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10 Best Bedside Step Stools in 2022

Best Bedside Step Stool

10 Best Bedside Step Stools in 2022

A best bedside step stool is a helpful investment for seniors who want to remain as independent as possible without relying on others to complete daily duties. We lose mobility as we age, and we frequently require additional assistance to prevent accidents and injury. It becomes increasingly difficult to do things like get into bed or reach for a book on the shelf.

Ageing is a fantastic way to spend your golden years, and mobility gadgets can help you do it. Mobility impairments caused by ageing are a major reason why seniors suffer from even basic daily tasks, such as getting into bed.

According to statistics, the majority of nighttime falls occur between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., precisely during nocturnal restroom visits. This is why elders must use caution when getting in and out of bed. A bed step stool is a great solution for getting in and out of bed safely and easily. However, it’s also critical that you acquire the correct bedside step stool for your loved one’s needs.

We looked at a variety of items, from basic plastic stools to variants with built-in handrails, to help you pick one that would improve the quality of life by keeping aging in place safer and less stressful. Fortunately, bed steps for the elderly are available, allowing you to move freely and reclaim your stability. 

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10 Best Bedside Step Stool

We’ve gathered ten different bed step stools for you to pick from based on your lifestyle and requirements. Let’s look at it.

1. Drive Medical Bariatric Heavy-Duty Step Stool with Handrail

This is a great footstool for helping seniors get in and out of bed, vehicles, bathtubs, and other areas where a high step is required. The footrest has a rubber pad to keep you from slipping, and the railing is sturdy and doesn’t seem fragile when you put your full weight on it.

Drive Medical Bariatric Heavy-Duty Step Stool with Handrail


This stool’s components are all welded together, so you won’t have to worry about screws coming undone without your awareness. The stool is also only 13 pounds, making it easy to transport as needed.

The height of the handrail is the main flaw of this stool since it forces you to lift yourself using the rail and has no weight on the stool. Because you are not putting any weight on the stool, it will tilt over.



2. DMI Step Stool with Handle

This is a typical steel stepping stool with a grip and rubber grips that are suitable for elders. The handle features a rubber grip to keep it from slipping, which is vital because you must pick yourself up using just the railing. We think the design would be better if there was a base at the bottom to keep the stool steady when you stepped up.


The rubber base and stoppers are good because they keep the stool from sliding as you step aside onto it, which gives seniors more protection against falling.

The directions and construction are one of the most significant flaws we found with this stool. Due to insufficient hardware, the assembling procedure is tough. If you buy this, be ready to furnish your hardware and enlist the help of others if necessary.



3. North American Healthcare Portable Folding Step

North American Healthcare Portable Folding Step is the best bedside step stool for storage. If you are in a shortage of space, you can fold it. It won’t take much space. It’s excellent for a caretaker who is in need of a bedside step stool to help an elderly person get in and out of bed. 


We know that some elderly people struggle to get in and out of cars. So, with the help of the North American step stool, they can easily get in and out of the car. As it is portable, you can always keep it in the car. You can also use it in the bathroom to get into the bathtub. 

As it comes with 4 inches height, it can be a big help for seniors who only need minimal lifting. People who find it hard to move will find it easier to climb up a step. It can bear a weight of up to 300 pounds. The black colour looks elegant.

The only disadvantage of this North American step stool is, you can use this only on carpeted surfaces, such as those found in a bedroom. The stools will easily slide on tile or even concrete because they have little grip. So, use the stepstool accordingly.



4. Kings Brand Dark Cherry Finish Wood Bedroom Step Stool with Storage

If you prefer classic and elegant items in your home, the King’s Brand Dark Cherry finishes wood bedroom step stool will complement your decor. It’s great for seniors who desire a little more height when getting into and out of bed.

Kings Brand Dark Cherry Finish Wood Bedroom Step Stool


As it pertains to storage space. You can keep your items safe on this step stool because it features a locking hinge. It’s the greatest storage bedside step stool. They can use it as a bedside step stool or a ladder. As a result, it is a two-in-one piece of furniture for your home.

