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10 Best Baby Bathtubs In India Of 2022


10 Best Baby Bathtubs In India Of 2022

Are you a first-time parent? If so, then bathing the baby is a challenging one. To make it comfortable, we have come up with the best baby-bath tubs available in India.

Bathtub prevents your baby from slipping. In the baby bathe tub, the baby can sit or lie down properly. It will be helpful for both parents and children. Baby bathtubs are available in many sizes as per your convenience.

Best Bath Tub Overall


Unknown Summer Bath Tub

Best for Small Space

r for rabbit

R for Rabbit Bath Tub

Best for Newborn

Mee Mee Baby Bather

It comes with a contoured headrest that allows your child’s head to remain above water level. You can allow your little one to sit inside it and give it a good bath. Because bathtubs have a tight space, they constrain your baby’s movements.

Bathtubs keep your baby safe and secure, reducing any chance of drowning. From newborns to grown-up babies, it will be helpful.

10 Best Baby Bath Tubs in India of 2022

1. Unknown Summer Bath Tub 

Summer infant gives a luxurious and delightful bathing experience for your infant. It will keep the baby happy with its motorized waterjet, creating bubbles and vibrations.

The baby bathtub comes in an attractive pink color. The unknown summer bathe tub keeps the water warmer because it has an insulated double wall. You can remove the shower unit, and you can use it with an adult tub also.


It comes with a newborn cradling sling, allowing you to bathe your baby in the sink, adult tub, or baby tub. The manufacturer recommends using this product for 0 to 1-year-old kids.

It uses 4 D batteries, which last for 10 hours. It is a portable bathtub, so you can move it wherever you want.



2. The First Years Newborn to Toddler

The first year is one of the best brands in the field of kids’ products. You can use this bathtub in the baby’s three stages.

It comes with a deep ergonomic design that holds the baby stronger and makes it comfortable while bathing.

First Year Newborn to Toddler Bath Tub


It has a mesh sling that gives extra support to the baby. Hereafter toddlers will enjoy bathing because the first year newborn is specially made for toddlers

It has plenty of rooms to play. You can easily wash this sling. It is light in weight.  It will accommodate the maximum weight of 11 kg.



3. FWPQRA Bathroom Baby Tub

FWQPRA is a well-known brand. The special feature of this bathtub is it comes with a water level indicator. It has a soap case which is useful for the parent to keep the soap there.

It is designed with an anti-slip bottom which is safer for your baby while bathing. It has a simple drainer to let the water out of the tub. It makes your cleaning process easier.

FWQPRA Plastic baby tub


FWQPRA is made from high-quality plastic so there is no compromise in quality. It is available in multicolor. You can pick the color of your choice. It is also light in weight so you can carry the bathtub in your travel also.

It is convenient for your baby. The babies above 4 months can use it. It has no sharp edges. It comes with the dimension of 87cm x 50cm x 21cm.



4. R for Rabbit Smart Baby Bath Tub Bubble Double Elite 

R for Rabbit Smart Baby Bathtub Bubble Double Elite wins Times of India’s most valued mother and child brand 2020-2021 award. The special aspect of this bathtub is it can be folded.

You can easily carry this bathtub wherever you want. You can easily store this bathtub wherever you want.

R for Rabbit Smart Baby Bathtub’s leg is equipped with a rubber grip it ensures the baby’s safety

R for Rabbit Double Bubble Elite baby bath tub


Another special feature is that it has a temperature-sensitive plug. It changes its color if the temperature of the water is high.

It is available in three colors they are green, grey and orange. It is suitable for kids aged between 0-3 years. It has a rich matt design which makes the bathtub look elegant. 





5. Skip Hop Moby Bath Tub

Skip Hop Moby Bathtub With Sling comes in an elegant look and unique design. It is available in two colors which are blue and grey. It comes with a sling to offer more comfort.

It locks the child in two ergonomic positions they are upper position and lower position. The upper position provides head-to-toe cradling and the lower position supports infants sitting.

Skip Hop Moby Bathtub is free from PVC and phthalate. 


It comes with a drain plug to remove the dirty water from the bathtub. A child up to 7 kgs of weight can use this comfortably.


Its hidden swivel hook allows the tub to hang anywhere. It has a nonslip interior texture. It prevents the baby from falling.



