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Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 in India 2022

Best Bluetooth earphones Under 2000

Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 in India 2022

If you are a music lover and travel enthusiast, then you should have the best Bluetooth wireless earphone in your pocket to enjoy the unlimited acoustic experience. Music will give relief from all your stress and make your mind relax. Apart from hearing music, you can also use Bluetooth earphones for calling purposes.

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Apple Air Pods


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Realme buds

Realme Buds


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Noise tune

Noise tune Wireless


The best choice to hear music, watch videos, and answer calls without disturbing others is Bluetooth earphones. Bluetooth earphones are wireless and easily get connected to your device without any complications. Nowadays, there are various smart Bluetooth earphones found in the market, which fit your budget.

If you want to buy an earphone, which is worth its money, then this article will be helpful to you. Here, we have reviewed the special features and functions of the 10 Best Bluetooth Earphones under 2000. We’ve listed Bluetooth earphones from various brands in the market, which are known for their quality and features.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 in India - Reviewed 2022

1. Apple Air pods [ Gen 2 ] Bluetooth Earphones

The Apple Airpods is first in our list of Best Bluetooth earphones under 2000. Even if you’re an Apple fan and own a smartphone, you will want to link it with the recent and best quality Bluetooth earphones in India, so your journey ends here along with Airpods Pro, which is the finest Apple Airpods.

Apple Airpods


Apple is a well-known manufacturer of smartphones and laptops, televisions, and other gadgets. The Earbuds are designed to work with smartphones. Apple first published them in 2016. They are all white and come with a small form factor with a charging connector. The architecture is straightforward and appealing. That has an Apple Chipset, which allows for a wired connection to the gadgets.

It also has auto-connect and auto-on technology, making it simple to use. It is also simple to use Siri by telling “Hey Siri.” Then, you only need to double the play-forward songs.

These branded Bluetooth headphones charge well in the situation, lasting 5 hours on a single charge and 24 hours with the charging case attached. This makes more sense that they’re in earholes or otherwise, as they instantaneously play and stop. The audio quality is superb. The bass performance, on the other hand, is ordinary. There is no such thing as silent isolation.



2. Realme Buds Wireless Earphones

Realme buds is one of the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000, which is tuned by Alan Walker – a famous DJ to offer you a rich bass and acoustic experience. Realme Buds’ design and sound quality are extraordinary, which can fulfill the requirement of the users.

Realme buds


 Realme buds Wireless reviews mentions this Bluetooth earphone as Elastic Memorize Metal String Necklace because this rubber earphone neckband fits on your neck, and the metallic line ensures durability.

It is a lightweight Bluetooth earphone that is comfortable to wear. You can easily place the buds inside your ear canal to enjoy music. In addition, this product has two extra pairs of earpads so that you can try them, depending on your fit.
This earphone comes with four color options: black, yellow, green, and orange. In Realme Buds, the wires are flexible and robust, whereas the material around the neck has a rich matte finish.

The buds’ magnetic lock works when you remove the buds and turn to the auto-pair mode. It will switch on the buds, and when attached, they turn off. The Realme comes with three-button options: volume up and down and R key, useful for music navigation. Here single tap means to play or pause, double-tap means next track, and triple tap to reset the way. Just press and hold the R key to start Google Assistant or attend or reject calls.

Bass, sound depth, and instrumental separation quality in the music are good. This earphone will not create pain in your ears due to the treble in high pitches. Smooth and audible conversations during the call can be made possible with these earbuds and integrated microphones. Metals protect the battery in this earphone, and this gadget has a playing lifetime of 12 hours at 50% volume. Realme Buds get fully charged within 1 hour.



3. Noise tune Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Noise tune is latest Bluetooth earphone model under 2000 comes in a variety of vibrant colors. Noise Tune Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Earbudphones are stylish and straightforward. The style is appealing and portable. The Bluetooth headphones are soft and comfortable for extended periods and fit snugly in the earholes. Persons prefer to purchase this set of earbuds for musical performances.

Noise tune


Noise Tune Active has an interactive sound experience thanks to its best Bass wireless earphones in India and 10 mm vibrant drivers. It has the most recent Bluetooth edition 5.0 with such an order of 10 meters for enhanced communication. This improves both the songs and the insight. This has an in-line cpanel for songs and contacts control mechanisms for hands-free operation.

Next, the earplugs are good conductors and easily click together when not being used. Finally, double Concurrent Pairing allows users to connect to their computer and mobile phone simultaneously. These earpieces also include voice recognition.

Finally, IPX5 weatherproof is provided in the rainy season or during workout sessions. It also has an all-day battery capacity of ten hours for lengthy playback. The manufacturer also provides a one-year warranty.



