Best 32 Inch LED TV in India [Budget Picks of 2022]

Best 32 inch LED TV

Best 32 Inch LED TV in India [Budget Picks of 2022]

Are you surfing to buy the best 32 inch LED TV? Choosing a perfect TV will be a bit tough work because most brands have their own unique technologies or features. Those features will make finding the best TV harder. So, we have done a survey and listed the top 8 best 32 inches LED TV in India.

All the TVs have excellent power efficiency and are available at reasonable price tags. If you have confusion in selecting the needed TV, then read our detailed buying guide, which will be helpful to you.

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Sony Bravia


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Samsung Series


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OnePlus Y Series


Best 32 Inch LED TV in India - Reviewed 2021

1. Sony Bravia 32 inches Ready Smart LED TV

If you want an excellent audio quality TV, then Sony Bravia is the best choice. Sony is a famous brand in India known for its top-rated audio-based devices apart from audio gadgets. This Bravia TV also provides fantastic visuals with good quality for a long time. Sony Bravia HD Ready Smart LED TV is the first one that comes in our list of best 32 inch LED TV.

Sony Bravia LED TV has many features with an excellent display and audio qualities in both terms of hardware and software. It is not that expensive, so if you want the highest quality audio and video TV without caring about smart features, then you can go for Bravia.


Display Quality

Let us start with the display quality! Sony is best for both audio and video devices. The best part of this Sony Bravia TV is its display hardware. The display has clean and natural colors with the correct amount of contrast level. Here, without additional enhancements, the display performs well with a Clear Resolution Enhancer. This feature uses sophisticated technology to convert low-quality videos into videos with sharp details, better colors, and brightness.

Motionflow XR

Apart from Clear Resolution Enhancer, the Motionflow XR is an innovative technology that increases the average refresh rate of the TV. The base refresh rate of this Sony Bravia is 50Hz. But, this technology adds more frames between the original frames and makes the visuals smoother. It performed well when the TV base refresh rate was 100Hz. It does all the work by analyzing particular visual factors between frames, and with its help, it duplicates additional frames. 

Audio Quality

Audio quality is one of the important features in choosing the best 32 inches LED TV. The audio quality of any Sony product will be excellent when compared to other features. Sony Bravia offers music and vocal output with good clarity. Music and vocals are easy to separate, and they will not mix with one another. It has clear phase technology to balance the mid, lows, and highs of the audio signals; so that you can get accurate and natural sounds.

Built Quality

When speaking about durability, Sony Bravia is the most durable TV under this price range. Generally, good build quality TV comes with special protection. Sony Bravia has an X Protection Pro – a new protection feature that provides additional protection against Dust, Lighting, and Humidity. This increases the lifespan of the TV.

Sony Bravia LED TV doesn’t use Android as an Operating System and uses Linux. The actual performance of the TV is good, and you can also use apps.



2. Kodak 32 Inches HD Certified Android LED TV

Kodak HD Certified Android TV is one of the best 32 inch LED TVs, known for its extraordinary features. Kodak is a lesser-known brand, but it develops excellent devices like other top brands. This Kodak Android TV is designed with the best functionality and a good display.  

Kodak appliances are considered a favorite choice for many tech enthusiasts. Because this brand produces high-quality products. Even though it is not as famous as Sony, Onida, or Samsung, Kodak Android LED TV has various innovative features, and it is explained below.


Display Quality

The display panel is an A+ grade one, which means it is capable of creating images of fantastic quality. You can also enjoy good quality visuals from any angle. This Kodak TV has an extraordinary brightness, and so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Kodak android LED TV is enriched with 500 nits of brightness that provides you clear images in any harsh lighting condition. It gives vivid picture quality with a proper contrast ratio. Enjoy the darkest scenes of movies with correct contrast!


Beneath that, you don’t need to tolerate any lag spike issues. This TV is designed with an A53 Cortex processor, which can handle anything you want to perform. In fact, you can run all kinds of apps using Kodak, because the TV runs on Android 9.0. It is also equipped with Mali450 GPU, which is small, but it’s powerful enough to play HD videos smoothly without any problems. 

The combination of Cortex A53 Quad Core Processor and Mali450 GPU makes the TV perform well at lightning-fast speed, and it will make your experience smooth, interesting, and enjoyable.

