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150 Best Baby Flower Names of 2023

150 Flower Baby Names of 2023

150 Best Baby Flower Names of 2023

Were you looking for Charming and thoughtful, flowery names for your baby?

Baby girls are more likely to be named with floral names than boys whenever it is time to name them. Since you gave your newborn the name of a flower, it holds a special place in your family’s hearts and is humorous, novel, and delightful.

Several parents wish their baby to have a beautiful name because they want it to reflect the baby’s elegance and beauty in the word we all utilize to describe ourselves. Names were created from wonderful things when people first used nicknames, such as religious symbols and uplifting phrases from a foreign language. This covers natural objects like wildflowers, plants, seas, and more.

We’ve put up a list of the most beautiful flower name ideas to help you greet your tiny floral bud since there’s nothing better than naming your new baby after one of nature’s most stunning creations. Take a look, pick your favorite, and even get set to greet your newborn with a floral name.

Floral Name for your Baby

Baby names with floral themes used to be fashionable. A century ago, names like Lily, Violet, Daisy, and Rose were the most popular. The custom of naming newborns after flowers have returned, much like earlier cyclical traditions. The names of flowers and other plants can arouse feelings of ignorance, purity, and awe for the natural world.

Floral Baby Names of 2023

70 Floral Name for your Baby Girl

  1. Lily: This English name represents purity and innocence, which would be how your little one enters the earth.
  2. Rose: Several versions exist for this appealing botanical name with Latin origins. Your baby may be called Rose and have the names Rosemary, Rosette, or Rosalie.
  3. Leilani: Leilani is a lovely name for the little girl you adore; it means heavenly blossom in Hawaiian. Don’t forget to bring her to Hawaii someday.
  4. Marguerite: Who wouldn’t desire to be called after such a lovely flower? This French term signifies daisy.  Perhaps this may convince you to attempt the French twist if you consider giving your baby girl the name Marguerite.
  5. Fluer: A sweet-sounding name that means flower straight. Fleur is a French word; however, if you want to stand out, choose the Welsh pronunciation Fflur, meaning flora.
  6. Zinna: The zinnia flower represents the memory, and the Latin name Zinnia is edgy and cool.
  7. Violet: Yes, the name’s Latin origins translate to purple.
  8. Aster: This Greek baby name is appropriate for your newborn star because it means star.  Although asters grow in vivid hues like purple and magenta, they resemble daisies.
  9. Iris: Greek deity of the spectrum named Iris carried the spectrum as a bridge connecting heaven and earth. She was described as a representation of strength and majesty, just as all girls should be.
  10. Marigold: The joyful yellow-and-orange blossom is sometimes regarded as a sign of the Virgin Mary, and this English term was highly well-liked among royal households.
  11. Primrose: This English term, which means first rose, is delicate and symbolizes puppy love in the world of flowers.
  12. Daisy: What a sweet name for an active baby girl. Don’t ever be shocked if your tiny daisy blossoms into a shining star; a new daisy reflects the sunlight.
  13. Dahlia: Dahlia is a rare but hardly unheard-of name for girls and is among the most exquisite substantial everlasting flowers.
  14. Heather: Welcoming your young Heather into the world will assist her in succeeding, just like this violet blossoming plant. This shrub flourished in Scotland’s arid regions, giving the hard terrain life.
  15. Ivy: Ivy wreaths served as a symbol of fidelity towards one another for couples in classical Greece. The Old English term still stands for fidelity today.
  16. Sage: It’s the moment to light some sage and bring your baby into a peaceful and uplifting environment. This Latin name, meaning wise, will ideally provide your baby with a future of insight.
  17. Alyssa: This term is a Greek nickname that means rational and is taken from the delightful alyssum blossom.
  18. Jasmine: This tiny white blossom is prized for its delicate scent and beauty.
  19. Erica: You might be shocked to learn that this Scandinavian word also refers to a family of more than 800 various Ericaceae species. Erica translates to heather in Latin.
  20. Veronica: The name Veronica conjures up an idea of a triple threat: fierce, sensual, and pious. The name comes from the Greek name Berenike, which means the woman who delivers triumph.
  21. Cassia: This lovely Greek name, which translates to cinnamon, perfectly describes the rich and smoky aroma that the cassia plant gives out! 
  22. Azalea: This name is English in origin and means a flower, yet this isn’t just any bloom. It’s a strong shade of pink, making it the ideal choice for your baby girl.
  23. Poppy: This Latin word translates to flower, and the poetry in Flanders Fields has made the bush a monument of remembering. But the poppies can also represent grace, achievement, and creative imagination.
  24. Bryony: In the same way, white briony plants shoot wildly aloft. The word briony signifies sprouting.  
  25. Amber: Amber is of English root and refers to a golden hue or amber gemstone. Beautiful soft pinkish and peach-colored Flower Carpets and amber roses are beautiful flowers.
  26. Ambrosia: The term ambrosia derives from the Greek term ambrotos and implies longevity. Even though ambrosia officially belongs to the seeds family, it has tiny green blossoms.
  27. Belladonna: Belladonna is an Italian name that signifies a beautiful lady.  If consumed, this lethal bloom can be dangerous. Belladonna is still used in eye drop formulations that widen pupils nowadays.
  28. Blossom: The Anglo-Saxon term blostma, which signifies a plant’s blossom, served as the source of this term.
  29. Calla: Calla is a Greek-derived floral name that signifies lovely.  Although this name was far more common in the centuries, it evokes images of a girl who is fragile, elegant, and charming.
  30. Cecelia: From the Latin phrase caucus, which signifies blind, comes this name. Cecelia may not seem like the most fitting name for a floral, yet other types of heather blossoms exist.
  31. Chrysanthemum: This name stems from the Latin chrysanthemum and the Greek term khysanthemon; both are used to describe flowers.