4. Sony WI-XB 400 Wireless Extra bass Headphones

The Sony WI-XB400 has a smooth, versatile, and compact neckband that is comfortable to wear the whole day. The earbuds have a constructed magnet for clump storage. Interconnection is made by Bluetooth 5.0. Earphones have function keys to regulate the songs for ease of use. And a concise feel on the call because of the built-in microphone.

Sony WI-XB 400


The Bluetooth earbuds have a lovely and gaze layout. It arrives with a soft rubber case with a brass cap which gives a great feel. We can start charging the earbuds with a USB charging port.

These would be Bluetooth Earphones, but also to enhance their functionality and use, they can also pair with NFC-connected phones. Tap control systems are available on both earpieces for simple earphone regulation. This ensures that connectivity is perfect. Sony’s headphones are packed with intriguing and mesmerizing characteristics.

The battery performance would be next; it offers a 15-hour battery life of up to 3 power energy from the case, which lasted at least for 24hrs. This one has rapid charging, offering 1 hour of audio after only ten mins of charging.

Which has no IP rating, which means it is not water-resistant. This is not appropriate for athletics, despite the excellent design.



5. Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Boat Rockerz 255 Pro is an upgraded version of Boat Rockerz 255. Rockerz is the best daily purpose neckband earphone that is comfortable to use. Boat 255 pro gets charged quickly, and it is also water and dustproof for everyday usage.

This Bluetooth earphones’ neckband is durable with a stylish finish made up of supreme-grade plastic, whereas the cables are flexible and tangle-free. The ear cups are designed based on the user’s choice, which fits correctly in your ears. Ear hooks will aid you in traveling, and they are built with a magnetic lock to prevent the earphone from falling from the neck.

Boat Rokerz



  • Light-weight design
  • Good HD sound quality
  • Deep boosted bass
  • IPX5 water and sweat resistance

Rockerz 255 Pro earphone is designed with Qualcomm QCC3003 chipset, a high-performance level, and the latest Bluetooth version 5.0. This will give you seamless static connectivity and CVC noise cancellation to provide a clear and sharp voice during calls.

This earphone has 10mm, dynamic drivers to give a perfect HD sound and deep bass. The HD sound effect gives a better gaming experience and continuous audio flow at a high volume. In addition, the inbuilt Mic for calling purposes is designed with excellent quality.

It is built with three-button options (plus, minus, and multi-function) that are found on the neckband’s right side for adjusting volume, turn on/off, and pairing.

Multi-function button is used to perform various functions:

  • You have to press the power button for 5 sec to switch on /off the Bluetooth earphone. 
  • You can use a voice assistant by pressing the Multifunction button (MFB) for 3 seconds. Further, push it once you can use it for calling control.
  • Hold the MFB for 2 seconds to hold the call. 
  • A single click in the MFB increases the volume.
  • The double press can change the earphone mic to a smartphone mic. 
  • Long-press plays the next song. 

It is designed with a lithium-ion battery with a fast charge technology that charges your Bluetooth earphone within 1 hour. You can use your earphone continuously for 4 hours with 20 minutes of charging. It is available in various color options.



6. Boult Audio ProBass Curve Bluetooth Headphones

Boult is an Indian company involved in the manufacture of beneficial audio devices. Boult audio ProBass is one of the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 in India with advanced features. The audio clarity of the boult earphone is clear and crisp.

The in-built microphone provides better quality voice calls. This earphone is designed with 3D acoustics that gives an HD audio hearing experience.

Boult Audio Probass



  • Off-Axis technology gives less distortion
  • Robust and Durable neckband
  • Micro woofer drivers give deep bass
  • Made with the latest Bluetooth 5.0
  • Long battery life provides 12-15 hours playback and 1-2 days standby

Boult audio ProBass earphone is designed with an oval shape earbud and also has a 60-degree nozzle angle that fits in your ear perfectly. So this design may provide good audio quality with less distortion. The smooth finish light-weight earphone wires are of excellent quality, durable, and IPX5 rated sweat-proof.

This Boult Bluetooth earphone has AL drivers that provide passive voice cancellation. You can easily handle calls using an inbuilt mic without taking your phone out of your pocket to answer or reject calls.

The magnetic earbuds make your wire tangle-free. The button option on the earphone helps you to adjust the calls and music. You can play, pause, or skip and answer or reject phone calls with the help of a button in the neckband.

It has a rechargeable battery that gives a playback time of around 12 hours after a complete charge, and it will take 1.5 hours to charge fully. Without any doubt, this curve ProBass earphone is the Best Bluetooth earphone under 2000 that provides good boult audio Probass review.



