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Best Earphones Under $50 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

besr earphones under $50

Best Earphones Under $50 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Our life is like a journey with our daily routine works. Everyone feels stressed with their tiring work, and you need some space to relax. Here helps the music. “Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” Listening to music with your earplugs reduces your stress and gives you peace of mind.

Nowadays everyone is using earphones that will not disturb anyone and are very comfortable to use. In this technological world, headphones and wireless neckband earphones are the most preferred ones. They are much more comfortable than the standard ones.

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Sennheiser CX 180


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1More Piston in-Ear


There are a majority of earphones available in the market of wired and wireless types. Researching and selecting the best earphones among them is such a vast task. Some provide good audio, battery life, bass, etc., while some have limited amounts. Also, the product we select should come under our budget.

Our team members have separately tested all the branded earphones that come under $50 for about two weeks and finally concluded with the top 10 best earphones under $50 Here is our list, just go through it and grab your own choice.

10 Best Earphones Under $50 - Reviewed 2022

1. Sennheiser CX 180 Earphones

The Sennheiser CX 180 is the best earphone under $50. It has ranked #1 on our list for its sound quality and bass performance. It provides a clear and balanced sound with a wide frequency response. The Sennheiser is very popular for its simple design with good quality materials. It looks simple yet functional.



Sennheiser CX 18 earphone is built-in with plastic and gives a glossy finish at the front with a dull finish at the back. The color combo of black and grey is very attractive and looks classy. This earphone is ultra-light and weighs only 5 grams so you can carry it anywhere you want to go.

Sennheiser includes a set of ear caps of different sizes so that you can choose any cap that fits your ear comfortably and does not slide off. The long sturdy cable has a sleek design that provides enough space between the user and the device. It is very comfortable to wear and is a perfect partner to all your audio gadgets. But some of them have complaints that it is not good for rough use.

When speaking about sound quality, Sennheiser CX 180 is the best sound quality earphone under 1000. No other products can beat this in the audio output. The sound is very clear and loud. The 3.5 mm stereo mini-plug gives you natural acoustics to your music.

Sennheiser is equipped with Bass-driven Stereo sound technology that gives a deep bass. This advanced design minimizes external noise and offers better bass performance and audio output, so it is mostly liked by everyone.

It is compatible with all devices such as MP3 players, smartphones, and tablets. Just plug in and enjoy the music with enriched acoustics.

The one negative side of this earphone is, that it lacks a microphone. It is a special product for music lovers.

Love to be simple and comfortable? Then no doubt, Sennheiser CX 180 is the right choice. It is one of the best in-ear earphones with bass under $50 for your needs.



2. Sony MDR EX15AP Wired Earphones

Sony MDR EX15AP wired earphone is the second choice in the list of Best earphones under $50. It is one of the best quality earphones under $50 for its balanced audio quality. 

This pair of earphones comes with a tilted pattern that helps you to fit deep within the ears. It will not hurt your ears even if used continuously for a long time.



Sony EX15AP is built with a top-quality material that can last for several years. The entire piece has given a metallic finish which gives a shiny outlook. It comes in two different colors; black and blue. The lightweight design of the Sony earphone makes transportation easier.

Sony EX15AP is highly durable and is the most trusted one in the market. It gives you a remarkable sound quality with decent bass. This device is provided with neodymium drivers to enjoy music with a powerful and balanced sound.

It also comes with some extraordinary features under this price range. No doubt you will be immersed in music the moment you play it. By the way, there is a wire manager in this earphone to prevent wire tangle. It connects the two wires in the headset and holds them away from each other.

Further, this device also comes with three pairs of earbuds while purchasing. So don’t worry, if you lose the inbuilt or default one, you can use the other, as you have three extra pairs.

This Sony MDR EX15Ap earphone has an in-built microphone that helps you to answer the calls very clearly. The audio quality when talking on the calls is also too good. Finally, Sony MDR EX150AP is one of the best earphones under $50 with tangle-free.

If you want consistent audio quality with deep and rich bass, then Sony EX15AP with a mic is the right choice for you.



3. JBL Quantum 50 wired, In-Ear Gaming Headphones

The next choice on our list of the best earphones under $50 is the JBL Quantum earphone. This is a new launch to the Indian market by JBL with the tag ‘ Pure Bass’. It is one of the best earphones with sound quality under $50. JBL provides excellent quality earphones at an affordable price.



Sound quality is the major aspect of earphones for deciding the goodwill of the product. But here we can give 100 marks to this earphone, as it comes with exceptional sound quality. Also, Great Thanks to JBL for the powerful bass. 

JBL Quantum is built with an in-ear fitting style that fits all ear sizes. JBL offers this earphone at an affordable cost. It is made of high-quality material that is durable and can last for several years.

