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Best Beard Trimmers in 2022 – Top 10 Picks & Guide

Best Beard Trimmers

Best Beard Trimmers in 2022 – Top 10 Picks & Guide

Beard is a trend that does not get out of fashion for men forever. There is currently a separate fan base for well-grown, bearded men. In earlier days, bearded men were portrayed as rude. But in this modern world, the beard has become an expression of beauty. Today’s youth were proud to have a beard, and they consider it a symbol of the male race.

Relatively, most of the women prefer men with beards. However, no one wants a beard with well-developed sharp edges. They just trim it to create a perfect beard look. To get this, you should have a majestic and efficient beard trimmer. Also, maintaining a beard requires a lot of care, patience, time, and of course, the best trimmer.

Trimming will give you a better beauty result than shaving to remove excess hair from the beard. If properly trimmed, it will enhance the look of your face and improve your overall look. The beard depends on your style. If you want to look beautiful and unique, having more than one trimmer is essential based on your need.

Our Top Recommendations

Best Overall

Philips BT3221/15


Best Durable

Panasonic ER-207


Best Functional

Panasonic ER-GB37


Trimming is a very easy task, but choosing the best trimmer for trimming can be a daunting task. Your search for the Best Trimmer for Men can be very confusing for you. 

However, you will get the best one at the end of the proper study. Investing in a quality beard trimmer will enhance your aesthetics and also your overall look. You will achieve the best output by choosing your personal preference based on various researches.

There are various factors to consider when buying a trimmer. A detailed study of many technical aspects such as the quality of the blades, charging time, modes, systems is required. 

Also, the price range will determine whether to buy an item or not, so it is essential to consider the price when purchasing the item. 

But we will not allow you to work hard. Here is a list of the Best Beard Trimmers in 2022 you can find online. You can compare the features and choose the one that suits your needs.

Top 10 Best Beard Trimmers in India - Reviewed 2022

1. Philips BT3221/15 Beard Trimmer

Everyone is familiar with the renowned brand Philips which is a reputable electronic gadgets manufacturer. Philips BT3221/15 Beard Trimmer comes with an ergonomic design and is constructed with sturdy materials. Thus it provides solid and reliable performance. With its sturdy construction, it won’t get cracked due to accidental falling.


This is a Best Beard Trimmer that aids you to trim hard-to-reach areas of your face. Its easy-to-hold design enables the user to handle the trimmer without any difficulties. It gives you a dual option for corded or cordless use. So, you can utilize the device with a cord or just plug it in.

If you charge the battery for about 1 hour, then you can get a total of 90 minutes of cordless power. Philips BT3221/15 Beard Trimmer is paired with a lift and trim system that lifts the hair further down to the level of blades for quick and efficient results.

For providing exceptional performance, the device comes with sophisticated titanium blades. And these titanium blades offer long-lasting sharpness till the final usage. For user convenience, Philips offers 20 distinctive length settings. With these settings, you can get a full beard or a 3-day shadow look.

Lock the length setting by simply turning the trimmer’s wheel or removing the comb and getting zero trim looks. The beard trimmer is incorporated with an indicator to indicate the level of charge. It indicates low/full/empty by the color light, and also, the battery of the trimmer swiftly charges 100%.

When it comes to cleaning this beard trimmer, it is very easy to cleanse the device. Just detach the trimmer’s head, then rinse it with water and dry it before you use it for trimming. To ensure the protection of the trimmer, Phillips offers a travel and storage pouch to utilize while traveling.



2. Wahl Beard and Nose Trimmer

Wahl Beard and Nose Trimmer is a multipurpose tool that can meet all your needs in no time. With incomparable power, unique performance, and spectacular design, this device offers excellent performance to the user.

There is an ample evidence that the Wall 9818 All-in-One Groomer Kit is a standard trimmer. Most of the men love to post their pictures on social media. Featuring a variety of interchangeable shaving heads and many maintenance tools, this trimmer is truly a worthy one. This allows you to experience a better grooming and trimming experience.


