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Best Coffee Machine in India {For Office and Home}

Best Coffee Machine

Best Coffee Machine in India {For Office and Home}

Are you a coffee lover? Then you will definitely know the value of brewed coffee.  

Who doesn’t love to enjoy hot coffee in the morning?

Sipping a cup of coffee will lift your spirits and boost your mood. It helps to boost your day fresh. But making manual coffee can be a difficult & annoying process!  

In some countries, the best drink preferred by many people is always tea; however, coffee has come a long way not only to become increasingly popular but also to give some tough competition to our favorite beverage. 

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Morphy Richards


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Preethi Cafe Zest


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Coffeeza Lattisso


Instant or filter coffee has long been a version of our coffee, but the combination of travels and cultures has led to further exploration of this acquired taste of coffee. We are no longer satisfied with that instant coffee, we want that cappuccino or latte.

Proper brewing of coffee is a difficult process because that includes roasting, grinding, and distilling. The best coffee machines in India are a boon to help you get the best coffee without hassle. These appliances are the perfect addition to your kitchen.

So, what is the best coffee maker in India by 2021?

We’ve selected 11 best coffee makers from hundreds of coffee maker brands, by considering power consumption, brewing time, pricing, warranty, reviews, efficiency, ratings, and many more.

Let’s dive into the topic!

11 Best Coffee Maker Machines - Reviewed 2021

1 Morphy Richards Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker

The Morphy Richards 800-watt coffee maker makes cappuccino, latte, and espresso coffee. It is a 4 cup coffee maker that comes in black.

It features a milk frothing nozzle. It can be used to make a caff, espresso macchiato, and latte. With this excellent feature, brew and caramel macchiato can be made.


Its turbo cappuccino nozzle allows you to achieve a satisfactory froth in your favorite Cappuccino. It comes with 4-bar pressure.

You’ll also get two year warranty with this machine. It uses 800 watts, which means it can operate optimally without overloading you with high electricity charges. Its operating voltage is 230 volts.

Coffee that drips when handling functions will be collected on this drip tray. It is removable so that it can be cleaned without any slight interruption.

The notable feature here is the coffee strength selector. Thanks to this feature, you can set the coffee strength that is needed to impress your taste buds.

Apart from these features, you will get an attractive glass carafe along with this coffee machine. It collects coffee and helps you find the amount of coffee you need to use in each cup.

The stainless steel 2 cup filter does the job of filtering the coffee extracts effectively. You can enjoy soft and very consistent coffee.

The package includes a customer care list, coffee maker, instruction manual, and warranty card.



2 Morphy Richards Fresco Espresso Coffee Maker

If you are looking for the best coffee machine that is worth for the money, then this Morphy fresco coffee maker can help you. It is another dominating machine that comes from the Morphy Richards brand. 

An espresso machine forces water via powdered coffee during extraction. It may lead to better customization based on the strength of the coffee. At the same time, the drip coffee makers rely on the gravitational effect to extract a batch of coffee.


Clearly, Morphy Richards Fresco is an espresso coffee maker. It expands the possibilities with 4 cups of froth maker. As we mentioned in the above product, it also consumes 800 watts of power, which is more energy efficient.

As it offers a calibrated glass carafe marked with a number of cups, you can easily find the measure. Its high heat protection and removable drip tray ensure the safety of using these coffee machines. The cleaning process of this drip tray is very simple. 

You can grasp the precise temperature by using the temperature indicator dial. 

Other notable features incorporated into the coffee maker’s design include a coffee strength selector, turbo cappuccino nozzle, a heat resistant carafe, and a steel cup strainer.



3 InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker

There are dozens of brands that make coffee makers in India. Among them, the Best French Press is Instacuppa French Press Coffee Maker. To get hot and flavorful coffee taste, you can use this coffee maker machine.

InstaCuppa is a local Indian brand but manufactures high quality coffee makers at an affordable price. It is totally different when compared to other coffee makers from our list. 

InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker


It comes with a lightweight and ergonomic design that can attract customers and can easily move from one place to another. The 4 part filtration system removes grinding from infusion. With just a single press, you can brew up to 6 cups. The micro-filtration gives freshly brewed coffee within 5 minutes. The installation process is also simple, even in your modern kitchen.

The process of this coffee machine is very simple. Just add some amount of coarsely ground coffee powder to the glass carafe, pour a little hot boiling water, and wait for 3 – 4 minutes to press. Freshly brewed coffee is ready. Take a sip. 

The borosilicate glass carafe is engraved with number markings so that you can have the required size without any falling gaps. InstaCuppa Coffee Maker is ergonomic and lightweight so that you can move it from one place to another place quickly. It is an ideal choice for bachelors and small families. As it is small, this coffee machine does not take more kitchen space.