Design Quality 

Kodak has designed this TV more than our expectations, and the design or look makes us guess that it is more expensive than its actual price. It can easily fit into any room, and the sleek bezels design makes the display pop even better. The chipset is also optimized for gaming purposes, so you can easily connect another screen to your TV and enjoy playing games on it with incredible depth visuals.


This Android TV has a good audio department, and speakers with a good punch. They have powerful 24W speakers ( while standard TV has 20W), which ensure you hear every sound in detail. Tests say that the 24W speakers of this TV enhance your experience.

Other Features

Remote control with this TV is sleek, slim, ergonomically designed and completely fits in the hands. It has dedicated hotkeys for Google Assistance, Prime, YouTube, and Sony LIV. It is easy to use. It is engineered with multiple connective options so that you can plug in the TV with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB.

It also provides an immersive visual experience by providing various levels of contrast to different points or regions on display to give an outstanding image depth.



3. LG 32 inches HD Ready Smart LED TV

LG is the topmost brand in manufacturing home appliances. LG 32 inches HD Ready Smart LED TV is third in our list and it is the finest 32 inch LED Smart TV. This HD Ready Smart TV comes with excellent features.


Operating System

LG TV has a versatile operating system that works well with an excellent interface. Even though this LG TV doesn’t run on Android, the OS can do many advanced tasks. It is designed with WebOS in which all applications are web-based. 

But, this OS may restrict a few TV’s abilities to use its raw power. This happens because Web apps are performed through the internet, so they don’t want a lot of CPU power. It can run popular applications to provide you limitless entertainment. This TV supports apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, etc. 

Visual quality

You are able to view lots of movies and shows with the highest visual quality. This TV is built with a sophisticated image processor which analyzes and adjusts color to give better vivid and natural images. Apart from that, this TV also has an HDR (High-dynamic-range ) effect that provides the small details of an image and rich color to give sharp visuals. 

The multi-HDR format, such as HDR10 and HLG with LG’s dynamic scene-by-scene adjustment technology, makes you enjoy any video in truly amazing HDR quality. Colour Enhancer offers eye-catching visuals with the help of advanced image processing technology.

Audio Quality

LG HD Ready Smart LED TV comes with DTS (Digital Theater Systems) and Dolby Audio. This combination gives a multi-dimensional theatre-like acoustic experience. The sound effect will make you feel like it is truly coming out from the visual. High-quality audio guarantees you incredible immersion.

DTS is adding another dimension to the sound effect. Here you can enjoy the rich, seamless, multi-dimensional sound with the built-in speakers, and it delivers sound from all angles. Dolby Audio provides more immersive theater-quality audio at home.


LG HD Ready is equipped with a Quad-Core processor, which allows you to run apps and watch videos simultaneously. The four cores of the processor eliminate unwanted noise in the image. It also makes sure the TV creates clear images with dynamic color and a good contrast ratio. This powerful processor improves image production and gives multitasking abilities.

Dashboard Feature

This TV has an intelligent Dashboard feature that connects the TV to Smart devices. So you can control the TV through it.



4. Kevin 32 Inches HD LED Smart TV

This Kevin HD Ready TV is the best 32 inch LED TV for gaming which helps to access a large amount of content. With this TV, you can enjoy an irreplaceable display and good performance.

This TV has a good display, and it will provide live access to news channels so that you can stay up to date. You can also use other certified TV apps as well by using their full potential.


Cinewall and Movie Box App

Cinewall and Movie Box is the most used app for all kinds of entertainment with a large selection of content, and it also ensures easy access to content providers. In Cinewall, you can access anything you like to watch. In Movie Box, you can find out more than 15000 movies and documentary files that are stored on the Cloud. Here, you can access all these files for free so that you don’t need to rent movies or any videos. You can just browse the vast library easily because Cinewall has a search option that looks through the collection of content to find the perfect one you want to watch.

Display Quality  

Display quality will meet your expectations because its quality is better than average. They are also built with additional enhancements like HRDD, which optimizes the picture quality. HRDD Technology in Kevin HD Ready makes pictures pop and also gives natural color looks. The view angles of the Kevin 32 inches TV are also decent. It also has better acoustic quality, and here you can enjoy music or dialogues without any issues. It has a potent 30W speaker, which gives significant volume.