MDF wood is used to construct the King’s brand step stool. As a result, it is powerful and long-lasting. The step stool is simple to put together. The type of storage is flip top.

Because the surface of this stool is a touch slick, it may not be good for seniors who have suffered from dizziness. Because of the weight, you can shift it around as needed. It’s also suitable for use as furniture.



5. Step2 Bed Rails for Elderly with Adjustable Height Step Stool

The Step2bed is a multi-purpose safe step stool with a variety of advantages for seniors. Its dual handrails can be used as bed rails to make getting into bed easier, and the non-slip protection step stools can be utilized anywhere in the house.

Step2Bed Bed Rails For Elderly


Furthermore, the motion-activated LED bulbs make it ideal for those late-night toilet use. It is by far the most drop bed stools for tall beds we’ve seen, with a solid steel frame with extra-wide step stool.

With the easy-to-hold handles, Step2Bed Rails for Elderly let your loved ones enter and exit the bed safely. This expandable height bed steps for adults as well as seniors are designed for high and low beds, allowing users to tailor to their unique needs and decreasing the risk of falling.



6. Treelen Metal Step Stool for Adult and Kid

Treelens step stool’s legs can be folded and locked with less than 6 lbs of force.  This newly created ladder one-step foldable step stool is suitable for adults, children, and toddlers. Its rubber surface is anti-slip and made to keep everyone safe.

Treelen step stool


It is a foldable step stool with additional reach, which makes this stool ideal for jobs all around homes and offices, as well as high beds. Durability and safety features include a footstool with a ribbed vinyl plastic black surface for improved grip and a sturdy kitchen step stool with 4 safe and stable legs and a load capacity of up to 330 lbs.

It is easy to use and folds up easily. Treelen metal step stools are portable and easy to store, and they open and close quickly.



7. Adjusta Step Stool-Best Padded Step Stool

People benefit from padded step stools in a variety of ways. The important thing is that padded step stools are less slippery.  It is comfortable, and simple to clean.  The surface of this stool is extremely densely padded, making it both comfortable and safe. However, the padding does not end there.

AdjustaStep(tm) Deluxe Step Stool


It comes with gripped legs to hold the full stool from moving. Most stools have very little padding, and this one has padding all the way around. 

Adjusta step stools have a dense pad on the handle, leg, feet, and stepping surface which ensures smooth operation every time. You can adjust the height of both stools and handle as per your need. 

If you don’t want the handle then you can remove it and store the step store easily. It comes with an elegant design. It can bear a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. Adjusta step stool has modern finishing colors of blue and white.



8. Sattiyrich Heavy Duty Stepping Stool

If you are looking for a step stool that is easy to assemble, then you can pick the Sattiyrch step stool. It is a durable step stool that is appropriate for use in both home and medical situations and allows for both sitting and standing.

sattiyrch step stool


It could be used as a footstool at home to securely climb into and out of high beds as well as to grasp objects on high shelves in the home or warehouse, in addition to working as a standing help in clinics, hospitals, and laboratories.

It is safe to use, sturdy, and long-lasting. The maximum level of stability, support, and safety is provided by the non-slip panel and foot caps. It comes with a spray paint finish that is of outstanding quality and can potentially stop rust and corrosion while also extending the service life. Installation is made simple by the innovative design.



9. KR Ideas Padded Step Stool

Instead of purchasing the normal bedside step stool, opt for high-end furniture from KR ideas as they have made this upholstered step stool for you. It will blend in perfectly with your current bedroom furniture and will give a classy look to your home. 


If a visitor comes to your home, they don’t recognize it as a step stool. It will last longer because it is composed of heavy-duty material. The upholstery is both attractive. The best thing is that KR ideas step stool is padded with good quality material. 

The padding creates a comfortably cushioned step for both you and your feet. This 9-inch stool is that intermediary step that obviously makes going to bed safer and simpler, whether for a young child or teenager. Each pad is composed of pet-friendly tweed that will last a long time.