7. Sony WI-C200 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Sony is a world-famous Japanese company known for its best audio quality devices. Sony’s WI- C200 is one of the best Bluetooth earphones Under 2000. It is a neckband model Bluetooth earphone that is designed in a way that fits your style perfectly.

Sony WI-C 200



  • Perfect one for daily use
  • Tangle-free design
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • In-built MicMic for hands-free calling

This is a lightweight model. The metallic body of the neckband gives a unique, stylish look. Its magnetic housing and tangle-free cables help you avoid tangling issues permanently. This earphone comes with three earbuds to ensure the correct fit for any ear size.

It is designed with a 9mm driver unit (the unit that converts an electrical signal to hearable sound) to give clear and punchy acoustic. Further, the built-in Mic aids you in answering or rejecting the call, which makes your life easy. The comfortable voice assistant provides instant access to weather and news.

The control system in this earphone adjusts your music with play, pause, or skip a music track option. The control option also aids in attending or rejecting phone calls without any delay and issue. This earphone’s battery playback time is 13 to 15 hours, and it will take 3 hours to get completely charged.



8. Infinity (JBL) Glide 120 Metal in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

Infinity Glide 120 Metal Earphone is manufactured by the JBL, an American-based company involved in the manufacturing of audio equipment. We suggest Infinity Glide in the Best Bluetooth earphones under the 2000 rupees category because of its outstanding connectivity.

This earphone is certified with an IPX5 waterproof rating, ensuring splash-proof and sweat-proof. So you can use these earphones while working out or in heavy outdoor activities.

Infinity (JBL) Glide



  • Metal Earbuds and Flexsoft Neckband
  • Seamless Connectivity with Bluetooth V5.0
  • 7 Hours Music Playtime
  • Dual Equalizer Modes for Normal and Deep Bass
  • Hands-Free Calling
  • Voice Assistant Integration

The Infinity Bluetooth earphone is constructed with a robust metal housing that provides flexibility and portability. Flexible and soft Neckband fits on your neck and gives a stylish look. This earphone comes with a playback time of 7 hours when fully charged. The high-end, Deep Bass offers an extraordinary music experience. Dynamic 12 mm drivers give improved bass good smooth and crystal-clear highs in music.

The Infinity Glide 120 earphone is featured with a dual equalizer. Using that, you can quickly switch from normal mode to deep bass mode based on your mood by pressing the volume up and down button. In addition, Bluetooth V5.0 provides good quality acoustic with distortion-free and faster pairing with your gadgets.

The three-button option aids in playing, pausing, moving to the needed track, and answering calls. In addition, you can attend the ring with its hand-free calling option, and it has voice assistant support.



9. PTron Bass buds Jets Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The most recent PTron Bassbuds Lite earbuds are among the best neckband earphones with a longer music playback users can enjoy the period without irritation or battery loss. It is one of the Best Bluetooth earphones under 2000.

Ptron Bassbuds


PTron is an Indian corporate entity. It offers a wide selection of products. Its most recent PTron Bassbuds Bluetooth headsets have several intriguing characteristics.

First and foremost, it is a pair of genuinely wireless headsets. The design is simple and appealing. It comes in a variety of colors. And has the most recent Bluetooth interconnection. The battery capacity is 6 hours of playtime and approximately 20 hours with the power adapter for a great music experience. It takes 1.5 hours to charge.

It also has Hi-Fi speakers that deliver clean, deformation bass. In addition, it has a variety of 10m and quickly pairing and relation. Finally, it comes with a one-year warranty. We suggest this earphone for those who want the best neckband earphones under 2000.  



10. Sony WF-1000 XM3 ANC Bluetooth Headphones

Sony has launched one of the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 with many useful features. Detaching themself from classical music is the best choice in the current world. Sony offers Sony WF-1000XM3 Genuinely Wireless Bluetooth earbuds for excellent music expertise. Overall, it’s a good deal for users who want a long audio playback time.

Sony WF-1000 XM3


The neckband is soft, flexible, and lightweight, making it ideal for all-day wear. The earbuds have a constructed magnet for knot storage. Bluetooth 5.0 is used for interconnection. It has function keys to regulate the music for ease of use. And a concise sound on the call thanks to the built-in microphone.

The best bass headphones improves your listening experience. It is also speaker compatible, allowing you to operate hands-free with a unified program. It has a USB charging port for charging. 

With such a full charge, that has up to 15 hours of battery life for a longer and better concert experience. But, of course, it also has to charge, allowing for 90 minutes of audio after only 10 minutes of charging.