The earbuds are made of plastic and the whole earphone has given a metallic finish that looks stylish and ergonomic. But the wire of this device is fragile and is not suitable for rough use. It will not damage easily and won’t distort your voice. 

JBLQuantum is made with a signature sound quality and has excellent noise isolation. You can use these earphones while watching movies or for listening to music when you work out. It is one of the best earphones with sound under $50 that is great for grasping the audio. It will give perfect clarity to the opponent during calls.

In addition, the earphone includes three extra earbuds of different shapes and sizes. Each one is comfortable in its way. You can choose any bud that suits you and will be comfortable for you to wear. Do you want to listen to music in privacy without any interruption to the surrounding noise? Then, the smallest earbud should be your choice.

Further, JBL Quantum wired earphones to come in three different colors – Mystic Blue, Ice Grey, and Gun Metal. Choose your preferred shades and enjoy listening to music.



4. Lightning Headphones ADPROTECH iPhone Earbuds

The Adprotech earphone attracts you with its clear vocal and bass quality. The specialty of this earphone is the tangle-free wires and the double drivers, so the name is given Dual Driver. These are responsible for producing crystal clear sound.



The lighting earphone is a new launch to the Indian market at the price of $50. It is built with dual drivers of 10mm and 8mm that offer you excellent performance on low, average, and high-frequency ranges with clear and good sound quality. 

The deep and punchy bass sound of this earphone is amazing. We can also say this as one of the best earphones with bass under $50 even today. 

The Adprotech in-ear headphone is made with top-quality materials that offer durability. The unique design and texture give a stylish look to the earphone. However, the heftiness of this earphone is extremely light compared to other earphones.

The anti-slip magnetic suction earbuds of this earphone are very comfortable to wear and help you to hear songs clearly when you are on the move. This is one of our favorite features in Mi dual driver in-ear earphones. 

In addition, this earphone is also provided with three extra ear tips of different sizes. So you don’t have to worry if any of the ear tips have got damaged. Also, its designs are unique and impressive. It gives a premium look to the earphone. 

The volume key is made of plastic which makes the device easy to operate. When you give a long-press the volume button, it plays or pauses the music. It can also activate voice assistants. 

The Adprotech earphone is provided with a tangle-free cable, fitted with a jack of 90 degrees. This limits the long exposure of wire. 

Further, this earphone also comes in two shades; Blue and Black. Overall, the Adprotech in-ear headphone is one of the best earphones under $50 with noise cancellation. 



5. Realme Buds 2 with Mic

The Realme Buds 2 is our next choice on the list of best earphones under $50. It has secured this position based on the high rating of customer satisfaction. It is highly popular in India for its excellent sound quality. The premium quality material and sturdy construction make it unique from other products.



When coming to design, the Realme Buds 2 is very attractive with solid construction. The outer finish gives a stylish outlook and is the best option for everyday use. The earbud is made of premium plastic, and the cables of Realme Buds have a braided look. The edge of the earplug is made with magnets which helps in storing the gadget with no tangling. Therefore this design provides optimal protection for the device.

Realme Bud is also featured with noise isolation which makes efficient hearing with this earphone. It gives you a clear sound quality while making or receiving calls. Not only for calls, but it is also an ideal option for movies, music, or podcasts.

In addition, the device comes with three buttons for easy operation. It helps to raise or lower the sound and also to trigger a smart voice assistant. Further, it is also compatible with Siri and Google Assistant.

Realme Buds 2 comes in three shades Green, yellow, and orange. You can choose any of your desired colors. Overall, Realme Buds 2 is an ideal choice for Gym users, bass lovers, and mobile gamers.



6. 1More Piston Fit in-ear Headphones

The next choice in our list is the Piston Fit earphone from the 1More brand. This earphone is a little expensive compared to other models under$50. But it is worth the money.



It is the most popular brand in India for its terrific sound quality. They offer a balanced sound with bass, lows, highs, mids, and vocals. Whether it is wired or wireless, they have different types in each segment. 

The sleek and lightweight design of this earphone fits comfortably in the ears. It is built with aluminum ear tips and has a 45° angled design to fit ear canals. The ear tips also come in different sizes that add an enhanced level of comfort.

We have found one 1more Piston Fit earphones as the best seller on Amazon for its excellent quality. The ear cups are soft, comfortable to fit in, and won’t pain you even if you listen to music for a longer period.

The special feature of this earphone is the stereo microphone. It is built-in to record audio and for answering calls. The control button helps you pause or play the music and to control the volume up or down. This function key also triggers Siri and Google Assistant. It comes in four different colors – Blue, Pink, Silver, and Grey.

Compared to other audio gears, this earphone is one of the best earphones under $50 with a mic. 



