the best standard keyboard and mouse.

4 Best Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse for Mac

Whether you are writing all day, playing fast games, or preferring the cacophonous feature of mechanical keys, there are plenty of Mac keyboards and mouse out there.

If you are spending more hours on the computer, then you will get pain in your arm, shoulder, and wrist. Then, it’s time to get an ergonomic keyboard for your work.

On a Mac, you have two special options on Apple’s Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, but there is also a vast world of Mac-compatible mouse that offer features and benefits you may not have found on Apple devices.

To ease your search, we’ve listed the top 4 best ergonomic keyboards and mouse for Mac available on today’s market.

Why Do You Need an Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse?

Using standard keyboards and mouse for a long time can cause myriad issues to your health. Generally, the traditional keyboards and mouse are not designed to adjust your natural hand positions. They don’t offer proper support for your forearms, shoulders, and wrists. Eventually, your nerves and blood vessels are constantly damaged due to pressure.

Since you can not stop your work, you can go with smart technology to solve this problem.

That’s why we suggest ergonomic mouse and keyboards; They are specifically designed to ensure that there is no potential injury because their core positions are made according to human anatomy.

Best Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse for Mac Reviews

In this post, we have carefully selected the best ergonomic keyboard and mouse for Mac. The goal is to combine form and function neatly. We hope our loyal readers who use Mac can find the perfect ergonomic keyboard and mouse to work with the best efficiency.

1. Logitech MK850 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Many will blow up the MK850 as a more expensive generic combo, but that is not true. Logitech combines some common features and spices with Options software, making this a godsend to those who spend time awake from PC or mobile devices. Its accommodation, with ergonomic thinking, is a gift for the keyboard wrist ache.


The MK850 has its cushioned palm rest and mild ergonomic swelling in the middle of the main keyboard. It comes with a curved keyframe that provides a natural typing situation, and its adjustable legs let you choose your typing angle.

The mouse comes with a contoured design that helps to fit perfectly in your palm with simple access.

The Logitech MK850 mouse and keyboard both connect wirelessly to the Mac or a PC through the built-in Bluetooth technology. You can also connect this keyboard and mouse with your tablets and smartphones.

If you want easy access settings and assignments, you can download the Logitech options software. Its keyboard features concave keys with generous scoops, thus making it getting down in the middle of your fingertips easy. You will get a pretty feel when you press the keys, and it ensures smooth typing.

It is designed to be compatible with a PC or Mac, and some keys have a dual system with two labels to differentiate between operating systems. The Gray label is for Apple devices running iOS or Mac OS, whereas the white labels are for Windows systems. You can see the Easy-Switch aspect with the three white number keys on the top right of the keyboard.

The keyboard and mouse can be used together to work gesture-controlled activities. Holding down the action key and moving the mouse down, left, up, and right triggers a variety of pre-planned actions.

The mouse works better, and the scroll wheel allows web pages and documents to move quickly and easily. This mouse gives you weird hiccups, and the pointer moves cunningly or completely avoids certain parts of the screen.

Ultimately, the Logitech MK850 keyboard and mouse combo create an interesting duo for desktop users who want to change devices frequently so that you can get less than snappy keys on the keyboard.



2. Havit Wired Gaming Keyboard Mouse

Still, using an old office keyboard for gaming? Now it’s the time to upgrade. This affordable mouse and keyboard combination will transform your gaming experience with RGB lighting and fun click switches. It is the best choice for both Windows & Mac PC Gamers. 


This budget, full-size keyboard is perfect for first-time machine keyboard customers to change their typing experience. It is the best mac compatible keyboard and mouse that we have reviewed.

With RGB lights on both the keyboard and mouse, the Havit Combo offers more space for customization than any regular office keyboard. The keyboard and mouse are all black, this pair gets a ton of personality once the lights go on.

The strange stabilizers and content switches on this keyboard justified the price. This keyboard is built with an aluminum top plate and plastic casing, so it is sturdy. One of the remarkable advantages of the Havit keyboard is its mechanical key switches which use 104 blue key switches. The Havit Mechanical Keyboard features a full n-key rollover and all-metal back panel. Its keycaps on the keyboard are made of ABS plastic, which gives a smooth feel while you’re using it.