High-speed Performance

Kevin HD Ready TV uses a Quad-Core processor, so that multitasking can be performed smoothly without any disturbance. It works on Android 8, but the TV still receives performance updates constantly through OTA (Over-the-air). Software and interface must stay up to date to ensure outstanding performance. This TV is also built with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM to ensure speed or space availability,

Web Touch Remote 

This feature will improve your navigation experience, and it is one of the good features of Kevin HD TV. You can view your phone screen in the TV display, and using the Web Touch Remote, you can navigate the TV with touch. 

Certified TV Apps

Watch your favorite movies or other content from Cloud TV apps that is related to this Kevin Smart Cloud TV. It is compatible with Voot, Hotstar, Alt Balaji, Sony Liv,  Sun NXT, Eros Now, Hungama Play, Zee5, Jio Cinema, Bloomberg Quint, etc.



5. Samsung 32 Inches Wondertainment Series HD LED TV

Wondertainment Series HD Ready LED Smart TV from Samsung is the most underrated good quality 32 inch LED TV in Indian market. The Samsung brand is the dominant and popular one when it comes to smart appliances. It would not be worthy if we didn’t mention at least one Samsung product in our list. This Wondertainment TV comes with advanced features which are fun to use.


Operating System

Wondertainment HD Ready Smart TV works on Samsung’s own created OS, and it ensures that software integrates smoothly with hardware to provide an excellent experience. The OS developed by Samsung is called the Tizen OS. It is Samsung’s brainchild which is lightweight and an effective alternative to Android OS. Android and Samsung OS match closely in terms of their functions. Using Tizen OS, you can perform many things.

Performance and Connections

This Wondertainment Samsung TV performs much faster than other standard Smart TVs. This is because HD Ready Smart TV is equipped with high-end hardware and software as well. While starting the TV, the OS mode can turn the UI (User Interface) into one more computer fitting. Here, in this mode you can perform work on the documents on the Cloud. You can also connect a laptop to the TV screen to enjoy a much larger screen. Further, you can view smartphones on a large screen when your phone is a recent model developed by Samsung.

You can connect an USB drive to watch anything directly on the TV without using a laptop, smartphone, or internet connection. But you have to ensure that the file format in the USB is supported or not. You can find the supported formats list in the specification or TV manual.

Audio Quality

It is designed with an immersive and powerful Audio System which provides quality sound production. Most people are interested in buying quality audio LED TV. 

This comes with its own set of enhancements that give quality acoustics. It is integrated with 20W speakers, which provide superb surrounding sound, as they have a Dolby Digital Plus system. The volume will be pretty loud.

To get a complete experience, the TV has an application that changes the display into an existing sound system. With its excellent speakers you can feel the beats of the music while watching the song video on the screen. If you’re an audiophile person, then you can quickly get into a trance of audio.

Display Quality

The display will not consume a large amount of power but ensures that the images look vivid, crisp, and mesmerizing. The advanced image enhancement technologies used in this Wondertainment HD Ready Smart TV will produce a more natural color. This is because the PurColor feature makes the TV have a higher color range than the regular TV. It also provides optimal picture performance and a better viewing experience.

It is also designed with HDR (High-Dynamic Range) and a Contrast Enhancer. High-Dynamic Range that enhances the brightness of the TV. So that you can view an immense color spectrum and visual details, even in the dark video portion of the movie. Contrast Enhancer provides a flat image by adjusting the contrast level, thus giving outstanding picture quality with depth. Both work together to replicate images with the finest detail to give more in-depth and realistic images. Ultra Clean View offers high-quality images with low distortion by using an advanced algorithm to analyze content and thus provide improved detail.

Content Guide Feature

This Wondertainment TV has a special Content Guide feature which recommends content like popular shows so that you always have something to see. It doesn’t create any impact like other features, but it provides a notable improvement in experience. This feature uses an algorithm from Samsung to personalize content such as TV shows and movies. So, if you have no idea about what to watch, you can use it to find many things that you can enjoy.



6. Mi TV 4A PRO 32 inches HD Ready Android LED TV

The 4A Pro from Xiaomi is a powerful Smart TV that performs well and makes you feel like an enjoyable cinema at home. It has various features that make this Smart TV good, and it also has an innovative picture engine. This makes it the best visual quality 32 inch LED TV in India.