4 Cafe JEI French Press Coffee and Tea Maker 600ml

Generally, the Cafe JEI brand produces quality products at an affordable price. Also, they guaranteed that their products are made with 100 percent food grade content for customer safety. This brand is famous for its trustworthiness for giving after sale facilities. It is the best coffee machine for your home.

Cafe JEI is another best french press coffee maker. It is designed with many aspects, such as a coffee measuring spoon, BPA-free, double screen filter, non-slip handle, heat resistant borosilicate glass, easy cleaning, top lid stainer, and many more.


This coffee maker is designed with high grade stainless steel that gives a resilient shine and protects the machine from rust. 

Its carafe is made of borosilicate thick glass that helps to keep the water hot. The notable feature of this machine is its durable handle. This handle is made of high grade material that is heat resistant and makes your carrying option easier.   

Cafe JEI machine offers 6 cups of storage capacity. Its drip tray is disposable, which allows you to remove easily, and the cleaning process is also simple. It will give you wonderful and authentic South Indian Grade coffee at your home. You can check the water level by opening the translucent water gauge in the coffee maker.

The steam vent can remove excess steam without affecting the pressure inside the device. This ensures safety. When the carafe is removed, the anti-drip valve of the filter prevents leaks.

The brew basket on the handle helps to remove the filter quickly.

The advanced mesh filter design delivers thick decoction to give the true taste of home brewed coffee. With this feature, you can easily create both Cappuccino and Latte.

The package includes 2 Extra Stainless Steel Screen filters, 4 coffee coasters, a coffee maker, a coffee measuring spoon, an instruction manual, and a warranty card. 



5 Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 Drip Coffee Maker

The Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 is a leading and powerful coffee maker because it uses only 450W of power and a typical voltage of 230 volts. The coffee maker’s design includes a concealed 450W heating element to provide safe and efficient heating.

When connected to the switchboard, you will get a 2.15 meters power cord, which prevents the wires from getting into trouble. It is the best coffee machine for office.


Preethi offers an accurate temperature controller, microfine filter, and thermal fuse at an affordable price compared to the Philips coffee maker. It is suitable for coffee shops, homes, offices, even for traveling. 

It consists of a thermal carafe, which can maintain the coffee temperature for a while after brewing. The carafe is excellent for keeping 5 – 7 cups of freshly brewed coffee at a time. Also, it has an ergonomically designed handle to hold the coffee pot easily.

The notable feature is its water level indicator and anti-drip system, which is convenient for pouring water and overcoming the leakage problem. It has a switch with a thermal sensor and power indicator that senses heat. The plastic body is heat resistant which has a microfine filter for decoction. 

If you are a beginner to make coffee, then you can choose this Preethi cafe zest machine undoubtedly. Above all, it gives you a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.



6 Coffeeza Lattisso One-Touch Cappuccino Coffee Machine

If you are willing to spend more money on coffee maker, then the Coffeeza Lattisso is the right one. Even though it is pricey, it offers many grateful features like elegant and modern design, compatibility,  5 settings, 19-bar pressure, and many more. To sip a good cup of coffee, these features are essential and so it is the best coffee machine with a milk frother. 


Expensive from the domestic coffee machine spectrum. This machine can only be justified for heavy/repetitive use. For example, a small workplace with 5-6 people can make good use of it.

Unlike other coffee makers on this list, you don’t have to fill it with ground coffee powder. In contrast, this coffee maker’s construction allows the use of coffee beans to brew a new cup. The main difference is that the machine combines high tamp pressure (19 bar) to extract a strong flavor from each pod.

It is connected with a milk frother, which further enhances the use of this coffee maker. You can use it to make espresso, cappuccino, latte, or other milk-based coffee variants.

It will give a better experience when compared to other coffee machines. Also, the manufacturer covers the device with 1 year warranty.



7 Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker

Preethi Dripcafe, classified as a drip coffee maker, has a power consumption of just 450W. It is very energy efficient and operates at 230 volts regular voltage. It promises that it provides authentic South Indian brewed coffee. If you need coffee throughout the day, then this coffee maker is beneficial for you.

Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker


The coffee machine contains 1 liter of the thermal carafe, which allows some extra coffee to be brewed simultaneously on the same day.

The coffee maker’s design is very simple, and its functionality is with just a single button. A portion of the water tank will be exposed with markers to monitor the water level that remains in the machine.

Like other desirable drip coffee makers, it has a hidden 450W internal heating element for effective and quick brewing. The body of this coffee machine is made of quality plastic that can resist heat. It features a heat-sensitive thermal exchanger that gives precise temperature control and uses a microfine filter for micro-decoction.