With the shine through logo on the front, textured sides, and scroll wheel, it is not your ordinary mouse. It features two buttons on the top, a DPI button, and a light button.

Havit mouse is adjusted similarly to a keyboard. There are some specific DPI buttons to adjust the DPI while flying, but you can remap those buttons as you wish. In addition, this mouse has 7 lighting effects. The DPI lighting effects range from green to yellow. To control the RGB coloring for the mouse, you can use the Havit software.

We suggest this Havit for those who are looking for a Mac compatible gaming keyboard and mouse at a low price.



3. Topmate Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Ultra Slim Combo

Are you a Mac gamer and looking for the best keyboard and mouse? The Topmate wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse have the answer. It is ideal for daily usage. It gives a comfortable keyboard angle and mouse arc. Your hands will not feel tired after the long use of this key and mouse. 


The wireless keyboard and mouse have a powerful and reliable connection of up to 10 m. This combo shares a nano receiver without installing additional software, plug and play.

The sleek design of the kit keyboard and wireless mouse is perfect for the office desk. In terms of design, it is ultra thin, which is perfectly fit for your suitcase or briefcase. Thus Topmate wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse is the ideal choice for home, business travel, and office. Moreover, its sleek and ultra slim design makes your computer table clean and more stylish. The wireless PC keyboard features a 14.55×5.5×0.8in (37 * 14 * 2cm), 0.8in (2cm) ultra-thin ABS plastic body that makes it easy to save space and carry so that you can keep your desk clean and tidy.

At the bottom of the USB wireless keyboard, there is a non-slip silicone mat. This can keep your laptop keyboard stable and bring a more comfortable typing experience.

Its wireless mouse comes with 2 adjustable DPI options that are 1200 DPI and 1600 DPI. It is fast, precise, and gives a quiet performance. You will not hurt anymore while you are using it for a while.

The wireless computer keyboard protects the numeric keypad and full-size keyboard keys. The coreless keyboard and 11 function keys let you quick access to music/control module/mail etc. Both wireless keyboard and mouse are compatible with Windows ME / Vista / XP / 7 / 8 /10 / OS operating systems and also Mac, PC.

The scissor switch keys on the wireless office keyboard make less noise. The light and touch key make typing smooth and comfortable. So it won’t disturb others while you are working or playing. It is a great feature of this wireless keyboard.

Both the keyboard and mouse are powered by long-lasting basic AA and AAA batteries. It will give up to 5 months of battery life; it may vary depending on your usage. The included cover will protect your wireless office keyboard from dust and liquid.



4. Ant Esports KM500W Gaming Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The next on our list of Best Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse for Mac is the Ant Esports KM500W gaming keyboard and mouse combo, which are packed with multiple features. Ant Esports is an Indian gaming company. Its multiple color options bring you a real time gaming experience. 


On the back of the keyboard, you get two positions, through which you can adjust the height of the keyboard for a comfortable gaming experience. It also has a rubber grip on the back of the keyboard to keep it smooth on the table.

The core life of the keyboard can reach 50 million, which is twice as long as a normal wired computer keyboard, ensuring durability. This is the best gaming keyboard and mouse combo under 2000.

On the other hand, the mouse has seven programmable buttons, including the DPI button. There are four levels of DPI in the mouse 800, 1600, 2400, 3200 DPI adjustment.

The MK100 has a six-color LED-backlit keyboard with 6 preset lighting effects. You also get a braided USB cable attached to the keyboard. This keyboard is an entry keyboard with a backlight and is good for someone looking for an affordable price of 2000 rupees.



4. Logitech MK240 Nano Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Logitech is one of the best brands in the electronic industry, especially Logitech is known for its keyboards and mouses. Their keyboards are reliable, compact, and the best in price. If you are searching for an ergonomic keyboard with the best battery life, you can go for Logitech MK240 Nano Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. 