Visual Quality

This Mi TV shows a notable difference in image quality when compared to a regular TV. The HD Ready screen can display movies and TV shows with more depth to visuals and accurate color. This screen gives a perfect contrast balance to reproduce authentic colors and extraordinary clarity and thus gives a fantastic viewing experience.

Mi TV also runs on a state-of-the-art picture engine which is an algorithm that can modify your images at a professional level. The color range of this Mi 4A PRO TV is also very high.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of the TV is also good with 20W Speakers. They have three times better DTS HD features, and so you can play all kinds of music with perfect audio balance. With the help of two speakers, 20W output, and DTS-HD, Mi offers an excellent sound that balances the quality of visuals and also fills your living room with a clear voice from your favorite films and shows.

The combination of optimized HD-ready display and high-end audio offers an excellent audiovisual experience.

Processor and Performance

Mi TV is also equipped with a powerful and efficient processor, which provides seamless performance at a reasonable price. Even at this price range, it is a higher-end TV based on the performance. Here, the processor used is a 64-bit Quad-Core processor, which can handle a lot of load without giving overload to the 1 GB inbuilt RAM of Mi.

Mi TV also has 8 GB internal storage, and so you can install multiple applications. Xiaomi designed this TV to consume less power with the help of high-quality hardware and software. With the use of a 7th gen imaging engine, you can get audio with less noise, calibrated image, and a good color range with every frame.

Operating Systems 

It uses advanced Android TV 9.0 as the Operating system, which provides a clean UI (User Interface) and also ensures a positive user experience. In this OS, you can also run various Android apps with a powerful processor so that you can fully utilize TV.  

It also has many features which increase user convenience, such as screen sharing and data-savings mode that can save sufficient data to watch at least two more movies. Android TV is the innovation of Google, which provides a simple and good entertainment experience. This advanced technology makes it more straightforward for people to watch, play and do everything.

PatchWall 3.0 and Content partners

Mi TV has a newly improved Patchwall 3.0  that can provide a lot of things to watch from more than 20 content providers on the home page. So, you will never experience boredom.

The content partners are Bloomberg Quint, DocuBay, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, Prime Video, Republic TV, ErosNow, Zee5, Jio Cinema, DocuBay, Youtube, Voot, SunNXT, Hungama Play, Sony LIV, Epic ON, ABP Live, Hoichoi, ShemaroMe, MX Player, and Lattu Kids.

Chromecast and Google Assistant

With the help of a built-in Chromecast, you can see all your favorite contents directly on the big screen. Using Google Assistant, you can search movies and shows, also get suggestions which match your watching mood.



7. OnePlus Y Series 32 inches HD Ready LED Smart Android TV

In the current market, OnePlus is best for its electronic appliances. It provides lovely devices when coming to the software view. OnePlus has designed Y Series HD Ready LED Smart Android TV with excellent build quality. This makes this TV one of the best 32 inch Android LED TVs, and here you’ll get all the entertainment programs that you need. 



OnePlus Y series Bezel-less has a broad color range which improves image qualities. It is built with one of the brightest displays that you can find at this price range. The images displayed are well saturated, with good contrast. With the help of Digital Cinema Initiatives – Protocol 3 (DCI-P3 93%), you can view everything with a 20% broader color gamut and vivid image. Here, images will be more realistic and natural. 

The contrast also gets changed with the Gamma Engine, which also offers additional noise reduction. So, the visuals will be more clear and crisp. Gamma Engine produces extraordinary visual quality to make your experience alive.

Audio Quality

The combination of Dolby Audio and 20W speakers produces rich, powerful, crisp, and immersive sound. OnePlus is equipped with Dolby Audio which makes it the best 32 inch smart TV available in the Indian market. The built-in 20W speakers create an excellent surrounding sound. The produced audio will enhance your watching experience. All sound effects and the vocals or dialogues are crystal clear in movies.

Processor and OS

Apart from its powerful features, the Oneplus TV is also equipped with a high-end processor that can manage many tasks with little effort. The processor used here is a 64-bit processor, which can easily handle heavy tasks efficiently and also consumes low power. 

Y Series is developed with the powerful Android Operating system, making it more versatile with software installed on the Television. OnePlus optimizes software and also consumes little power.