KR ideas padded Desert Sand footstool is the ideal answer for that extra aid into bed, with its simple, handmade, and tastefully finished style. The footstool is well-made, strong, and reinforced to hold the user’s weight indefinitely.



10. Rubbermaid 2-Step Molded Plastic Stool

If you want a little extra height to access things all around the house, workplace, or garage, the Rubbermaid RM-P2 2-Step Molded Plastic Stool is appropriate for you. You’ll feel secure reaching all those hard-to-reach locations with a 300-pound weight capacity.


Rubbermaid’s 2-Step Molded Plastic Stool has a spacious standing platform with cutout handles for convenient transport. The non-marring feet on this stool will not scratch your floor. This stool is safe to use in any room of your house.

It is designed to keep you secure. The non-slip grip will protect you from worrying while you’re attempting to reach stuff up high, whether you’re using this stool for ordinary domestic duties or a little aid climbing on your horse. This 2-step stool eliminates the need to wobble back and forth, making it ideal for toddlers and the elderly.



How to Choose the Best Bedside Step Stool

Determine the amount of utilization 

The first thing to consider is how frequently you will need to utilize a bedside stool. Some bedside step stools are more attractive than others, while some stools are more durable and suitable for long-term usage. The frequency with which you will be using the stool, not whether you will keep it out and about permanently, can help you filter your options. 

Choose a height 

In markets, stepside stools are available in many heights. But not everyone needs a stool of the same size. To begin, determine the height of the stool you require for your own space. Some stools are only 4″ tall, while others are 9″. The first step in selecting the proper stool for you is determining your needed height. 


Manufactures used three materials to make the bedside step stools. But every material has its advantages and disadvantages.           

The Bedside step stools that are made from plastics are lightweight and budget-friendly. It may be your bedside stool if you require something lightweight and portable. The only disadvantage of plastic stools is they can’t support a lot of weight. 

Fiberglass bed step stools are lighter and more durable than plastic types. But t, They are not durable as metal step stools. Metal bed step stools are incredibly long-lasting. They can easily support the additional weight. But on the other hand, metal step stools are more expensive than others. 


If your stool will be in the room all of the time, you may want to spend a little more money on something that looks beautiful and matches your taste. If it is packed away in the morning as you make the bed, you can go for a more practical style. 

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Folding vs Molded Bed Step Stools? 

You can fold some bedside step stools for easy storage. The ability to disassemble a folding step stool makes it easier to store. A foldable step stool could be an intelligent solution if your storage room is limited in space. But a foldable bedside step is costly when compared to the normal one. A molded step stool is not foldable or collapsible. As a result, storage may be a problem. On the plus side, it’s less expensive. A molded bed step stool is fit for you if you have enough storage in your house or if you won’t be storing it. 

What is the Maximum Weight Capacity of the Best Bed Step Stool?

A light-duty bedside step stool can support up to 200 lbs of weight. A medium-duty or heavy-duty step stool can support up to 250 lbs. 

How To Use A Step Stool To Get Into the Bed

When trying to get into and out of bed, particularly if the mattress is excessively tall, using a step stool provides you a secure place to put your legs. Simply step firmly onto the stool’s base to enter the bed. Grip the handle firmly before stepping onto the stool if the one you use has one for further support. When you grow taller, you can sit on the edge of the bed without discomfort and move back a little to make sure you are positioned properly. The next step is to lie down so you can have a restful night’s sleep.

Reverse the actions you followed to get on to get off. The lower half of your body should first be lifted off the bed while you are sitting up. Set yourself situated such that you can easily get up and step down by securing a firm grasp on the step stool’s base. Ensure to move your bed step stool out of the way if you’re using one so you don’t trip over it.

Final Words

Bedside step stools are handy and easy to store. It will be helpful for older people. They won’t depend on anyone, which sometimes gives them confidence. By following the above guidelines, you can buy the bedside step stool.

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