Ergonomic Keyboard


Logitech MK240 comes with the feature of wireless Bluetooth and a mouse. Logitech’s innovative 2.4 GHz wireless technology can transmit data up to ten meters with no lags or errors. It is compatible with both Mac and Pc. Even though it has full-size keys, this keyboard’s design saves space. 

The mouse has a contoured design that perfectly fits your palm and allows for easy access. You can stand unique with brilliant color highlights, beautiful designs, and new brightness and contrast patterns. 

It has an elegant look, and it comes with tilting legs to adjust the height. So you can adjust it according to your comforts. Logitech MK240 comes along with a mid-size mouse that is ergonomically designed to fit your palm and boasts excellent optical tracking and fluid cursor control.  

A small USB receiver is pre-paired with its mouse and keyboard for plug-and-play. In addition, it comes with a battery that lasts for a long time. As a result, its keyboards can last up to 36 months, while the mouse can last 12 months

The Logitech MK240 offers auto-sleep and auto-on/off features. It is built with splash-resistant technology, and the maximum water spillage is 60ml. But you should not submerge the keyboard in liquid. Windows 10, 11 or later, Linux, and Chrome OS are all supported.



How to Buy the Best Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse?

Choosing the right keyboard and mouse for your Mac is not as easy as selecting the first one you see online. This can lead to more frustration, headaches, and worse returns.

Most Mac users do not get the appropriate ergonomic observance when it comes to keyboards and mouse. That’s why we took it to help you discover the best and perfect option. Here, what you need to see in a new mouse and keyboard.

1. Ergonomic Design

Most computer users ignore the value of proper ergonomics once they experience wrist and hand pains after a long time typing. This is really true for Mac people. Although the Apple Magic keyboard and mouse are the best computer tool, it is not created with perfect ergonomics.

With that intention, looking for an ergonomic keyboard and mouse design should be the number one option to prevent unnecessary wrist injuries in the long run. The ergonomic keyboard and mouse can help to achieve natural hand posture and supreme typing support.

2. Compatibility

If you have got a new keyboard that is not compatible with your Mac, it’s not fair. Most Mac users face this issue because not doing precise research when buying an ergonomic one. To avoid this, we have given the mac compatible products on our list.

Most of the modern mice are already compatible with macOS, but you should double check to be sure.

3. Wired or Wireless

With the growth of digital travelers and independent entrepreneurs, having a wireless keyboard and mouse can be very effective. Wireless keyboards and mouse are very convenient, while USB wired keyboards and mouse take away the hassle from the installation. Connecting easily at your disposal will make your life easier.

Apparently, the wireless keyboard and mouse run on batteries, some are rechargeable. Power saving options are useful because this technology lets you use it for a long time without replacing the battery or charging the keyboard or mouse frequently.

4. Convenience, Comfort, and User Experience

If you want to accomplish your tasks, then you must have a comfortable keyboard and mouse. The aesthetics of the keyboard and mouse can enhance the overall user experience.

If you have the wonderful looking ergonomic keyboard and mouse for your Mac computer, working becomes less of a chore.

In terms of mouse, you can choose which one is comfortable to use while you are right and left handed. It is very important, especially if you are working the whole day or night.

5. Budget

Last but not least factor is price. Before going to purchase the best ergonomic keyboard and mouse, you have to decide what your budget is. Depending on your budget and need, you can choose one from the list.