8 NESCAFÉ É Smart Coffee Maker/Machine

Everyone knows about the Nescafe coffee brand. Within a few years, this brand became famous in the coffee maker industry. The Nescafe-smart coffee maker is actually the next generation coffee machine because it has a Bluetooth connection.


You can control this app via mobile app.  You can brew coffee without leaving your place because it has a thermal infusion. It ensures high quality hot/cold coffee. It brews a cup of coffee within 60 – 90 seconds.

With double wall steel thermal insulation and a leak-proof lid, you can enjoy coffee while traveling. It is easier to clean this mug; you just need to enable the cleaning mode for use. Since it is dishwasher compatible, you can throw it in the dishwasher also.

You can select the Mocha, espresso, cappuccino, or other drink, by pressing the options in the mobile app. The measuring spoon and Bluetooth docking feature of this coffee maker can make your coffee process easier. 



9 BLACK+DECKER BXCM1201IN Drip Coffee Maker

Black + Decker brand is a renowned American manufacturer famous for making electrical appliances other than home and garden accessories. They offer a wide range of cold brew coffee makers at a variety of prices. 

Their BXCM1201IN 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker Machine offers many features like a 1.5-liter high-temperature carafe with water level indicator, digital display, maintains warm function, long lasting life, Electronic control with 4 functional options, anti-slip feet, automatic shut-off, permanent nylon filter for durability and much more. 


This coffee maker is available at a very dependable cost so that you can buy it. When talking about its quality, this coffee maker has got first place compared to other makers of this brand. This is one of the main reasons for buying this machine. 

It is a 12 cup drip coffee maker, which is enough to make breakfast coffee for your whole family. The 1.5 liters carafe of brewed coffee can be served for about 12 cups.

Its functional digital display makes the coffee maker comfortable and easy to use. The notable feature is its auto shut off function. If you forget to turn off the machine, it will automatically turns off the machine. This ensures safety and prevents electricity wastage.

Another highlighting feature is the ‘keep warm’ function. It keeps your coffee warm for two hours after brewing. Since the glass carafe is large enough to hold 12 cups of coffee at a time, its hot feature is highly valued. It also adds resistance to the foundation, so that the coffee maker may not slip.



10 Tecnora New Classico Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker

Are you searching for a top notch coffee maker? Then you can go with this espresso maker that might be a tough contender. The Tecnora Classic is a multipurpose pump espresso and cappuccino coffee maker. It is attached with a powerful 15 bar Italian pump.


This coffee maker consumes 1050 watts of power that improves the efficiency of the boiler and provides continuous milk steam to make a creamy froth for the cappuccino. Is that all you get for the apparent price increase compared to the others on this list? Not right!

The extra paranello makes the froth easier. It is designed in such a way that it can switch between temperature modes for steaming and brewing. For brewing, the maker operates in the 87 – 91 ° C range, while the steam reaches 95 ° C. It has a 1.5 liter water tank which is detachable, so you can detach the tank upwards then refill it with water. 

It features a bottomless portafilter and basket with a matching tamper.  For a single and double espresso shot, it has two portafilter baskets. It ensures the perfect pressure to the ground coffee to bring aroma and flavor. As like other brands of coffee makers, it also features an automatic shutdown function. It prevents the overheating after 25 minutes. 



11 Bialetti Moka Express 3 Cup Espresso Maker

Bialetti is a famous Italian brand that has been in the industry since 1933 and is famous for selling over 200 million high quality moka pots and distilled coffee makers. If you are looking for the best coffee machine under 5000, this one is the best.


It is one of the best sellers of this brand. It is made of premium quality aluminum material that doesn’t burn even if you put on a high flame. This coffee maker is designed in an octagon shape that ensures the proper heat diffusion to provide the best brew.

This percolator is ideal for South Indians who can’t begin their day without brewed coffee as it can be used directly in an oven.

It has a capacity of 140 ml, which allows you to make two large cups of coffee each time. Also, there is a safety valve located on one side of this machine to release steam in case of a faulty situation.



Final Words

We hope this article gives you a clear idea about the features of the coffee makers. Even if you are not a morning person, freshly brewed coffee can improve your mood. If you want the perfect authentic south Indian coffee, then coffee makers are a great solution.

Coffee lovers being far ahead when compared to tea lovers. So, we give the best coffee makers in India to buy online. When we tested, we found that there were so many people searching about the best coffee maker machine with many aspects. With that in mind, we have created this list of the best brands of coffee machines.  

If you are a beginner in the coffee maker field, then you surely make mistakes because there are dozens of choices available in the market. That’s why we’ve reviewed the best products. So go and choose one coffee maker. Read it carefully and save your money from waste.

What did you choose? Do you use any of these coffee machines? Share your thoughts and ideas in the section below. We will answer your questions shortly.

Brighten up your morning mood!

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