7. boAt BassHeads 100 in-Ear Super Extra Bass Headphones

Do you love heavy Bass in music? Then boat BassHead 100 is the best earphone with Bass for your needs. The boAt is very famous for manufacturing Bass oriented earphones, and this uniqueness makes it stand out in the crowd. boAt BassHead 100 is very popular in India as Indian users love heavy Bass.



The specialty of this earphone is the HD super extra bass. boAt BassHeads is one of the best budget-friendly earphones with extraordinary features. It is made with premium quality materials that offer durability so that you can use it for longer periods.

The in-ear fitting style, the soft earcups, and the lightweight design make the earphone much more comfortable to use. The earbuds are made of metal which gives a classic look. boAt BassHeads comes with a flat, tangle-free metal wire of good quality and can be used daily.

It has a 10mm driver, which is responsible for the bass and sound quality; moreover, this driver performs its job excellently. It offers good bass and sound quality, and this is the essential feature preferred by all.

The next important feature is noise cancellation. It reduces the unnecessary noise around you and helps you hear the sound clearly so that you can answer your call freely. We have tested this in traffic, wind, and gym for its sound quality. The result was positive, i.e., it can provide good quality of sound at all times.

In addition, the boAt BassHeads 100 comes in six different shades and offers you to choose your desired color. They are blue, black, white, red, orange, and forest green.



8. Sony MDR-EX15LP Open Air Earphones with Tangle Free Cord

Some of them love to hear music while working out or exercising. Here is the super pick for you. Sony MDR-EX15LP open-air earphones are apt to hear music while doing exercise or some other activities because it has a splash-proof feature. This feature will keep your earphone safe if you sweat.



Sony MDR- EX15LP Open-Ear Headphones are specially designed for sportspersons who love to listen to music during their workouts, outdoor running, or other activities.

Sony MDR-EX15LP is equipped with a high-sensitivity 13mm driver unit that gives you detailed sound throughout the end so that you’ll be active throughout your session. Therefore, Sony is one of the best earphone brands in India for under $50 for its signature sound quality.

It is provided with a frequency range of 17Hz to 22,000 Hz and 104 dB/mW sensitivity that gives the music a clear, crisp, and detailed sound.

The most exciting feature of this earphone is splash-proof. Sony has designed this earphone mainly for sports and though given sweat-proof and splash-proof features. This feature resists water and is perfect to use in all weather conditions as well as in sports activities.

For example, if it rains suddenly while you’re outdoor running with these earphones, don’t worry. The water-resisting feature will prevent water from entering and keep the earphone safe.

The next added feature of Sony earphones is the adjustable earloops. It helps you to customize the fittings of the earplug according to the size of the ear and comfort. The clip in the earpiece secures the earphone from falling so that you can continue with your activity without any worries.

The device is built with a 1.2 m cable that offers mobility while doing an activity. The serrated cord maintains the cable from untangling. The open ear pattern of this earphone offers natural acoustics.

It also offers Bluetooth connectivity and has access to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri in a single touch. This stylish piece has 5 hours of battery life, and it is available in two colors, black and blue.

Finally, the Sony EX15LP earphone is an ideal choice for an energetic sports activity.



9. Kimwood wired earphones

The Kimwood is a new launch to the market. The top-notch of Kimwood is the sharp, crisp, and balanced audio. This Kimwood headphone is best known for bass lovers. The pure sound output makes it stand out in the crowd. It is superior to the EM1 quality.



The Kimwood is made of high-quality steel, and the sleek, as well as the stylish design, fits comfortably in all-size ears. It is a high-end earphone specially designed for its excellent audio quality. It offers a 6mm driver that produces crystal clear sound with a 20-20000 Hz frequency range. The signature sound quality gives natural acoustics to music.

When coming to features, Omega is provided with a three-button volume key, velcro cable strap, two different silicone tips, and a shirt clip to reduce chord noise. The ear tips are responsible for eliminating the ambient noise, which disturbs when answering calls. It is also built-in with a microphone that is very good in performance.

Further, Kimwood is compatible with Apple devices, Android smartphones, MP3/MP4 Player, and Windows phones. So you use this earphone with any audio device without any worries.

If you’re looking for the best earphones under $50 with bass, then you can pick Brainwavz Omega which is very well within your budget.



10. Audio Technica ATH-ANC100BT Noise Cancelling Headphones

The last choice on our list of Best earphones under $50 is the Audio Technica ATH-ANC100BT. These are designed specifically for podcast listeners and not suited for bass lovers. It is ideal for music lovers that offer a clear vocal sound with both female and male voices. You can enjoy every word and beat using these headphones.



Audio Technica ATH-ANC100BT is built with a lightweight design that is very comfortable to use anywhere you go. This budget-friendly earphone is completely made of plastic that can survive for a longer period. The 1.2m cable here belongs to Y-type, which is long enough to reach your head.