Wahl beard trimmer is the Best Mens Beard Trimmer because it is designed with self-sharpening accuracy blades. It comes with a patented technology that offers excellent trimming for all types of hair. The durable and long-lasting blades can deliver superior performance while using this beard trimmer.

This mens beard trimmer possesses a complete grooming system to deliver seamless performance without any cut. To provide smooth trimming, it comes with 4 multipurpose attachments that are suitable for all sorts of facial hairstyles. 

Though it is a beard trimmer, it can do detailed shaving, mustache trimming, sideburns, stubble, nose hair trimming, ear hair trimming, other face & body hair trimming.

Wahl Beard Trimmer is integrated with a Lithium-Ion 2.0 technology that delivers unparalleled power and run time. This cordless beard trimmer’s Lithium-Ion battery works for a long time. 

If you charge the trimmer for 1 minute, it can run up to 3 minutes. In the same way, if you charge the battery fully, it can run up to 6 hours.



3. Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2

The Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 from the Mi brand is one of the best beard trimmers that you can buy in 2022.

The Mi is a Chinese company that has a high reputation in the Indian market with its quality devices. This beard trimmer contains many improved features to provide you extraordinary results with more convenience.


It comes with self-sharpening blades that are made of stainless steel and provide 40 length settings and 0.5 mm precision for smooth shaving.

This trimmer contains a LED indicator at the bottom that is specially designed for indicating the battery life in percentage.

With this LED battery indicator, you can know how much charge is left in the trimmer, and remind you to charge it. It comes with a USB-C charging port so you can quickly charge your trimmer from a power bank or laptop.

This Xiaomi beard trimmer 2 is packed with a 700mAh Li-ion battery with quick charging technology that provides you 12 minutes of cordless operation in just 5 minutes of charging.

After it is fully charged, you can use this continuously for up to 90 minutes and it will take 2 hours to charge fully.

This trimmer contains an IPX7 waterproofing so it can protect your trimmer from water and allow you to wash it cleanly.

It features a Travel lock so you can carry this safely wherever you go. The knob present at the top of the trimmer allows you to change the length of the blade based on your preferences. The matte black finish of this trimmer provides it an elegant look.



4. Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Trimmer

If you are looking for a durable and rechargeable beard trimmer that can be utilized both with cord or cordless, then Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Trimmer is a perfect choice for you. This beard trimmer is designed to offer both comfort and efficiency while shaping or trimming your beard. It features a convenient rotating dial, sharp edge blades, an LED indicator, and so on. These updated features make the device an ergonomic one. 


Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B is the Best Hair and Beard Trimmer that weighs just 499 grams. This handy trimmer has a sleek, lightweight design that can be carried easily for your travels. Most of the users say this trimmer is the Best Beard Trimmer for Long Beards.

It is suitable for both cord and cordless use. You can operate this device with an AC cord or use this device by charging its integrated rechargeable battery. This dual function enables you to go cordless or corded. There is a LED bulb fitted with the trimmer to indicate the battery level when on charge or off charge.

It comes with a stainless-steel blade that provides high-performance even for hard-type hair. These extra sharp stainless-steel blades have the potential to retain their sharpness even after multiple uses. It furnishes you with a refreshing shave feel without any irritation.

Panasonic has also given 12 lock-in settings to this model. Besides, it possesses a turn dial system for length settings that ranges from 2 to 18 mm. So you can choose any length as per your requirement.

You can easily detach the guard and the steel blade for easy cleaning and effortless maintenance. Simply detach the trimmer’s head and blade, rinse it in the running tap water, and then reset it back after getting dried. This keeps the blades hygienic and clean for regular usage.



5. Nova NHT-1071 Cordless Trimmer

Nova trimmer is built with a lift and trim technology that provides superior comfort and ease while trimming facial hair. This unique beard trimmer is designed with an ultra-silent motor that makes less noise and renders an ergonomic design to the device. So, you can get a perfectly chiseled and contoured beard.