  1. Clover: This uncommon name, which is of English root, signifies key. Your baby girl might never be familiar with all species in the world.  She might. However, value having such a distinctive flower name as opposed to the one most girls seem to possess.
  2. Coral: The term corallum is the source of this Latin word, which implies coral. Corals and florals are related owing to the color of certain flower kinds’ blooms or even because coral rings and coral vines are two varieties of florals.
  3. Florantina: The meaning of this Latin-based blonde girl is blooming.  The iris florentina is a flower with white lobes. It appears like a fragile flower, which would have been a great name for a frilly type of girl.
  4. Fressia: Freese’s flower is what the Latin-based term freesia refers to. Freesia, a common bridal flower, represents faith and innocence.
  5. Holly: The Old English term holly knows the holly tree.  Since holly is often associated with Christmas, it seems to sense that it is the natal flower for anyone born in Dec. 
  6. Hyacinth: The word hyacinth derives from the Greek Hyacinthe, which denotes a violet or blue botanic flower.
  7. Lone: The name Ione has a Greek meaning of purple or violet flower, while it is Celtic or Gaelic origin and is the island of the monarch.
  8. Ixia: Although a few sources believe it signifies pine thistle, this South African name originates from the bloom. Ixia is a rare floral name with a contemporary, harsh, and aggressive tone.
  9. Jacinta: Jacinta, a name with Spanish roots, signifies hyacinth. Although Jacinta is a well-liked baby girl name in several nations, the U.S. has not yet adopted it. 
  10. Jewel: Jewel is an Old French word that implies amusement or a source of entertainment. White flowers and scarlet fruit can be seen on the red jewel blooming crab. 
  11. Kahili: A tropical shrub called kahili ginger has high, deep red stamens and yellow flowers. For people with Hawaiian ancestry or anyone seeking a unique name, Kahili is an attractive choice.
  12. Kalina: In Slavic, the name blossom denotes a flower. Give your baby girl a moniker that refers to some or all of the different types of flowers when you wouldn’t want to restrict her to one.
  13. Katy: The Irish word Katy, derived from Caitlin’s Celtic name, symbolizes purity. In Greek, where something derives from the term katharos, it implies purity.
  14. Latica: Latica is an uncommon newborn girl’s name, but it has been used occasionally. It has a soothing melody, so with forward, floral mothers might think it would make a terrific given name for their baby.
  15. Laurel: Latin-derived laurel refers to a laurel tree. There are many different kinds of laurel blooms, along with the beautiful mountain laurels.
  16. Lavender: Lavender is a floral linked to easing anxiety, tension, and other conditions.
  17. Magnolia: The significance of the French word magnolia is the floral name.
  18. Meadow: English term meadow refers to a section of grassland.
  19. Nanala: Nanala is a Hawaiian term that means sunflowers. Nanala is a wonderful choice for your baby girl, whether you enjoy being outside or have a lovely garden filled with sunflowers.
  20. Olearia: Besides the daisy-like blooms that grow in New Zealand, this name has no other meaning.
  21. Posey: This English term derives from the Greek desposyni, a bundle of blossoms.  Posey is a better-known term in England than here in the United States.
  22. Wisteria: This lovely blossom, an exquisite mild to moderate violet, is frequently used to represent loyalty.
  23. Zinnia: Latin for zinnia means flower. Zinnia is a very uncommon and infrequently used name.
  24. Lilac: This Persian word, nylac, meaning lilac or blue, is derived from the term. Although lilacs only blossom for around three weeks, people like them for their heady scent.
  25. Harmony: This Latin name has twin pairs or unifying connotations.  Even though it is barely five feet tall, it is well-liked because of its stunning dark bluish-purple hue.
  26. Chamomile: The calming blooming herb frequently used in beverages is the source of this name’s inspiration.
  27. Canna: This name is derived from the canna lilies, a tropical plant with impressive blossoms and big leaves.
  28. Delphine: The delphinium, a blossom that resembles a bluebell, gave rise to this French word.
  29. Embelia: A collection of tropical plants that produce white and pink blooms is where Emelia is seen.
  30. Fuchsia: The crimson and purple blossoms are where this flower gets its name.
  31. Danica: A lovely name for a purple flower petal in Slavic means dawn star.
  32. Floortje: This moniker is Dutch for small flowers.
  33. Hibiscus: The title of this girl is derived from a tropical member of the mallow family.