Advantages Of Using Ergonomic Keyboards

  • Some Ergo keyboards offer separate numbered keyboards.
  • So, if your job definitely doesn’t need it, you can set it aside.
  • When it comes to wrist support, it offers extreme comfort.
  • It prevents pain when compared to the traditional keyboard.
  • Keys are highly responsive, which ensures comfort.
  • It ensures natural forearm, shoulder, and wrist positions while you type.
  • The keys are built in so that you do not need much power to record accurately.
  • You can do more work in less time. It is best to increase your productivity.
  • Either way, wrist support is designed to provide adequate support and comfort to the user’s wrist.
  • The numbers on the keyboard are placed closely. So, you don’t have to stretch your wrist to work.
  • When you use an Ergo keyboard, you will possibly increase typing speed.
  • When you type in the natural state, you will not feel tired easily, even if you type for a long time.
  • As a result, you can continue your work for a more extended period of time and do many more tasks!
  • One of the biggest advantages of the ergonomic keyboard is its comfort. Your arms and hands are in a natural position while you are typing. You can adjust your ergonomic split keyboard to suit the most comfortable typing you have experienced.
  • If your goal is to complete a fashion event, you offer the best chance of success with comfortable shoes and clothing designed for performance. When your destination is a successful fishing trip, you choose a boat, charms, poles, and other equipment designed for the purpose you want to catch. Similarly, if you want to increase workplace productivity, you need an ergonomic keyboard designed which improves your work efficiency.
  • If you are using a computer daily, you should have a keyboard that is designed for the way the human body works. You can adjust based on your preference in the ergonomic keyboard.
  • When software engineers and developers switch to the ergonomic keyboard for programmers, spending long days on the computer is no longer a chore. An ergonomic keyboard for gaming can improve response time, efficiency, and accuracy.
  • Did you ever try to use a standard keyboard in a coffee shop or on an airplane? Then you definitely felt uncomfortable. One of the best advantages of the ergonomic keyboard is its portability. With that, you can use it anywhere you want.
  • You can go with a cheap keyboard due to its price, but they are not designed for you to include fatigue, pain, potential injury, and work stress. Instead of leaving work, you can buy an ergonomic keyboard.

Advantages Of Using Ergonomic Mouse

  • The traditional mouse is not good for all. It can be more painful, especially if you are suffering from arthritis. When you are using the traditional mouse, you have to twist, strain, and stretch, but with an ergonomic mouse, you don’t have to.
  • Ergonomic mice can reduce the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a type of neurological disorder that affects lots of people. It is the result of “choking” or “squeezing” of the median nerve of the wrist.
  • Sprains, strains, and tendinitis can be especially painful when moving your wrist. An ergonomic mouse can help ease the pain and symptoms of these wrist conditions. The fit of your arm helps to relax your tired and injured muscles. Moreover, it helps to adjust the position of the mouse from the hands, which decreases the pressure and tension in your arms.
  • An ergonomic mouse protects against that swelling. You don’t keep your wrists, fingers, hands, shoulders, and elbows tight. Instead of contorting your body into unnatural positions, you can change the environment to fit your body.
  • An ergonomic mouse can help reduce existing wrist pain and prevent the formation of carpal tunnel or RSI. They decrease the range of motion required for the process and allow you to stretch your arm and hand naturally.
  • An ergonomic mouse features an optimal angle and vertical design that avoids wrist accent, contours that let you relax instead of reaching your fingers, and more buttons for easy clicking.
  • If you are using an ergonomic mouse, fatigue melts away due to a lack of strain. The energy you expended to deal with the discomfort charm is now available to the things you enjoy.
  • Some of the ergonomic mouse are designed with programmable buttons. If you use an ergonomic mouse while playing the game, this decreases the load from your keyboard and also saves the index finger and thumb from the heavy pounding.
  • If you are a programmer, then an ergonomic mouse is very beneficial for you. You can speed up your work and can complete it before the due date. No matter what you do, you can work more efficiently with the help of an ergonomic mouse.
  • Are you left-handed? Then you are already struggling with world design. If your hands are smaller or larger or average, then you have to search for a mouse that is designed to fit you. The biggest advantage is having ergonomic mouses, it is perfect for every user.

Final Words

In the end, you may be wondering which ergonomic keyboard and mouse is the best choice for you. Each model on our list has its merits and demerits. Based on your budget, preferences, and needs, you can choose one.

We hope you found this article useful and that you now feel a bit more confident about finding the best ergonomic keyboard and mouse for mac devices.

If you have any queries, feel free to send us an email. We will gladly answer them soon.

Ensure that you are safe in these times we are going through. Have a good time, folks!

Thanks for reading…

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