Nova’s premium-grade construction gives you high performance. For achieving any kind of style, it is incorporated with self-sharpening titanium blades. Without tugging or pulling, these blades can cut through thick or long hair. These skin-friendly blades can also be used for both adult’s and kids’ hair.

To provide you a full beard look or a perfect 3 Day shadow look, Nova NHT-1071 Cordless Trimmer is designed with 9 different length settings. These multiple levels of settings enable you to trim your hair up to 0.15 mm, and the settings range from 0.5mm, 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, respectively, so that you can choose various Length settings to make your beard look great.

This Best Beard Trimmer 2022 features a safety lock that enables you to lock the length settings without any interruption. It only comes with cordless use, which means you need to charge the device to function. You can use it for about 45 minutes only after it is completely charged.

Even though it doesn’t come with an adapter, the trimmer comes with a reliable USB cable. This flexible USB cable helps you to charge the trimmer via computer. You can effortlessly clean all the attachments of the trimmer by just rinsing under the tap water.



6. Braun MGK3020 Grooming and Trimmer

Braun MGK3020 Grooming and Trimmer is the Best Quality Beard Trimmer and is a great choice for people who want to go the extra mile on anything. All the components of this trimmer are made of premium-quality materials that can last for a long time. If you’re looking for a best beard trimmer for black men, then you choose that from Braun MGK series.


Don’t waste your time tugging or pulling your hair. Use the Braun MGK3020 trimmer that comes with an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade offering quality performance with accuracy to achieve any style. This sharp-edged blade has the capacity to cut your hair, whether it is thick or long.

This trimmer needs 10 hours to charge fully; after that, you can continuously use it for precision trimming for about 40 minutes. The device comes with a total of 4 combs, in which 2 are fixed that provide 13 accuracy length settings in 2mm steps.

Braun MGK3020 Grooming and Trimmer comes with a smart hair clipper that renders control and precision for your trimming and haircut. This device is not only used for trimming, but also can use it to remove hair in the nose and ear.

This powerful trimmer comes with 6 different attachments that enable you to give a unique look. The effortless precision done by this beard trimmer will change your look completely. This single kit offers various performances, such as trimming your long beard, clipping your hair, and tidying your nose and ear areas.

Thanks to Braun’s multi-grooming kit with clever attachments. The Braun MGK3020 multi grooming kit offers head and face trimming in a single package. It can do 6 different jobs more effortlessly.



7. Havells BT9010 Fast-Charging Trimmer

If you’re looking for the best beard trimmer for the perfect shave, then this Havells BT9010 Fast-Charging Trimmer is the perfect choice for you.

It comes with a wider head for a wider shave. The capture trim technology present in this trimmer ensures you 2x faster cutting in a 1 stroke. It contains 20 different length adjustments to provide you 20 different looks.


It has a zoom wheel for various length adjustments so you can make changes based on your preferences. This zoom wheel can customize the length of your beard from 0.5 mm to 10 mm.

This Havells trimmer comes with a digital display that shows you the battery life to control. The blade present in this beard trimmer is made with titanium material that ensures smooth shaving without harming your skin.

It comes with a long-lasting battery that provides you an extended period of operating in a single recharge. The battery takes 90 minutes for full charging and provides you 2 hours of continuous operation without any hassle.

This beard trimmer can be used with a cord or cordless according to your convenience.

If you’re traveling, then you can carry this trimmer with you in cordless mode. For recharging purposes, it comes with a micro USB port that allows it to recharge quickly. This is one of the best trimmers that groom your beard and style.



8. Remington MB4010 Trimmer

Remington is a well-known brand that produces qualified beard trimmers with hi-tech features. The trimmers produced by Remington are equipped with premium-quality materials and come with innovative features to offer top-notch performance. Let’s talk briefly about its unique features. 