  1. Jessamine: The meaning of jasmine in Persian is the source of this term.
  2. Kantuta: The Quechua word for Bolivia’s and Peru’s official floral is this blossom name for baby girls.
  3. Manuka: The manuka plant is well-known for its blossoms that make honey.
  4. Tulip: Your baby girl may distinguish herself from others if named Tulip because it is a different flower name!
  5. Myrtle: This baby girl’s name originates from a shrub with white or pink scented berries and is related to affection, tranquillity, prosperity, and freshness. It is governed by the Greek deity Venus.
  6. Milaray: The term Millaray is of Chilean provenance and signifies golden bloom.

70 Floral Name for your Baby Boy

  1. Arbor: Arbor is a Latin baby boy name that means to offer herbs. An arbour, a term unheard of for males, is a common feature of gardens as an area for blossoms to grow.
  2. Aster: The floral aster emerges in the late summer and early fall, making it a perfect option for a baby boy born around that era.
  3. Austin: The Latin meaning of this name is grand majesty or greatness. It has a slight floral connection. Austin might be an excellent name for your baby boy if you want them to be imaginative or artistic.
  4. Bourbon: The French developed the Bourbon roses to find a flower that combined vigor and attractiveness.
  5. Briar: The name of this English baby boy is a thorny bush.
  6. Chicory: According to some traditions, this term is English and means flower.  Although this perennial is related to dandelion flowers, it lacks the dandelions’ striking yellow color.
  7. Cosmos: Petals from the cosmos are stunning and resistant to stress. It might make a wonderful first or middle initial for a space enthusiast or the son of an astronaut.
  8. Filbert: In the United States, hazelnuts are sometimes referred to as filberts. Petals on hazelnut shrubs are a vibrant yellow color.
  9. Fiorello: The Italian word Fiorello means small blossom.
  10. Galanthus: The Greek word Galanthus means white milk blossom in English. It has a macho edge yet is more frequently used for baby boys.