6. Maanit Bath Tub with Toddler Sling Seat 

Maanit is a fine brand of kids care products available in India. Their products are always good in quality. This set includes a bathtub with a sling and a shower mug. A shower mug is a great deal in this range. It has soft curved edges so it adds the safety of the kid. It has an inbuilt drainage plug and water level indicator A shower mug is a great deal in this range. It has soft curved edges so it adds the safety of the kid. It has an inbuilt drainage plug and water level indicator  


It comes with a soap case so no need to have a separate soap container.

The special feature of this Mannit Bath Tub is it has a baby shampoo mug. Fill this shampoo mug with water and start to slight the mug. The water will come like rain so, your baby loves the rain.



7. Mee Mee Baby Bather Bathtub

This Mee Mee brand is launched in the year 2006 and runs successfully even now. They manufactured baby care products. 

Mee Mee Baby Bather is made from high-quality plastic with zero toxicity. It possesses an antiskid base which ensures the safety of your baby. It carries a pillow for the neck which supports the baby’s head and gives comfort.

It has 3 levels of the adjustable backrest which are reclining, sitting, and sleeping. You can adjust these 3 positions according to your baby weight.


You can wash the seat cover in the washing machine also. you can also fold this Mee Mee Baby Bather and keep it in a smaller space.

The frame is made of strong and durable material. Your baby will enjoy bathing and have fun in this bathtub. It won’t skid on any flat surface.

Babies who are under 10 kg of weight can use this. You can easily assemble this bathtub. It is lightweight.



8. Baby Sansa Baby Bath Tub with Pump 

This bathtub is made from BPA-free European standard PVC material. It has a pillow to give strong support to the baby’s neck.

It has a hook with that you can hang it wherever you want. It comes with a storage bag to have soap, shampoo, or any other thing which you want to have.

Baybee Sansa Baby bathtub


It comes with a free air pump to inflate the bathtub. It designs with big size rain plug to release water and clean. It is made up of nonslippery material in and out of the bathtub.

It is oval. Through inflating, you can adjust the angle of the head side in the bathtub. It is comfortable for babies up to 3 years of age. You can have it in two colors like blue and pink.



9. LuvLap Baby Bathtub 

The LuvLap baby bathtub is made with polypropylene material. To ensure the safety of the baby, its edges are curved. This bathtub looks elegant and spacious to use. 

The LuvLap baby bathtub is comfortable for your baby.It comes with an in-molded soap stand that looks attractive. To maintain hygiene, it has a drain plug to remove the dirty water.


The LuvLap baby bathtub is light in weight, so it is easy to carry wherever you want. As it is built with an anti-slip base, your baby won’t fall from the bathtub.

The LuvLap brand is awarded as the “Most valued mother and child” by The Times of India. It is long-lasting. This product is great value for your money.


It makes your baby’s bath time enjoyable. Its dimensions are 81.5 x 81.5 x 19.5 centimeters. So, it will be useful if your baby turns into a toddler.



10. Sun Baby Baby Bathtub 

Are you are looking for a bathtub for both your newborn and toddler? If yes, then Sun Baby is your right choice.  It comes with a baby seater to bathe your newborn. If your baby turns into a toddler, then you can remove the baby seat and make your baby bath in a spacious bathtub.  



It ensures your baby’s safety by having an anti-skid base. The Sun Baby bathtub is built with BPA-free material. It looks elegant in its fish embossed design.  As it has an anti-slippery surface, your baby won’t fall.


The Sun Baby bathtub has an inbuilt soap case, so you don’t need to search for an extra soap case. It is easy to carry and portable. It has a drainage hole to remove the water and make it clean.




Hope we have given enough information about the best bathtub in India in 2022. Now you can select the best bathtub according to your specifications. We believe that we have provided you with sufficient information on the best bathtub in India in 2022.

Now you can select the best bathtub according to your specifications. If you are hunting for the best baby bathtub for newborn babies, then Mee Mee Baby Bather is a nice option. If you are hunting for a compact baby bathtub, then Rabbit smart baby bathtub is the best option.

If you want the perfect baby bathtub in all aspects, then Unknown Summer Baby Bathtub is the best option. 

Now the choice is yours! Happy Shopping!


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