Remington MB4010 Trimmer is the Best Trimmer for Long Beards and is equipped with stainless steel blades. These blades are so sharp in the beginning and retain their sharpness till the last shave. Actually, these blades come as self-oiling blades, thus you no need to use oil further.

The Remington MB4010 Trimmer can last for a long since it is equipped with high-quality components. The blades have the potential of self-sharpening after every trim. The trimmer’s performance is very good, and it saves lots of energy with its rechargeable battery.

To provide better trimming and cutting experience, the device is made with 6 pre-set length settings that range from 0.5 millimeters to 16.5 millimeters. This offers bespoke styling for people who are always trendy.

While these trimmers seem to be a bit more expensive compared to other Best Trimmer Brands in India, the powerful blades in this trimmer will make your purchase worthwhile!



9. Panasonic ER-GB37-K44B Trimmer

Getting a fine trimmer that is highly functional is not an easy task. If you want such a functional beard trimmer, then Panasonic ER-GB37-K44B Trimmer is for you. It is built with waterproof technology to protect the device from getting damaged by humidity. The beard trimmers from Panasonic ER-GB series are best beard trimmers for long beard.


The trimmer is equipped with stainless-steel blades that have an acute edge of 45 degrees. With these self-sharpening blades, you can get a precise trimming experience all the time. 

The sharp cutting edge of the blade quickly cuts the beard, no matter whether it is thick or hard textured. The stainless-steel blades afford comfort, even on sensitive skin. Thus, it is our best beard trimmer for sensitive skin in this list.

This trimmer is considered the Best Rechargeable Beard Trimmer, as it has the ability to work efficiently on both dry and wet beards. It is an effective beard trimmer for stubble since you can get a stubble beard look by using its 0.5mm comb attachment. To obtain more reliable results then use shaving gel, foam, or cream.

This tool comes with a rotating turn dial for adjusting the level of comb and length settings. Thus you don’t want to utilize various comb attachments with this shaving care tool. It also comes with 19 length settings, ranging from 1 mm to 10 mm. This portable, lightweight, sleek beard trimmer is perfect for people who are constantly busy with their work.

This cordless beard and hair trimmer can use anytime and anywhere. As we said already, this trimmer is designed with waterproof technology so that you can quickly cleanse the whole device in water without any strain. The rustproof non-corrosive guards and blades also have a water-resistant aspect so the maintenance of the device is very simple and effortless.



10. Andis 04710 Beard/Hair Trimmer

Trimmers manufactured by the brand Andis are classified for professional use. Experts in our panel concluded that Andis is the Best Beard Trimmer in India since it is built with superior quality materials and comes with exceptional features to afford unbeatable performance. Moreover, it is one of the professional beard trimmers in the market with high-quality features.


The 04710 Beard/Hair Trimmer comes from the original Andis Outliner series equipped with high-speed magnetic motors that are very powerful and make less noise. This portable trimmer has the capability to cut 7200 strokes per minute, and that is amazing.

Like Andis’s T-Outliner, this 04710 model is also designed with a T-blade that is much popular among barbers. Unlike other trimmers listed above, this beard electric trimmer is equipped with a carbon-steel T-blade with a close-cutting technology and can be zero-gapped. These T-blade trimmers have the potential to cut detailed and crisp outlines.

This professional beard trimmer is incorporated with an 8-foot cord which is heavy duty and offers long-lasting battery life, so you don’t want to worry about charging. Trimmer comes with a comb attachment that is ideal for beard maintenance. You can get a balanced beard shape since it offers a consistent cut length.

Andis 04710 Trimmer can do both wet and dry trimming instead of using a razor blade. This close-cutting trimmer for dry shaving reduces bumps and irritation. Overall, this trimmer is a perfect tool for fading and dry-shaving.

The blades and the head of the trimmers are washable, so you can detach the blades and wash them easily under the running tap water. With this feature, you don’t want to worry about maintenance.



Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Beard Trimmers

Trimming the beard or hair is very easy, and choosing the appropriate trimmer for men is also very easy. Yes! If you have superficial knowledge about the trimmer and its features it will be much easier for you to choose the trimmer that is suitable for your beard and also under your price range.