  1. Garance: A crimson dye produced from madder roots or flowers is called Garance in French.
  2. George: This word has a distinguished, lengthy past. The famous violet-blue aster with the moniker King George has violet-colored petals.
  3. Hardy: Hardy can be an excellent choice unless you want to honor your passion for farming and growing without using the name of a specific flower.
  4. Heath: The male equivalent of the female name Heather is Heath. The Ericaceae species is the source of both blooms.
  5. Indigo: This word in English implies dark blue or bluish-purple. Whereas many flowers have an indigo hue, others, like the blue’s natural indigo, actually hold the name.
  6. James: The Latin name Jacobus, which signifies may Lord protect, is the origin of this Biblical reference. Lavender is the hue of the James perennial orchid.
  7. Johnny: Due to the obvious flower species known as Johnny Jumps Up, Johnny is a flowery moniker. These lovely yellow and purple blossoms are a nice counterpoint to Johnny’s gruff nickname.
  8. Kamal: The word Kamal means excellence in Arabic. The Brahma kamal floral and its leaves are used in traditional medicine to treat conditions ranging from urogenital problems to bone pain.
  9. Liko: This term is Hawaiian for leaf blossom. Liko could be a nice choice for your boy if your home has Hawaiian heritage. We can always choose Lee as your name.
  10. Oleander: Oleander is a quick-growing, flowering shrub with many surnames, including Oliver, Leigh, and Ander.
  11. Orient: Asian flowers are beautiful and can have unique appearances. How about using the term Orient unless you wish to honor that? It seems daring and original.
  12. Perry: Perry’s Purple iris is another name for the Siberian iris. It has brilliant blue blossoms that are everlasting.
  13. Potter: Beatrix Potter has petals that are a light pink rosy color. Potter is a popular last name despite having a unique first name.
  14. Rambler: Rambler blossoms are among the quickest growers and can grow up to 60 feet tall. Rambler might be a good choice for a moniker if you’ve had many tall family members and foresee a tall baby.
  15. Ren: Ren is a Japanese term that can indicate either lotus or love, a sizable water flower.
  16. Rhodes: The last word, Rhodes, which is popular in several parts of the world, is derived from English and means a clearing in the woodlands. The name also implies where roses grow in Greek.
  17. Thorn: The meaning of this name in Danish and English is somebody who lives close to a thorny hedge or bush.  Thorn is a rough, sharp boy’s name. 
  18. Valerian: However, it is also the word for a blooming herb; this Slavic term implies strong.
  19. Thistle: Thistle may be an interesting choice for a guy of Scottish descent since thistles are the country of Scotland’s emblem.
  20. Torch: The term torch is derived from torche, the twisted item in Old French. Throughout the year, Spring Torch heather fills your garden with color.
  21. Hawthorn: Hawthorn plants are now used to produce food items, drinks, medicines, and nutritional supplements from all of their portions. Hawthorn is thought to be especially beneficial for the heart.
  22. Florian: The Latin word Florian, derived from the Roman term Florianus, signifies blossom.
  23. Cedar: The cedar tree is believed to house significant deities and can even open doors to other worlds.
  24. Sorrel:  A blooming sorrel is a type of hibiscus that is used to produce tea and other beverages.
  25. Isaac: The Isaac Pereire rose is a kind of rose; hence this term has a connection to the floral kingdom.
  26. Blaze: Some of the most popular red-growing roses are the blaze roses.
  27. Dietes: Dietes flowers represent luck, which is an excellent beginning for the baby boy.
  28. Arnit: The name, which means lovely blossom, is of Indian origin. Nowadays, parents have taken an interest in it quite a bit.
  29. Basil: The term is Greek in origins and a noble option for your young king. It is a flowering plant that has a pleasant scent.
  30. Blodwyn: The meaning of this Welsh baby name is blessed florals.
  31. Crisanto: Crisanto is a unique baby boy’s name if you’re seeking one. It is an Old Greek name that symbolizes a golden blossom.
  32. Clem: It comes from the growing vine Clematis, which has lovely blossoms. The term has a beautiful and modest sound.
  33. Cypress: It is a charming option for a baby boy’s name. This flower’s name represents the five-pointed stars.
  34. Elm: This term refers to the white-flowering elm tree. Like florals, it is robust and vigorous.
  35. Flax: It is a bit of blue blossom that is in color. Your baby boy will have a distinctive floral name.
  36. Ketak: It is a fantastic option for a baby boy’s name in India. It denotes a lovely blossom.  Western societies are now quickly accepting it as well.
  37. Lupin: It refers to both the wolf and the flower. In European civilization, they often used lupin as their boy baby’s name.
  38. Nalin: The name, which signifies lotus, is derived from the Buddhist and Hindu religions.
  39. Roosevelt: A baby boy’s Dutch moniker translates to a field of roses.
  40. William: It is a well-known English word for clusters of red, purple, pink, and white flowers.
  41. Yarrow: An aromatic herb that produces blossoms that are a vibrant yellow color. It is a sweet flower that blooms in North America and Europe.
  42. Tarragon: A word has a charming blend of modern appeal with a classic ring. It is an excellent herb that has a pleasant scent.
  43. Rue: This name can come off as a bit old. It is the moniker of a herb with medicinal qualities and has a French flair.
  44. Shamrock: It is a well-liked baby boy’s surname and the symbolic flower of Ireland.