Guidance on Choosing the Best Pair for you

Your selection of earbuds reflects both your style of life and your budget. Some people purchase different kinds for specific applications, such as collaborating out and another for resting at residence or joining teleconferencing; the paths are becoming increasingly blurred. 

1. Audio Quality Evaluation

Earphones, such as speaker systems, can emphasize various parts of the frequency range, and you may favor one audio over the other. If possible, try on earphones before purchasing. Also, verify exchange policies before making an online purchase to ensure that your getting could be brought back or swapped for a different product.

2. Select a Design That Is Appropriate for Your Required Use

Bluetooth earphones are fantastic for listening at home, but they can get in the sense when you’re out and about. Although they are undoubtedly quite convenient, relatively small, extra foldable models may give up some audio quality, and on-ear headphones are simpler to use. Suggest headphones with noise cancelling if you ever need a little calmness while working away from home or in other surroundings.

3. Stick to cables for better sound

People suggest one of the higher-rated cabled designs for severe music streaming. Countless Bluetooth headphones operate well, some have outstanding audio, but we’ve yet to seek any that match the sonic insight of the best-cabled designs.

Buying Guide for Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000

Before purchasing a Bluetooth earphone, have a look at the features of the earphone. Here we have explained about some of the main features which you have to consider for selecting the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 in India.

1. Clarity and Bass

Select a Bluetooth earphone that offers you an amazing sound quality while listening to music or watching videos. The significant factor you have to consider is their audio clarity. The best Bluetooth earphone should have big bass. In fact, an open, full-range gives a complete audio clarity which may prefer. Excellent bass provides a perfect low and high pitch audio frequency that offers a great music experience. The earphones with poor fitting also reduce the bass performance, so buy the earphone correctly.

The bass contains the lowest sounds in music, like Drum sounds and bass guitars. 

  • Good bass: provides impressive impact and depth. 
  • Weak bass: sounds tinny.
  • Over-strong bass: make headphones to lack detailed sounds.

2. Noise Cancellation Feature

Noise cancellation is an important feature that helps you listen to music or speak a call without any disturbance. Some Bluetooth earphones available in the market are built with noise cancellation features to minimize the noise in the surroundings while listening to music or answering phone calls. But, the Noise-cancelling feature reduces charge quickly, so remember it if you are worried about the battery life of the Bluetooth earphone.

The earbuds come with a Hear-Thru feature that controls the sound canceling level. Here, you don’t need to remove your earbuds to hear something from the outer world; you can press the mute button and stop the music to listen to the sound or speak to someone.

3. Battery Life

If you are a traveler, then you may take the earphone with you while traveling. Here it would help if you focused on the battery life of the Bluetooth earphone. You will not like that when your earphone gets turned off in between travel or workout time.

Bluetooth earphones need to recharge to ensure its regular usage, so research the battery life of the earphones before buying them. An average Bluetooth earphone can be used continuously for 3-4 hours after a single charge with one week’s standby time.

4. Portability

If you need earphones with you wherever you go, then you prefer a compact and lightweight design because a heavy earphone isn’t convenient to carry along with you.

5. Water Resistance

Water resistance is a crucial feature in choosing the best Bluetooth earphone. Using water-resistant and sweat-resistant earphones while exercising will protect the earbuds from damage due to sweat.

6. Control Panel

Bluetooth earphones have many operations such as connecting, listening to music, and attending calls. So better choose an earphone with a simple Multi-function button to control these operations.

7. Bluetooth Range

If you have a habit of moving around with Bluetooth earphones, then you should have a better range. Most of the Bluetooth earphones work on class 2 Bluetooth, which provides a wireless range of around 33 feet. But, few Bluetooth earphones are available with class 1 Bluetooth that offers a range of up to 300 feet. 

8. Compatibility

Most of the wireless Bluetooth earphones are compatible with Android phones, iOS, Windows PC, and other operating systems. But, it is good to check compatibility before buying a Bluetooth.

9. Brand

There are various brands found in the market which are involved in the manufacturing of Bluetooth earphones. Every brand has unique features and price ranges. So better choose a Bluetooth earphone brand based on your needed quality.

10. Price

Bluetooth earphones are available at all ranges of prices. You will get better sound quality, a stylish look, and updated Bluetooth versions at a high price. Yet, some Low-cost earphones also provide good audio quality and advanced features.

Final Words

Bluetooth earphones are popular and easy to use with their wireless connection, portability, and broad frequency range. At a reasonable price, you can get a wide range of innovative features in these Bluetooth earphones. The Steps to Clean earwax from earbuds is a simple task. The above-listed Bluetooth earphones with a buying guide will help to select the best Bluetooth earphone under 2000.

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