There are several things you need to look for when planning to invest in a trimmer. Here are some essential features that you should keep in mind while buying a standard trimmer. Don’t forget to consider all of these when buying a trimmer.

1. Precision Power 

Look for a trimmer with maximum lock-in length settings since it provides higher precision even for hard hair types. The best beard trimmers for men can have precision power up to 0.5 mm. This 0.5 mm power gives you a zero trim look. So choose wisely when purchasing a beard trimmer.

2. Construction

The construction of the trimmer is one of the important things that you have to consider while buying as it determines the durability of the trimmer. 

Sometimes, the expensive trimmers may have a poor quality build while affordable trimmers have high-quality builds. Thus, you have to make sure that the trimmer you chose has strong construction so that you will get long-lasting usage.

3. Self-Sharpening Blades

Since you are investing in a quality trimmer here, it should not allow you to change the blades frequently. In addition, quality and sharp blades will remove your beard quickly and efficiently and not cause any injuries on the face. Most trimmers are made of steel blades, and those coated with titanium are more durable.

To avoid irritation and cuts on the face, make sure you choose combs with rounded tips and are not itchy. Some of the men’s trimmers currently in production come with self-sharpening blades, which eliminates the problem of replacing the blades repeatedly.

4. Charging Time 

Charging time plays an important role when it comes to the Best Rated Beard and Mustache Trimmer. If you buy a trimmer that charges for a long time, you need to charge it several hours in advance. 

Such trimmers may not be helpful in times of emergency. Conversely, if you buy a trimmer with a short time fully charging batteries, then they will make your job easier in case of emergencies. 

And long-time charging batteries will raise your electricity bill a bit, so think more wisely and choose the trimmers that need minimum charging times. Enjoy quick benefits by choosing the best trimmers for men that get fully charged in an hour.

5. Cordless or Corded Trimmer

You need to think twice before choosing between wireless or wire trimmer. Wireless trimmers are definitely more flexible than we expect. At the same time, wire trimmers are more reliable because you don’t want to worry about their battery running. Although both cordless or wire trimmers offer great benefits, cordless trimmers are preferred by most men.

6. Operating Time (Run Time)

The time a trimmer takes to trim a beard or hair after it is fully charged is called its run time. Some trimmers are considered to be inferior in quality as they are designed to deliver 30 minutes of run time. 

In comparison, some trimmers are considered to be more efficient as they are designed to provide 60 minutes of run time. 

So choosing trimmers with a running time of at least 45 minutes to 60 minutes will make your work easier. By selecting such trimmers, you don’t want to charge in between the operations.

7. Brand

Brand is the starting point for many users to choose the best beard trimmer on the market. The standard brands produce high-quality trimmers so it is also important to consider the brand of the trimmers. 

However, it depends on your personal preferences so you can choose your favorite brand’s trimmer for more convenience. There are several brands that manufacture trimmers on the Indian market. 

8. Types of Trimmers

Basically, there are two types of trimmers such as foil trimmers and rotary trimmers. The Foil trimmers are the oldest model that contains film of foil over the head of the trimmer. 

The film of foil has two sets of oscillating blades that can trim only horizontal and vertical directions so you have to trim carefully. 

This type of trimmer makes noise while trimming your hair so it may make you uncomfortable. However, this type of trimmer is easy to use and clean. On the other hand, the rotary trimmers are better when compared to foil trimmers and this type of trimmer is designed for Philips. 

This type of trimmer contains rotary blades over the head of the trimmer that can be rotated to trim your hair in any direction. The rotary blades are very flexible and they can cut even the thick hairs easily. But it is a bit difficult to clean this trimmer.

How to Trim Your Beard?

The beard characterizes the masculinity of men and they want to groom that well according to their preferences. Beard is the new normal in today’s situation so most of them spend time on its grooming. To get an excellent look and style, you should know how to trim your beard properly. Here, we will explain to you clearly in step by step.