Next, let’s speak about its uniqueness. The specialty of this earphone is its outstanding audio quality. It offers a good, decent audio output and also a clear vocal with male and female voices. So you can enjoy every moment of music. The one thing lacking here is the bass. It provides weaker bass output.

Additionally, it offers a cable wrap and four different pairs of ear tips that can sit comfortably on all ears. It is also available in eight different shades such as lime green, blue, black, red, white, purple, orange, and pink.

If you’re a podcast listener, then Audio Technica ATH-ANC100BT is only for you.



Factors to Consider Before Buying Best Earphones Under $50

Choosing the best earphones under $50 has become a complicated task with numerous designs, styles, and features. Also, there are some factors to check for before you invest in earphones. Scroll down further and go through the tips given below to buy the right earphone.

1. Comfort and Fit

Nevermore compromise on comfort and fit. Check the design and fitting of the earphone and make sure whether it is comfortable for you to wear even for long hours. If you’re going to use the earphones while workouts or traveling, then ensure that the earphone you choose does not slide off from your ear.

Comfort is an essential factor to consider in earphones as we use them to listen to music for relaxation. Any hindrance with it will spoil your enjoyment of hearing your favorite music. So check the size and design of the earbud and ear tip for relaxed and comfortable usage.

2. Drivers

The most important factor you have to consider is the driver unit. It is the key unit that is responsible for producing sound. An earphone is made of a magnet, a diaphragm, and a pair of voice coils that get connected to produce sound. 

The driver unit is available in different sizes with a diameter range of 8mm to 15mm in earphones and 20 – 50mm in headphones. As the driver is responsible for the loudness of the earphone, choose a large driver to experience better sound quality.

3. Bass

The bass effect has a very low pitch in the soundtrack. A good bass makes you feel happy with an impressive and depth sound, while weak bass in earphones produces a thin sound.

Too much strong bass in earphones can reduce the details in the sound and makes it dusky. So if you are a music enthusiast, then check the bass effect in earphones before purchasing.

4. Sensitivity

Do you enjoy listening to loud music? Then don’t miss checking this feature. The loudness in your earphone is determined by Sensitivity. Generally, earphones have a capacity of 110 dB / MW, which is considered safe for the ears, but earphones below 85 dB / MW should be avoided.

5. Sound profile

The sound profile is how an earphone sounds based on the type of frequencies it has. We can also call it the sound signature. It comprises six varieties, namely, V-shaped, Flat, Bright, Balanced, Bass-Heavy, Warm, and Smooth. If there is a change in frequency, then the audio output also changes completely. So choose a perfect sound profile earphone based on the music you’re listening to and enjoying.

6. Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is a very important feature that everyone must check in with their earphones. Because everyone gets irritated with the unwanted noise when answering a call. So make sure your earphone is provided with noise cancellation features. This feature cancels the ambient sound and helps you to concentrate on the music or calls that you are hearing. Also, this feature is very much important when you’re using headphones or earphones in chaotic places.

7. Built-in Microphone

The built-in microphone is an added feature that many companies are now boasting to headphones. The microphone is built into its cable, which allows you to trigger voice commands or answer the calls without removing the headphones. 

Wireless earphones are embedded with a microphone in their earbuds. So check out whether your earphones are set with this feature to answer your calls.

8. Designs

When coming to designs, there are plenty of models available in the market with stylish and attractive designs. Because when browsing for stylish ones, you might miss some important factors. The headphone design goes well only when the device is comfortable and boasts all the useful features. Keep in mind that this factor must be the last to consider when you’re looking for an earphone.

9. Brand

There are many brands manufacturing earphones, as it has become an important gear for everyone. Make sure that you’re buying a good model with all the basic features. In India, there are many top brands producing earphones that are well known for their audio devices. So consider the brand also before buying.

10. Price

This is the final aspect of our list. The price of the earphone depends on the quality it is made and its useful features. There are plenty of models available in the market under the price range of $50. 

So select an earphone based on the qualities mentioned above and also check whether it is worth the amount you pay.

Tips to Maintain Your Earphone

  • Don’t overstretch the earphone.
  • Avoid overcharging wireless headphones.
  • If your earphone does not have a splash-proof feature then make sure it is not in contact with sweat or water.
  • Clean the device frequently to remove the dust.
  • To avoid damages to the wire, better use wire protectors. 

Final Words

Earphones are now one of the essential hardware used by every individual. A good pair of earphones give you a pleasant experience while listening to music. So before buying an earphone, check the specification of the product and the factors we mentioned above, so that you’ll not waste your money on a worthless product. All the products on our list of the best earphones under $50 have no compromise on look, quality, and features. Grab the best pair of earphones from our list and enjoy the music peacefully!!

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