Connection and Other Features

OnePlus Y Series HD Ready LED Smart Android TV provides various connective options.

  • It supports Google Assistant so that you can control the TV through voice. 
  • You can also connect the TV to a smartphone. So, you can see photos on the TV from your phone. Here, you can also control the TV using the phone.
  • It has a lot of connectivity ports for various functionalities.
  • Oxygenplay is a feature that acts as a central hub for the things you watch and like to watch. Thus, spend less time in search of content and enjoy more time by just a click.
  • The improved OxygenPlay feature makes this TV at the top of the line. Apart from that, high-quality content gives a home theatre experience and exciting entertainment source from the premium content partners.
  • The library is filled with both regular and premium contents. 
  • You can access a specific range of apps from the Play Store and also explore recommendations.



8. TCL 32 inches HD Ready Certified Android Smart LED TV

TCL HD Ready Android Smart LED TV is the last product in the list of best 32 inch LED TV, built with Android support. Even though it’s the last one in our list, it comes with various useful features that you can’t ignore. This TV also upgrades to the current TV streaming signal standard.


Powerful HDR 

The display panel is good, and it has some of the best display-based features. The A+ Grade Full HD Panel ensures clear, detailed, and rich picture quality. Using HD Ready, you can find fine detail in a crisp picture. High-dynamic-range (HDR) features can make dark areas brighter. It illuminates both dark and light shades with excellent detail, and so nothing looks overblown.

HDR provides more excellent picture contrast, improves image details, and provides vivid colors.  Using a unique algorithm, the TV display panel backlight is modified automatically and dimmed to enhance the peak brightness and thus delivers a much more comprehensive brightness range.

Micro Dimming

The Micro Dimming feature optimizes the light and dark regions of a picture separately by analyzing different zones (512 separate zones). The brightness can be a little higher, and the other features compensate it by ensuring that the lighter region stays clearly visible. This feature ensures an amazing viewing experience with good contrast and vivid image quality.

Audio Quality

TCL Android smart TV has 20W speakers, which are equipped with a Dolby decoder to produce a rich, powerful and clear sound. The built-in stereo surrounding speaker box creates a broader and louder range to offer immersive surround sound by utilizing Dolby decoder technology. The Surrounding Sound of the TV will make you feel in perfect sync between the audio and image. The vibrant and natural image quality with excellent audio gives a good experience.

Operating System and Apps

It performs well like other higher-end TVs on this list. It uses a powerful Android as the OS, and so you can download apps. It has a built-in Google Play store to get your favorite apps such as Netflix, Youtube, Prime video, and much more. You can easily access your favorite shows using Google apps, and you can even browse the web. It also supports screen mirroring, so you can use it as a secondary monitor for phones or laptops.

Smart Volume Features

The Smart Volume feature is a unique feature that is useful in transitioning from channel to channel without annoying. Sometimes the audio playing on TV breaks and jumps from low to high. This feature will ensure that the volume from channel to channel gets adjusted automatically so that transition is smooth without disturbing your experience.



Things to Consider Before Buying The Best 32 Inch LED TV in India

While buying a 32 inch LED TV, you have to consider various things to select a perfect one. We have discussed a few factors based on our knowledge about choosing the best 32 inches LED TV in India. Let’s jump into those aspects.


Resolution is a significant aspect that should be considered while buying a TV. Resolution indicates how many pixels that a TV can display in terms of width and height, i.e., width x height. The more pixels display can possess; the sharper and clearer the image will be.

All the 32 inch LED TVs have HD Ready resolutions, which means that the TV can support up to 1280x720p. But, the Newer HD Ready TVs have a higher resolution up to 1366x768p. In Tv, there are also higher resolutions such as FHD (1920×1080), 4k (3840×2160). But, a 32 inches TV can’t find these resolutions because so many pixels will not be able to fit into the 32-inch size of the display.

There are lower options found in HD Ready, and so you can go for it. However, you have to face lower image quality, so we recommend going for HD Ready without considering the model.

Display Panel

LED TVs are the best choice, if you’re interested in buying 32 inch TVs. All the products listed on top are LED, but you have to know about other display panels also. In case you are very eager to purchase an LCD TV, our explanation will give you an idea. LED and LCD display panels have different backlighting options. LCD TVs are backlighting with CFL bulbs, while LED TVs have LEDs. 