1. Overall Trim

  • The first thing that you have to do is scrub and dry your beard then keep that down.
  • After that, you can trim your overall beard from the direction of hair growth.
  • Repeat this process to trim the length of the beard until you get the exact length as you preferred.

2. Confine Neckline

  • If you want to get a unique beard neckline, then you should confine the neckline and trim the beard vertically under the line by placing your finger horizontally.
  • You have to spend more time on at least one side of the jawline area and then focus on the center to get a different style.

3. Follow the Shave

  • It is important that you have to hold the trimmer with a strong grip and not too tightly.
  • After that, shave all the trimmed hair towards the neckline.

4. Define the Check line

  • If you’re okay with the natural cheek line, then don’t consider this.
  • Otherwise, you can set the crisp and sharp line with the straight or slightly rounded edge to the bottom of your sideburns.
  • The look of your face depends on the size of your cheek line so you have to trim based on your preferences.

5. Shape your Mustache

  • You can trim the mustache equal to the length of your beard and trimming it slighter long provides a more standard look.
  • You have to maintain your mustache clean and trim rock bottom without using the trimmer and create a clear line of 1mm above your lips.

Finally, you will get an excellent look that you would like.

Why You Should Need a Trimmer

Trimmer is an advanced device when compared to razors and ensures an excellent look quickly without spending more time. There are fewer chances of cutting your facial skin when trimming with a beard trimmer.

It doesn’t require more attention than you need while using the razors. It is very easy to trim or groom your beard with a beard trimmer when compared to other devices.

The trimmers are excellent in precision and convenience while trimming your beard. It can trim all types of hair such as messy hair and also the uneven beard perfectly.

Moreover, if you’re a person who hates shaving cleanly, then the beard trimmer is the perfect solution for you to cut off your beard according to your preferences.

Best Beard Trimmer Brands in India

There are many brands manufacturing trimmers on the market and you can choose them based on the quality of products. Otherwise, if you’ve any favorite brand then you can go with that. Here are some of the best beard trimmer brands in India.

1. Philips

Philips is one of the well-known companies that manufacture various high-quality gadgets on the market. It was developed in the year of 1891 and it spreads the whole over world with a wide variety of gadgets. The headquarters of this brand is located in the most famous city of the Netherlands, that is Amsterdam. They have produced lots of gadgets in various fields. The trimmers from the Philips brand are multi-functional with an ergonomic design. They ensure skin-friendly trimming without spending more time.

2. Panasonic

Panasonic is the most popular company that manufactures various electronic gadgets on the market. It is a Japanese company that was established in the earlier of 90s and they started manufacturing lightbulb sockets. Moreover, they are producing high-quality trimmers on today’s market. The Panasonic trimmers can trim the wet as well as dry hair efficiently. They can easily be washable and ensure your hygiene trimming.

3. Havells

Havells is one of the biggest companies for manufacturing electronic gadgets. It has a huge market for selling a wide variety of electrical devices. The devices manufactured by this brand are high in quality and it has a high reputation in the electrical industry. It also manufactures high-quality trimmers on the market that ensures you precise and quick trimming.

4. Braun

Braun is one of the premium German brands that are well known for its electrical appliances. This company was established in the year of 1921 in Kronberg im Taunus. They produce many trimmers on the market with various desirable features that ensure safe and hygienic trimming.

Final Words

Most men are completely scared when they hear the word grooming. But grooming has become a trendy and common thing currently. Trimming the beard is considered extra work in such a hectic life environment. Trimmers are explicitly designed to facilitate this extra work.

All you need is an excellent trimmer to suit your price range. This will take care of your facial hair in minutes. Here we have listed a total of 10 best beard trimmers to slightly change your facial texture, make your face more attractive and reduce your trim time. Now, it would be easier for you to choose the best trimmer after reading our guide.

We believe our article has attracted you and guided you to choose the perfect one for your needs.

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