  1. Quill: Quill describes a resilient spring bloom with a distinct charm.
  2. Bud: Here is a happy and welcoming baby boy’s name. It produces a cute moniker for a male flower, another word for blooming.
  3. Asciano: The cornflower is the source of the word. It is a sophisticated flower-themed newborn boy name.
  4. Admon: Admon, a red peony blossom is Hebrew in provenance. Your baby boy might be the ideal fit for this English name.
  5. Anthony: In English, it represents a precious flower.
  6. Celandine: The appeal of these flowers, which describes bright yellow blossoms, is astounding.
  7. Corey: It is a simplified version of the durable and upbeat flower known as Coreopsis. It will be an odd pairing for a baby boy’s name.
  8. Jacek: It is a distinctive Polish name that translates to Hyacinth flower. Jacek is the name that best fits your young prince.
  9. Mazus: The derived name is from an inflorescence known as a growing maze.
  10. Crocus: Its name refers to a stunning purple blossom. Saffron, the most costly spice in the world, is produced by this.
  11. Allium: It means a round, vibrant flower. Oddly enough, garlic and onions are in the same family as this lovely plant. A male newborn boy name with spice.
  12. Aster: Aster means a little, vivid flower with delicate petals. This name, which means star, also has Greek ancestry.
  13. Balsam: The name signifies Impatients or Touch-Me-Nots, these adorably adorable flowers.
  14. Geranium: It was among the prettiest flower-themed boys’ names.
  15. Vervain: It is an alleged type of flower from The Vampire Diaries. Nevertheless, it’s a unique name for infants.
  16. Orchid: A sweet flower-themed baby boy’s name.

10 Unique Floral Baby Names

  1. Amaryllis: Amaryllis is a lovely, classic name inspired by the South African blooming bulb known as the amaryllis. Amaryllis is the flower name you want if you want something different!
  2. Anemone: Whenever you hear this term, you might picture a sea anemone; however, anemones are also lovely, delicate flowers that belong to the ranuculus group.
  3. Camellia: The camellia is a shrub with flowers. This gentle, lovely name is my top pick!

  1. Daffodil: It means the lovely yellow blossom that symbolizes the arrival of spring.
  2. Gardenia: The gardenia flower is absolutely gorgeous and frequently white. A pleasant yet quite unusual name for your baby girl.
  3. Lilac: Lilac is a novel name that resembles the traditional Lily and came from the aromatic purple shrub of the same name.
  4. May: Once you hear the word May, you usually picture the fifth month of the calendar year, as well as the moniker of the hawthorn blossom.
  5. Pansy: Despite being more uncommon than Daisy, the adorable floral word Pansy is equally cute.
  6. Saffron: The name in English of a particular spice or the hyacinth flower. Saffron is a less typical, edgier name that pays homage to nature.
  7. Clematis: A blossoming vine goes by the incredibly creative flower name. An excellent reputation for this moniker is Clemmie.

Final Words

As baby nicknames, flower labels have endured in favor since, to you, your kid is as lovely and priceless as a blossom.

Your baby will probably like learning about the consideration you took in choosing their nickname if you go with a floral name with a nice vibe or even a deeper choice with a little edge.

Moms, I sincerely hope that this list has assisted you in selecting the perfect name for your newborn.

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