LEDs are not big like CFL bulbs, therefore LED TV has a slimmer look when compared to LCD. Beneath that, LED lighting also gives better illumination and thus saves power. So, we suggest you get a TV with an LED display panel.

After that, you should also ensure the display technologies. You need to check whether the TV has an IPS (In-Plane Switching), which enhances the viewing angles of the TV. So that you can see images clearly from wider angles. In a TV without IPS, the images will get distorted when you are not facing the TV center.

Anti-glare is another technology which you have to consider. Nowadays, Anti-glare features are present in all good TVs, which helps to watch the TV in rough lighting conditions. It also provides some health benefits by blocking out the UV rays from the TV and thus protecting your eyes from getting damaged.

Audio Quality

As we know that LED TVs are a bit slim, TV producers don’t have a large space to work with them. Therefore, they utilize more space to enhance the display quality. Audio setup is put on the back, and so it turns out to be disappointing.

Most of the 32 inch TVs have 30W speakers, which don’t have a very loud volume. You can always pick out a decent integrated audio with advanced audio enhancement technologies such as Dolby Audio and DTS. You can also install external speakers or a good sound system for an excellent acoustic experience, if you need.

Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate is referred to as the number of times an image gets updated on display per second, and it is denoted in Hz. The higher refresh rates ensure that the TV has a smoother image motion. The best 32-inch LED TV will have a refresh rate of either 50 Hz or 60Hz which means, the images on the TV screen will get updated either 50 times or 60 times per second.

If you are fond of watching something that has a lot of speedy action (e.g., sports channel), then the highest refresh rate would be the preferred one for yourself. The higher refresh rate displays images more clear by decreasing the motion blur.

But, if you have only an option to select a TV with a low refresh rate, then you should make sure that it has a feature that compensates for the refresh rate. 

Some Sony TVs have a 50 Hz refresh rate, but they have an additional innovative Motionflow XR feature that compensates the reduced frames by adding extra frames in between them.

Additional Image Processing

Fewer Smart LED TVs are designed with an image processing engine that is installed into the hardware and increases the image clarity. In case of having a low-resolution original video feed, this engine will change the frames and upscale them to HD or FHD resolution without losing the original details of the images. It also optimizes the contrast of a picture. 

Operating System (OS)

This is the main factor which you have to look at when you want a Smart TV. Some operating systems are not convenient to use, so you need to find out the smoothness of the TV Operating System and ensure that it doesn’t have any bugs that interfere with your experience. These bugs exist because OS gets modified specifically for the TV, which may affect OS’s existing functions.

Some TVs use Android as an OS to run, but they don’t perform well because the TV manufacturers use their own version of OS. But, overall we suggest buying an android OS TV because it performs lots of functions.

Additional Ports

Most of the time, customers or users forget to check the type of connections their TV supports. Choose a TV with more ports which make the TV more convenient to use. You can connect your TV with home theatres, soundbars, laptops, and headphones. Also, ensure that the TV has more HDMI ports than USB ones.


Miracast is an excellent feature available in Smart TVs. Using this, you can mirror your phone or laptop display to the TV screen through Wi-Fi. Test out this feature because some TVs have errors when using the Miracast app. 

TV Box

If you don’t have sufficient money to buy a Smart TV, then you can consider purchasing a regular LED TV with a TV Box. The TV box can be purchased separately, and it is not that expensive. Using this box, you can convert a regular TV into a Smart one if it has the correct ports. This box is an Android device that fits with the navigation system of a TV.


While purchasing a fairly expensive TV, you have to ensure a long period warranty. You need a more extended warranty if you are purchasing a Smart TV because this TV will get damaged due to occasional hardware as well as software problems.


It is essential to purchase a TV from a famous brand and don’t go for a cheap local brand TV, but it has excellent features. In those local brands, the hardware quality will be bad, and the TV will stop functioning after a while. But, if you buy a TV from a good brand, you can access some advanced technologies which enhance your usage and viewing experience.

Final words

We trust that the product review and buying guide section in our article will be helpful in choosing the best 32 inch LED TV for all purposes. With the buying guide section, you can find a suitable TV for yourself. Wishes for buying a good 32 inch LED TV!.

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